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Driving School Widmann

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Published: May 20, 2004
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This is a preview for a website I am working on for a driving school. You can see a proper full view here.

Here's my problem: I'm a little stuck. I'm not sure this design fits to a website that is trying to get younger people to try out their school. I talked to one guy from the driving school and he loves it, but I am not sure this is going to attract his target group. If I were a cheap bastard I would just give them this and be over with it, because obviously they'd take it. I don't want to do that, however. I want it to work. I considered trying something more colorful with vector art, but I don't know how I would get that done in 1-2 weeks, and I'm not that experienced yet with vectors.

Maybe you have some ideas what I can do to improve this concept? Any little suggestion would be greatly appreciated... I could use any pointers. And yes, they really have a Ferrari every few weeks, and a Lotus cabrio all the time.
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n0dealHobbyist Digital Artist
Overall I think the design is decent. It's clean and straight forward but I think some detailing would really kick it up a notch. In my experience I've discovered that it's the little details in interface design that make them really appealing. The trick is to keep it functional and not overpower the general usability of the site with fluff.

Like I said, I think this design is fine and would serve the client decently but it could stand to be dressed up a little bit. A good example would be jazzing up the textual area underneath the navigation it doesn't do much to grab you as it currently stands.

Hope some of this helps. :)
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Well, sure, give the impression of speed with trailing long-exposure headlights etc. but remember this is a driving _school_ that focuses on the rules and safety etc. Of course, you don't want to be boring either.

This is gonna be so easy to build... if only the designers in my team would give me such designs simple =p the designs I come up with myself are always simple like this.

hmm, it looks too empty... I know this is just the blueprint without the content, but even the interface itself looks empty. Maybe it's the alignment to the left that's annoying me. Maybe center it?

The font in the top navigation can be changed into something more catchy. :nod: Also, the "3 2 1" image can be a random one each time, that'd be refreshing to see.

I usually can be more verbose when it comes to site layouts, but seeing as I've been working on them all day, you'll understand if I'm a little fed up now =p so sorry for the short and vague comment.
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draxgorothHobbyist General Artist
It has the look of a car site. Want a suggestion?
Take a look at the Need for Speed games... they have some interesting design elements.
More dynamic borders and stuff.

Nice work!
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i agree with huluvu (i can see the hand emotion i guess he said something nice.. :D)

u r young.. now guess what! why do you want a car?
and and...
because you saw thouse crazy movies.. something speed.. too fast to furious and.. thouse crazy games kids love..
i would get some inspiration from this movies.. haha :P

about the image how about.. sharp clear image of the road.. ? and the cross line in the middle.. and some green.. about the colors recheck them u may need to rewrite them..

still it is a nice layout.. but :|
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I don't need a car to pick up girls. :P

Nah but really, I don't know if 2Fast2Furious is a good example to go by. I might get some of the wilder kids but what about all the people that don't like it, or like myself, find it ridiculous. ;)

I will definately look into the colors. I need to lose the professional corporate look and make it more down to earth.
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wow, das design gefällt mir außerordentlich gut.
es wirkt sehr professionell, modern und ist farblich gut balanciert.
ich frage mich nur, ob du dich nicht ein wenig hineingesteiger hast in die hp.
es ist nur eine homepage. wenn jemand wirklich bei dieser fahrschule anleiern will, wird er dies auch tun wenn die seite grottenschlecht ist.
andersherum würde jemand, der im moment auf der suche nach der 'passenden' fahrschule für ihn ist, sich auch nicht unbedingt von einer perfekten homepage hinreißen lassen.
so sachen wie anfahrtsweg, erreichbarkeit und berichte anderer, früherer schüler sind um ein vielfaches wichtiger will ich behaupten.
es ist nur eine homepage.

verbesserungsvorschläge hätt ich im moment nur einen:
du könntest das photo in den bereich, in dem das auto ist, reinfaden (durchsichtig unter den blauen hintergrund tun)...würd mich mal interessieren, wies aussieht!

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Erstmal danke für dein Kommentar. Du hast insofern recht, dass ich mehr auf den Inhalt achten muss. Im Moment haben die sich so gut wie keinen ausgedacht und ich werde da mal mehr nachhaken.

Wer sowieso zu der Fahrschule will, wird so oder so hingehen, stimmt. Das hab ich denen auch so erklärt. Für solche Leute ist die Seite nicht unbedingt gedacht. Wir wollen ja neue Leute ansprechen. Eine andere Sache ist, dass diese Seite natürlich auch in mein Portfolio kommt. Ein starkes Portfolio aufzubauen sollte für einen Designer so ziemlich das wichtigste sein, wenn er mal Karriere machen will. Das hab ich vor allem gemerkt, als ich an der FH beim Studiengang für Kommunikationsdesign nicht angenommen wurde. Seitdem achte ich strengstens darauf, dass ich aus meinen Projekten stets alles raushole, was das Zeug hält. Ausserdem kann das auch nur im Interesse des Kunden sein. ;) Leider stecke ich mal wieder in dem Vorhaben fest, darum meine Anfrage.

Aber ja, du hast recht, auf jeden Fall muss mehr Inhalt her, auf Design alleine kommt es gewiss nicht an.
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dragonskinHobbyist Artist
red is generally used for fast cars, and obviuosly most people like to drive fast
so perhaps use more red?
and one of those shots of a tunnel or something with cars zooming past, but with a long exposure so the headlights are blurred and it looks really fast??

hope it works out
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dragonskinHobbyist Artist
only trying to help:D
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Yeah, I have considered adding more red. I've tried and haven't found anything I am happy with, yet. I'll definately look more into that. Thanks for your comment.
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