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Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark

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<svg xmlns="" viewBox="-18 -15 36 35">
  <path fill="#f6b8d2" d="M0 18.6-5 13.8-5.7-13.7H5.7L5 13.8Z"/>
  <path fill="#bf5d93" d="m-12.4-12c2.2 3.7 0 4.7-4.3 3.1-.2 12.3 0 14.2 11.7 22.7v-27.4z"/>
  <path fill="#f5415f" d="m12.4-12c-2.2 3.7 0 4.7 4.3 3.1.2 12.3 0 14.2-11.7 22.7v-27.4z"/>
  <path fill="none" stroke="#ab3266" d="M0 18.6C-3.7 12.7-16.7 9.7-16.7-3v-5.9c4.3 1.6 6.5.6 4.3-3.1 7.4-2.5 17.4-2.5 24.8 0-2.2 3.7 0 4.7 4.3 3.1V-3C16.7 9.7 3.7 12.7 0 18.6Z"/>
  <path fill="#a02699" d="m.2-5.5c3.2-2.1 8.2.3 8.2 4.8 0 2.9-3 5.8-3.7 7.2s-1.1 3.6-3.1 1.6c-.7 1-2.2 1-2.9 0-1.9 2-2.5-.5-3.3-1.6s-3.8-5.2-3.8-8.5c0-4.7 5.8-6.6 8.6-3.5zM0-10.9C.8-9.7 1-8 .6-6.6.2-7.9-.8-9-1.8-9.7Z"/>
  <path fill="#fd41f8" d="m0 6.2c-1.1-3-5.8-4-5.8-7.8s4.3-4.6 5.8-2.7c1.5-1.9 5.8-1.1 5.8 2.7s-4.7 4.8-5.8 7.8z"/>

The cutie marks of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo share a common base, a shield divided per pale hot pink, greyish pink and red from tail to head; these are the first four lines in each of my SVG files for them. The difference is in the two shapes in each of the shields' centres, encoded in the last two lines. Since the reference I used showed those shields head-on and at a high resolution – "golden", in my personal parlance – I could just place each raster sub-image beneath a shield template and trace the two shapes specific to each crusader.

SVG | Reference image
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Used! Thx!
Losing the Race  by kiwile3
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Nero-InfernoHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey is it cool if i use this in a wallpaper I'm doing? I give reference and leave links to the originals at the top of descriptions.

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Parcly-TaxelHobbyist Digital Artist
Go ahead, use it. You can use any of my other pictures too.
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