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:iconparamount99:paramount99 posted a status
Hi everyone out there! Moonbase just got a new addition to its already bustling membership... Great galloping Time Lords - who have we here?!? Well who knows what might happen next!!!
Was amazing fun blowing my special effects department up on numerous try-outs before arriving at these results. Not bad for an OLD poser and pc set up. Bet some of you guys and gals could get similar effect in seconds these days, with such powerful bits of kit out there.
Hope you enjoy the progress - I know I enjoyed creating it...


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webbedman Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2018
Greetings my friend, wonderful job on her regeneration - interesting choice of new character...   Am glad you kept her in the storyClap and anxious to see where you will be taking it.

By the way will you be attending this Sunday's 3dArt session.  If so hope you will enjoy it and seeing you there...

Sorry got the day wrong it is Saturday the 4th that we are having our next Community Webinar.
paramount99 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
Hi again webbedman! :) (Smile)  Yes I'll be interested in seeing where I'll be taking the story too - oddly enough. :o (Eek)  Lots of ideas (my mind is a strange and beguiling place indeed sir!) popping up all the Time (there's that word again) and It requires much wading through of quagmires to search for the truth... Cause it is out there somewhere - really. No, I disagree! Nod No, I disagree! Nod 
Thanks for the kind words on the regeneration scenes. I keep pressuring myself to make things better and richer and more believable... Just hope I am getting part way there. The few days I spend doing those scenes with software trickery produced systems crashes by the hour - until I was actually laughing with each one. Forgetting to regularly save can be a costly affair - even if only in hours spent and then wasted. But great learning come from these hurdles.
Unfortunately, this weekend is wiped out doing rather boring but necessary tasks that catch us (all) out from time to time. Bugger! I just wish I had more 'free' time these days... Hope things go weel for you there though. Maybe let us know how things paned out.     
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