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Psia Paczka Logo (FIXED) by ParaPups Psia Paczka Logo (FIXED) by ParaPups
EDIT 2014-03-22: Fixed my original spelling of "Pisa Pkaska" to "Psia Paczka".

Again, I'm really bad at procrastinating. About a year ago, February 23, 2013, the admin for the Pound Puppies: Pisa Pkaska Wiki asked me to make them a logo (:iconiguana14:, if you're wondering). It took me a year to actually start on it, February 23, 2014. It wasn't actually that hard to make, to be honest. Also, I'm still not a cartographer, erm, typographer, so critiques are welcome.

The fixed version uses the font "Snoopy Snails NF". Thanks to :iconimagin8-uk: for telling me about the font.

If you want to help out a wiki revolved around Pound Puppies, and happen to speak Polish, check out pl.pound-puppies-psia-paczka.w…
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RaksoLeinad Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
Did someone saw somewhere at the Internet one of those Episodes? Because I can't find them, no Matter, what I do!
ParaPups Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Try looking here. :)…
Merry Christmas!
iguana14 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist
Lovely logo, thank you for your work, I really appreciate it :D
But... there's one problem. It supposed to be "Psia Paczka" not "Pisa Pkaska"
I feel really bad, you put so much effort into this...
Just one question: why you thought it have to be like this? Correct name is on Wiki, and I wrote it to you few times.
ParaPups Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
Oops, sorry.

If I remember correctly, I made two Inkscape files: one with what I thought the name of the wiki was so I would have somewhere to transfer the reference files (my old logo vectors), and a duplicate file I made afterwards with the correct name, after referencing your Wiki. I wanted to see how badly I misspelled the name. Apparently, I deleted the file with the correct name and used the incorrect name as a reference. ^^;

I'll try to get a fixed version to you by Friday. :)
imagin8-uk Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
That logo looks nice but it is in Polish!  Anyone across Poland kept seeing the English language title every time they watch the show but it was only then translated by a voice-over when the animated sequence finally displays the title screen.

The font is the same as the one used in the English logo for Pound Puppies and I found out that the name of the font might be Snoopy Snails NF but fairly similar.

According to your description about the logo, cartographer describes a map maker and a typographer being a font maker.

What does it mean by the Polish title Pisa Pkaska (or Psia Paczka according to the Wiki)?  Please tell me the approximate translation but it might mean "Dog Pack" but if you believe me, @ParanoidPuppiesInc, I might be correct.
ParaPups Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
I know, I watched the first half of "I Never Barked for My Father" in Polish, out of curiosity.
The admin asked me to make a logo for their Polish Pound Puppies Wiki. I didn't know exactly how they wanted it, so I made the Polish part of their name in a Pound Puppies-like logo. I figured I could modify it later if I needed to.

For some reason, the idea that the Pound Puppies logo was in a specific font never occurred to me. I always though t it was custom-made for the show; the letterforms seemed easy enough to replicate on a computer. I did know the Executive Producers/Developed for Television By credits were in Adobe Lithos Pro, though. And I think the rest of the credits are in Arial.

The "cartographer" thing was supposed to be me making fun of myself. When I posted the original Pound Puppies Wiki logo here on deviantArt, I put in the description "I'm not a cartographer (heck, I'm not even an artist), and I don't claim to be, so if you think something is off, go ahead and leave your critique in the comment section!" I meant to say "calligrapher". I guess the joke doesn't work as well since I eventually replaced "cartographer" with "calligrapher".

Yeah, "Psia Paczka" means "Dog Pack" in Polish. :) 
iguana14 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist
Yes, "Psia Paczka" means "Dog Pack" :)
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