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Fantasy World Map 01

Fantasy Cartography for all your Worldbuilding and RPG needs. This map is free for use, however please note me if you do use it!

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posso usar na elaboração de um jogo de tabuleiro?

I would use to make an outline for my project! Thank you so much :)

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Is it ok for me to use this for my book?

I have an idea for Amazing Race: D&D style. A competition running around the world to acquire some tokens for a great reward. Your map might just work.

I was looking for a fantasy map to use as a base for an After Effects lesson. This worked beautifully. Great job!

Gonna use this for a writing project of mine. Thanks so much!

Love your work! Do you do commissions? I have an indie JRPG that's on the cusp of release but I'm having trouble finding an artist for a few final touches.

using it for a fantasy story. Thank you for making this free!

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Using it for a jumpchain RP. Nice of you to make it free!
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Would you happen to have a height-map of this? Would love to use it in a dnd campaign.
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Wow this is amazing...thanks...kudos!
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I really like that bit in the center, where you can get from one side to the other via the water, but it's narrow. Looks like a great trading route, and a great place for a monopoly on trade. Lots of wars, I imagine.
What software?
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using it for a dnd game
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Super map.  I am building an D&D world around it for my RPG group.  I am noting that you made it (like you requested) and linking back to this page on my World Anvil.  Thank you so much for making this amazing map.
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I have to give you a belated shout out on this one. I have been using it extensively in a DND campaign for sometime now and it has become an intimate home to my players. I appreciate your work and in addition to the campaign I run I am building a literary world around it as well that I hope to one day publish. Your contribution to our hours of enjoyment has been beyond what we could give as gratitude.        Updated Terran Map by mattbarker82     
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Very cool looking map! I really like the colours and how there's an over all feeling of roundness and curvature to it that makes it feel more real.
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Brilliant work.
So beautiful ! You're really good at this.
I intend to use it for some Wolrdbuilding stuff, if you don't mind.
Can I use this for an RP? 
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Thank you! :) I might use it for my fantasy YA series. 
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I think I may use this piece. I will keep you updated!
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