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This gallery may contain weird situations on my favorite characters. Be careful what you search for!


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When Benjamin was Born: Chapter Three
It was about 11 o'clock when Waylon, Mary Lou, and Wesley had arrived to Waylon's office. It wasn't until a few minutes later that he came back, his eyes wide. 
"What is it?" Wesley asked, curiously.
Waylon took off his glasses," Sh-She's gotta be pregnant..." 
"How do you know? It's only been a day since you two... You know..." Wesley said.
"I have no other solution to this. She's either pregnant, or she's just very sick, and she has the same symptoms as pregnancy." Waylon said," Personally, I think the first option is more believable."
"Well..." Wesley sighed," You're the expert." 
"I suppose the only thing we can do now, is getting her to bed early," Waylon said.
"I s'pose so..." Wesley sighed again.
:iconmickeycraft392:Mickeycraft392 3 9
Spirit Friend by DreamingWizard2000 Spirit Friend :icondreamingwizard2000:DreamingWizard2000 24 10 (Art Trade) Toony Shinx swelling. by BlaueSeele (Art Trade) Toony Shinx swelling. :iconblaueseele:BlaueSeele 53 10 Temma the Butterfly oC by Darlaltonthebearcat Temma the Butterfly oC :icondarlaltonthebearcat:Darlaltonthebearcat 15 4
Double female pump
Himitsu and Princess Peach are just walking along an unknown territory when Gold Toad went to them with two bike pumps.
Gold Toad: Hello there.
Peach: Hello there, Gold Toad.
Himitsu: Nice to meet you. What's with the bike pumps?
Gold Toad: You'll know in time.
Gold Toad took a hose each into the mouths of Peach and Himitsu and began to use one hand for each pump.
Gold Toad: Ready?
Peach: We're ready. Pump us up.
Gold Toad used both hands to pump up the two females and they began to bulge and float ad they get bigger.
Peach: We're so huge!
Himitsu: Make us bigger!
Gold Toad: Okay.
Gold Toad pumped even faster and the two females are rapidly getting even bigger. Soon, they are the size of giant planets.
Gold Toad: Now to wrap it up.
Gold Toad pumps even faster as the two female balloons continued to get bigger.
Himitsu: I know I like to see a bursting point, but this is ridiculous.
Peach: Here it comes!
Gold Toad pushed the handle one last time with all his might, and the two females po
:iconinflat-a-toad:Inflat-a-Toad 6 49
Pickle and Grimey by Saharat Pickle and Grimey :iconsaharat:Saharat 8 11 Saharat the Blue LSM by Saharat Saharat the Blue LSM :iconsaharat:Saharat 5 68 Dankaka the LSM by Saharat Dankaka the LSM :iconsaharat:Saharat 5 10

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The trailer is almost complete, and all it needed is an internet. Once fully completed, I'll be able to move to a new trailer. That also means that I can leave DeviantART, Tumblr FurAffinity, and a few sites and moved to Facebook so that way, I'll be staying away from dangers. Don't worry, I'm still active on Twitter. If you wanted to contact me, please follow me to the Facebook page instead. However, the boys and men will be not allowed to be contacted on Facebook except those who both me and my mother knows. Once I leave to Facebook, don't say "please don't go!" or "stay here!" because I am sorry that websites are full of trouble, but Facebook is the only way for me to stay (along with Twitter). Wish me luck.

And did I tell you that I can stay at the new trailer for a while yesterday? It was great to have fun in there. There were two bathrooms in that trailer. One was in my mom's new bedroom and an another was next to by bedroom. There's also awesome lights in the trailer, reminding me of the lights that I saw in the parking spot for the hosptial in Lexington when I was little. There is a secret door in one of the the bathrooms, which leads to the laundry room and then to the kitchen. The second bedroom, next to my new bedroom, was a guest room which my brother will be using this Winter. My mother's bedroom looks neat and has a dog bed. In the new trailer, me and my mom sets up a Christmas tree because Christmas is comming near. While staying at the trailer, me and my mother were talking about stuff on the internet. And for some reason, my mom finally accepts inflation, but only if I drew them with faces, bellies arms, and all that inflated. What did you think about the trailer, ladies?

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DeviantART Eclipse... Since its features include light and dark side, I want to try it out.
I might post more pics soon. RIght now, I am lazy and busy.
According to my mom, my PC is very old and is about to give up or shut down permently. It also had a total of 222 registry issues and is very slow. Will I need to repair this WITHOUT buying programs?
As for the villainous deeds, CooleyBoy10, who is also a KFer, bans me from Dream Logos because of mocking.
I think I want to get rid of my obsession with Waylon Smithers from The Simpsons, but I tried to watch any cartoon or anime and I can't find a perfect character to be my favorite.


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United States
Waylon Smithers Jr. loves Mr. Burns

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🌈Maebug | 28 | Female | Autistic | ADHD | Aquarius | Lazyhead🌈
I'm just an American autistic, with autism and any disorders. I'm a proud lover of anime, video games, cartoons, weirdness, abstracts, and surrealism. And I'm not actually a weeb, and don't ever judge me for that weird behavior!

:star:Before you ask me to draw, read this journal first!:star:
My DeviantART RulesHere are the rules for my DeviantART profile.

I Draw

Cute anime monsters and fairies Adorable unspecified characters Humans Ponies (only G4-style)
Pornography (especially ones with private parts showing) Religion PoliticsTerrorismWarWolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals, anything (including Pokémon or Digimon) that are wolf-like (except legendary beasts, Eeveelutions and dogs, even though the dogs and wolves have their genetics both nearly identical)
Roosters, chickens, anything (including Pokémon or Digimon) that are chicken-like Doduo and Dodrio (because they act like roosters, despite the fact that they resemble ostriches or dodos)
Eagles, hawks, falcons, ospreys, kites, anything (including Pokémon or Digimon) that are eagle-like (except owls) (I'm OK with owls even though they make hooting noises). Lightning, bad weather or storms (except something that are shaped like lightning, like Pikachu's tail)Cop cars, fire trucks, ambulanc

Loves: Anime, cartoons video games, dragons, cats, fairies, skunks, rodents, weasels, ferrets, characters with interesting appearances, bring on the internet 24/7, inflation, bloated cheeks (especially when they're full of air or vomit), carnivals, festivals, being explored in places and cities, soda, mint-flavored dark chocolate without anything in it (except sprinkles and chocolate chips), Pringles, spaghetti, my favorite characters being cute, space, galaxy, cool robot armors, and fairy-kei.

Hates: Trolls, hate art of me made by someone else, hate speech journals about me, Kiwi Farms, Enciclopedia Dramatica, my former friends becoming Kiwi Farm members, any good friend of mine blocking me, anyone that hated me, being mistaken as a male, viruses, power outages.

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