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Published: November 21, 2018
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Abortions are going to happen no matter if they're legal or not.

In most circumstance, babies born early cannot be sustained without either mom or artificial medical interference.

It's argued that abortion is playing God... but a ventilator, artificial formula, heat lamp, etc aren't in the same vein.

Women will get them in a clean office or a dirty alley if there's a viable option between either or.

Many of those women seeking one are often already mothers so don't rob those children of their mother.

Many of those women are teens that weren't educated about safe sex, don't rob them of a future.

Many of those women are poor, don't rob them of a chance to better themselves.

Many of those women are victims of abuse, don't rob them of a chance to escape.

Many of those would-be mothers will be terribly neglectful, don't condemn those children.

Many of those would-be children will never know a speck of love so don't condemn them either.

No matter if you are pro or against you should choose access to safe options.

If you are solidly aint-abortion fight in your area if adoption laws require consent from both would-be parents

Don't let women die again

People have children with less consideration than they do buying a car with a high interest rate.

These women are PEOPLE

Abortion is NOT some willy-nilly 'i'm just gonna do it for the hell of it' splurge fun time spree that people seem to think it is. WOMEN ARE GOING TO HAVE **ABORTIONS*** NO MATTER WHAT! MIGHT AS WELL MAKE IT SAFE

Maybe God gave us this knowledge for a reason....
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JagurzEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
id be dead if it weren't for a ventilator, artificial formula, heat lamp, etc
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PeteSeeger|Student Writer
So, because people will act immorally no matter what I have a moral obligation to help them be immoral?
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That-Damn-Fox|Hobbyist General Artist
Yep not to mention pro shit life and/or death for the child considering no one forced to have a kid ever treats that kid well or the parent may not be able to provide a good life for them or they'd end up in foster system ir an orphanage which is just as shitty. So yeah. Pro lifers want suffering kids.
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KissasheepEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mainly since if I had to care for a piece of shit child for 18 years I’d commit suicide
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