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Hey wanna win my art for free? join my raffle! the rules are simple!!

-You must be following this account!
-Please DO NOT request things that are NSFW and take my art skill into consideration
-Since my drawing tablet it broken all prizes will be traditional
-Please DO NOT enter on both DA and Instagram things will get really complicated and it will be really hard for me to keep track of it
How to enter??
-You may enter up to 5 times to make your chance of winning bigger, (if you have an Instagram I suggest entering there because its easier for me and you…)
  1. to enter once just comment something (it can be as simple as "I'm in") on this post
  2. To enter twice add this journal to your faves and do the steps above
  3. To enter 3 times make a journal about this raffle (it can be as simple as saying " I really wanna win!" but make sure u mention me so i get notified of it) and do the steps above
  4. To enter 4 times fav and comment "im joining" on this post Art Raffle and do the steps above
  5. To enter 5 times send me a note saying that you're joining alone with all of the steps you did (just so i can make sure you completed all 5
  • first place! 1 colored drawing  and a shout out on my Instagram and DA
  • Second place! 1 inked drawing and both shout outs 
  • Third place! 1 sketch and a shout out on DA


I tried to make this as simple as possible on DA but its much easier to enter on Instagram, btw this is in honor of my 300+ followers on Instagram I post there way more often so if you want more of my art please follow me there
atfiveintheafternoon Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I'm happy to enter!! i would,,,,enter on instagram too but i kinda broke my phone and i have no earthly idea how to post from the website,,,
Paranoid-spectrum Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
oh wow thats sad i hope your fix your phone soon! Thank you for entering anyway though it means a lot! I don't think there is a way to post from the website which sucks
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Submitted on
June 27, 2017