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My cutie mark is a galaxy, which represents my vast knowledge of the natural world and my ability to accurately recreate it in my dreams. It also hints at my windigo companion Spindle, who froze my heart and gave me the quirky personality traits I have now – outer space is colder than the coldest blizzard. The hexagon that forms the galaxy's core stands for my talents in mathematics and the natural sciences.—Parcly Taxel

Of course, she hasn't had the same cutie mark for all her existence. In the very early days (February and March 2012) it was simply a circle with six lines radiating out of it, somewhat like the emblem of Tokyo without the central dot. That was black all over; when I decided to redo it I played around with the arms until they looked like those of a galaxy, and the hexagon completed a link to chemistry (my favourite subject then). Over the next four years this design persisted absolutely unchanged throughout my sketches and vectors of Parcly.

Then I came back here in Nari Kyosek (June 2016) and felt the need for a few tweaks. First of all, the rounded corners were causing Cairo rendering errors at small scales, so I switched to normal mitre corners. The cutie mark's original layout was also based on an isometric grid, which did not bode well with my tradition of fully optimised cutie marks, so all superfluous transforms were removed and coordinates quantised. This changed the arm and hexagon shapes ever so slightly, but both deltas were well within visual tolerances. The end result was a modernised cutie mark, one that reflected my current practices and that could be displayed anywhere.

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