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This idea crossed my mind recently, and I think it could be a great help to those wanting to draw comics, get into the animation industry, etc.

There are some great pose examples on DA, such as the tutorials by the likes of `alexds1 and *what-i-do-is-secret, but no actual meme to draw it on. I hope this will be suitable. ;u;"

I've made this meme pretty damn huge, but if it's not big enough, please feel free to resize.
This is just a rough guide to the exercise, so if you feel that there is an expression missing here that you desperately need to portray through your character (a particular emotion that really suits them perhaps), then please feel free to copy a box and add that emotion. That's why I left the extra space at the bottom.

Do with this what you will. Put as much or as little detail into the poses as you want. Draw them as thumbnails, or fully coloured images - put as much effort as you want into it. So long as you feel you're learning something, it's all good.

It might even be worth using characters that you're not familiar with, ie. characters you haven't developed very much yet. Perhaps you've only just recently created them, and want to explore them more.

Whatever you do, I hope this will help you. :heart:
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My my, this meme is almost ten years old... well, well, well. Thanks, user ParaParano! This is beyond helpful!

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Is There Such A Thing As Face Language As Well?
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I need to practice drawing my OC Icee so this will help
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This would be interesting with a character who wears a mask almost all the time. Using only body language to convey different emotions...Heck, I think I'll take this challengeI am a dummy!
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Hoping to do this with the fabulous and handsome Loki of Asgard!
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That would be awesome! ^^ LOKIIIIIIIIII
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Doing thsi for some practice on my OC, Spot.
i would draw the person's body tells rather than the whole body.
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Mackenzie's body language meme by Rubyfire41 I did the thing awhile ago. Completely forgot to show it off.
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I think I might try this, although I'd much rather do it traditionally so I can do all the poses better
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Thanks for the blank exercise sheet, tips about personality, and using the shifting hips.
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this is useful
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Thank you. I need one of these to sketch out some story characters. I hope you don't mind I'm going to break it in 3 parts so I can use 8x11 cardstock paper to sketch it on.
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absolutely brilliant idea!
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i will be using this ^^
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I think I'll try this out soon. Thanks for the idea!
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Thanks for sharing this! 
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