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:iconparamount99:paramount99 posted a status
Hi all...
Another 7 renders to be getting on with today! Coming thick and fast now the set is fully functioning - even got Davros' chair skirt mats working... I think?!? I like this set - don't want to leave it... I will eventually though!!!
Zondra seems to be developing a whole new character not quite her own... 

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webbedman Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018
Happy Easter my friend.  Was wondering if by bringing Davros' into the story whether he was going to use the human to Dalek conversion process or not...  Am quite pleased Clap  that you included this into the story and hope you might consider continuing this process on Moonbase itself with some of the Mysterons' captives.  Could be an interesting outcome:happybounce: :happybounce: ...

Anyway have a Great Holiday and see you on the other side.............
paramount99 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018
You know I've been so busy I nearly forgot about Easter - silly me! So a happy Easter to you and all our other interested peeps here! :D (Big Grin) Well there are 'some' things blobbing around in my head as to the progression of the story: both on Earth, Moonbase and of course Rupes Cauchy... In fact I have lots planned for RC - am looking forward to this. I do plan to introduce some additional 'known' figures from our sci fi past, in fact?!? Just to spice things up a bit. But I do use a lot of spontaneous reaction come guidance or gut feeling in story writing... Kinda comes from my days studying in the Stephen King methodology of writing. This usually brings up all the stuff crammed into our subconscious mind - which can be quite creative. The recent renders with Zondra inside the Supreme type Dalek popped into mind right after the race track crash. As it happens, I didn't know she was going to end up inside a Dalek until she arrived in Davros' lab. I just had this 'feeling' and went with it. I will keep this idea/notion in my notes, though, webbedman; and see if anything germinates in that direction. I know there have been a few such storylines in 'Who' over the past years - I'll have to go check these out again! I guess, thinking on, I do like to see our moonbasegirls or now the earth based shadogirls in the renders, so having them inside Daleks will have them out of sight - but there might be ways round this?!? Let it brew with me for now. But like I say, I do do most story lines directly from subconscious thoughts, and have been know to divert completely in some other direction if something 'juicy' pops up.
But thanks once again for your in-depth thoughts and imaginations webbedman, it is much appreciated.
And have a great Holiday you too!!!

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