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Gears of War

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Published: April 18, 2010
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[link] <- Gears 3 trailer... fucking watch it. I am disgustingly excited. My old obsession has been reignited.

Dom has become Epic Beard Man II.

I finished it in less than two days. I cried so hard at the end and in that one spot (if you played it, you know which spot I'm talking about)
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BrittnyKittyHobbyist Traditional Artist
i do know what spot you're talking about so sad
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TicklesPicklesStudent General Artist
Madworld bro
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GarudaXHobbyist Digital Artist
So, overall, what did think of Gears 3? ;p
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RagingSalamenceStudent General Artist
I only saw a guy playing it on a store.

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AMF1390Hobbyist Digital Artist
I effin' love Gears. There's nothing more rewarding than shooting someone in the kneecaps and then tearing them open with a chainsaw bayonet as they try to crawl away.

I just hope that Epic stops being a pack of douches and fixes the update glitch for GoW 2, or else I may not be buying the third installment. >:(
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Personally, I can hardly contain myself.
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Did you saw that epic beard?! OMG I couldn't recognize him for about two seconds!!

We're a year away from Gears 3, can't fucking wait!

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Yes I saw the epic beard. At first I was like: 'Who the hell is that? Moses?' And then it clicked.

A YEAR IS TOO FAR AWAY!! A year for Gears 3 and then... only Santa knows how long it will be until the film comes out. [I will smack a bitch if they fuck the movie up.]
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That's just an epic beard, I only realized that was Dom because of his eyes. (i'm also curious about that..."chick" handing Dom the lancer, could that be Anya?)

I know, it sucks!! How are we going to live a whole year without more Gears?

And about the movie...I'm so scared they'll make it a punk ass little child flick or some epic fail
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I realized it was him when he landed by the ash statue. I realized that was Maria and their kids before I realized it was Dom. According to the Gears of War wiki, it is Anya.

Sap off the new novel that is coming out this August? Buy tons of Gears merch? I dunno about you... but that is what I am doing. The trailer reignited my obsession and now I must feed it.

I fear this too. /: I will write an angry letter if they screw it up. I have threatened to write angry letters before but this time I am serious.
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Now I'm even more excited!

Damn, they don't bring that much merch to my country, Imma have to surf the allmighty e-bay

And I'm supporting you with the angry letters, I'm SO gonna verbaly kick their asses if they dare blowing up Gears!
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I am in the US but where I live, there is not that much merch. There is some but I choose the internets over the mall and such any day.

The fuck it up... there will be blood.
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Oh yes, the mall is so annoying. Let's just jump right on to e-bay

And...big time!
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ItachiDesignerStudent Interface Designer
very good stamp... I love the stamps...
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