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:iconparamount99:paramount99 posted a status
Moonbase has just 2 renders update today... Quite explosive as it happens!!!

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webbedman Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
Very nice my friend,

I especially like the cartoonist style you did of the explosion panel...  You have done such a great job on this so when will you be bringing us to the other happenings going on with the expedition and where are the men who arrived a while ago in all this??  Inquiring minds like me want to know if you plan on knocking any of these men off or putting them into compromising situations where they have to be rescued by the MoonBase Gals... 

paramount99 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018
Webbedman: Lots of questions... Which I like! :D (Big Grin) 

The cartoony effect is mostly achieved by adding about 25% too much sharpness, with a few colour playabouts and definitions. I quite like this effect, and would be tempted to try more panels like this and almost to the point of watercolour effect/s... But I probably will not - as it might spin the whole thing in a completely different direction. Have toyed with doing some B&W panels/renders also?!? Have to find a reason for this though.
Most of the last 100 or so panels/renders have been taking place at around about the same time on Moonbase - give or take five minutes here or there. So much happening nearly at once - hopefully without 'too' much confusion.
The expedition has about landed at Rupes Cauchy: 8 humans, 1 Dalek and 2 Dalektron... They will be prepping and checking systems prior to entry into the relatively ancient complex, which mostly exists below ground level, and is more extensive than ANYONE might imagine. There are many anomalies at Rupes - including fragmentations and distortions within the space time continuum. There are many questions to be asked at the site/complex, and exciting adventures to be had by the individuals who search and discover successfully. We already know that there is a Dalek influence at the site, and a vast reservoir containing Dalek/Kaled mutations and other horrific creatures from several planets around the universe. Someone will also soon discover that there are Thals scratching an existence inside Rupes, and other, more transdimensional beings living in a kind of twilight world of time and space and life and death!!! Sounds a busy place but, my guess is 'stuffs' gonna be hard to come by, when our intrepid expeditionary team finally enters the complex. It won't give up its secrets easily. Another ancient race, the Archaeons, although in small numbers, and not humanoid in structure, are also in attendance at Rupes Cauchy - and are survivors of a battle that raged on the moon a long, long time ago. These ancients beings made the first, initial attempts at creating life on earth, by bombarding the early planet with a type of red lightning, billions of years before even the simplest life forms gained a foothold.
The guys who appeared and the other guy who is currently causing trouble will pop up again soon enough, Webbedman, as their destinies collide with what is currently taking place on/in Moonbase. There will be many compromising situations for all life forms on Moonbase, and only the fittest will survive - I guess!!!???!!!
Thanks for the detailed questionnaire Webbedman... It was a pleasure to explain these details: plus it reminded me of what should be happening next or soon enough!!! Headbang!     
webbedman Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
BTW absolutely love the UFO promo pictures and shots...

Where did you get them or is that a Trade Secret??
paramount99 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
Thanks WM... I've been collecting them for eons as it happens. Most are on T'internet' but I have gathered a few via other means... And I will seek and search (not destroy) for more in time! I am putting together a few more at this very moment - just got to check they ain't doubles...

:) (Smile) 
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