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You were everything.
Softness upon innocence
               I have always been enthralled by the
                           of you.
I did not have to utter in my grief
  you were hidden
          in the incense-burning of my soul.
In smoke you became beautiful,
    a phantom to all
       but you were always
                      to me.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 6 4
My back broke under the weight of the
      expectations I had
            for you.
I saw you not as you are
  but as flawed as
         I am.
We are who we pretend to be
       and I have worn the mask of tragedy
               for far
So great are our tears
    yet so small our sufferings.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 14 3
Blood Mother
I love you in your inexistence
  rabbit’s ear
  baby’s breath
              you are dust
              but you are
Misadventures and
     dew drop mornings
               small curls
               large eyes
     my bones cannot knit your future.
Sunsets and moonbeams
              sleep burdens our eyes
              your soft lips sigh
                        there is a better world for you
                                   than this.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 11 4
I found you, perfect
 tucked within imperfect flesh
               a ghost
               a whisper
You asked nothing of me,
       but I desired the world
       from you.
Even with good intentions
         the ones we love tend to hurt us the
The house I built for you
I lost you.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 17 12
You dreamed me.
A breath in crescent pulses
   suddenly I am
   existing in your pillowed fantasies
                  tucked beneath heavy eyelids.
Soft, willing
           moon flesh
           there is magic in your bones.
Vulnerable, we
                     remained entwined
                     carried by the night tide
                              I am yours.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 70 26
Acceptance by ParalyticProcess Acceptance :iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 1 7
A tree
    a summer of awakening
    now the winter of
Silent crashing
          becoming of the earth
          and I sank to the bottom
                  your waves of flesh an
                            endless river.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 6 5
I am
  barely a whisper.
Dashed upon the rocks I am
              a broken afterthought
Equally bound by crushing expectation
             I breathe in coal
             my lungs are blood diamonds
                    sold to the unblinking masses.
A child, I
   grasp to dreams
   my little hands were not meant
          to hold.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 23 21
You were born in thought,
       a fragment of a dream
       but even then
               I loved you.
Knit from bone
       you became whole
               a sweet revelation
               in my own rebirth.
You opened
       as I closed
            my breath cast into the quiet
            burning bush.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 30 6
Children do not forget.
We were on the cusp of greatness,
       standing on worn, wise shoulders
       you cast us down the wishing well
               our innocence drowning in rigid expectation.
Dial tones
        we do not answer the call
               our response irrelevant
               to your adult sensibility.
Lurching in your death rattle
               we are folded in pages of your forgotten history
               only are we perfect
                        when desperate fingers have
                         nothing else to cling to.
Children, we
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 11 8
We all know how this song ends, little bird
        your last line, merely fog on the glass
                 is breaking the camel's back
                 my heart.
Quietly, you tear yourself apart
              leaving much to be desired between the
              sinews, fibers, and breaths you gave away
                             but never kept any for yourself
I pierce my ears with brittle bones
       weaving my thoughts into blindness
                       so that I may not see the way
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 14 7
The Lamb and The Butcher
He pets her
     soft hands roll her fleece between
             finger and thumb
     little praises for little ears
     little kisses for little creatures
              who don’t know any better
But still she cannot understand
      why he, in between heartbreaking sobs
              binds her feet, puts her on his shoulders
                         and carries her away
              it must be because he loves her
He tells her
     as she lays vulnerable on the table
          that she’s always been his favorite
                  the one cherished most of all
     yet his knife falls anyway
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 6 10
Butterfly Collection
Marble eyes gleam
            (pique my curiosity)
             and she looks good enough to catch with callus fingers
                    a perfect specimen of loneliness
                    wings of silken mystery
                               an exoskeleton of harsh experience
                     and your silver pin drives itself through the back of her head.
Yet the powder transferred from her wings onto your hands
      cracks your skin in an infinite number of places
       you bleed self-righteousness from your insecure core
              because you are allergic to beauty
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 7 8
Breaker of Men
Play slow, Love
       your demise in my hands
       the sadness of your heart, knotted to my sleeve
       the trembling of your breath, folded shattered words
Where has your strength gone
            caught and tangled in half touches and remembrances
            tracing my fingertips on your crumbling moon
           why would such a portrait
                    be lonely for me.
Play slow
        the moments I could never break any man
               until I broke your pining ribs
                                      and mine.
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 11 5
I walked away that day.
He stood, perfect tragedy
                   eyes as brittle as my intentions, bending over backwards
                   but all my apologies and futures and failures
                          could not make up for my selfishness
                          such brutal wind slipping through the cracks in his bones
His winged fixtures
                    too weak to fight callused hands, change in breath
                    my rotating seasons persuade his cardiac arrest
                           the re
:iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 15 11
Mature content
Abstract Romance :iconparalyticprocess:ParalyticProcess 6 7






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The Killing Joke


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