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:iconparamount99:paramount99 posted a status
Hi watchers and other cool DA peeps!
Have just added a whooping 34 renders to get the story a bit further along the cosmic road. Lots have happened recently - sorry - and things are not what they seem, it seems?!? Poor Lt Ellis!?! Maybe yes - maybe no?!? Who knows?!? Actually, there's a clue right there!!! Well at least the much awaited (who am I kidding) expedition to Rupes Cauchy (where?!?) is under way. But with comms apparently out at Moonbase, how can the newest activities be relayed to Sakkara and Feelgood and their team en route to RC?!?
Had to exit and re-sign in a number of times to get these renders on... Grrrr!
I don't want to purchase anything DA - honestly!!!

Glad I could get these renders on before the big day...

And so wishing all on DA a happy xmas and fab new year. And don't over indulge please - well not too much anyway. Hope you all get those lovely pressies you've been waiting for.

Best wishes...


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webbedman Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017
Merry Christmas my friend, glad to see the continuation of your great epic!!  Your plot twists are most interesting...

All the best to you and yours...
paramount99 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017
Cheers again webbedman... I think the story has started to grow in some otherwise empty compartment in my brain (lots of empty rooms and space up there I'm sure) and it has become hard to shake off in normal life... Notebook always at hand...  
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