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Nurse Redheart's Cutie Mark



<svg xmlns="" viewBox="-11 -11 22 22">
  <path d="M-9.8 4H-4v5.9h7.7V4h6v-7.7h-6v-6.2H-4v6.2h-5.8z" fill="none" stroke="#eeafb7" stroke-linejoin="round"/>
  <path d="M-.2-1.3C-3.7-5-7.7.6-.2 4.3 7.3.6 3.3-5-.2-1.3zm-5.6-4.3c-4.6.3-6.2-3.5-2.4-3 .5-3.7 3.3-2.6 2.4 3zm12 .2c5.7-.9 5.6-3.5 2.2-3-.3-3.2-4.2-2-2.2 3zM5.9 5.3c5.2 0 5.7 3.7 2.5 3-.6 3.2-3 3.3-2.5-3zm-11.7.3c1.9 4.7-1.9 6-2.2 3-3.4.6-3.7-2.2 2.2-3z" fill="#e64848"/>

This is the new Nurse Redheart cutie mark introduced with A Flurry of Emotions, featuring an outlined cross instead of a solid red cross (i.e. one of the emblems of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is designated as exclusively for humanitarian purposes). The arms are not exactly of equal length, and the outer hearts are such that the orientation shown here is correct if Nurse Redheart is facing right, as with almost all of my cutie marks.

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no its not the actual cutie mark maybe they changed it because they forgot what it looked like but not forever