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Make a Wish, Digidrop



Digidrop (the orange pegasus) finds Parcly’s bottle on the ground and rubs it. A soft blue mist rises and circles once around her, forming into a pony’s shape.
Parcly (pausing while her body solidifies): Welcome! You have released me from my bottle, so I will grant any wish of your desire!
Digidrop: What would I want… oh, I’d like some super-cool breezes through my wings!
Spindle: I knew you’d wish for that! Look behind you!
All: *chuckling as refreshing cold currents race around them*—From the Ain't Never Had Friends Like Us reblog

This is a collaboration with DerAtrox for the MLP Vector Club Discord server 1-year anniversary collaboration. I did the initial sketches and vectored Parcly/Spindle, while he vectored his OC Digidrop. The effect of Spindle going through Parcly's body was done in the same manner as I've done portals (e.g. here), by applying a white mask fading out at the intersection point – only that there is no halo around. Because the deadline for the overall collaboration was quite a long way into the future when I started on this, I could proceed in stages, doing other vectors along the way.

SVG | CMR: Digidrop, Parcly | Reference images: Digidrop+Parcly, Spindle | Component vectors: Digidrop, Spindle | Tumblr | Derpibooru | Fur Affinity
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