[Winner ANNOUNCED] Paralogos DTA Event!

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We, the admin team, would like to announced the winner of the Paint DTA Event!

We graded the two participants:

Paint - Paralogos DTA by Hallu-cinate



Pallet by epicfacepartier


based on Effort, Creativity, and Personal Score.
(Weighted: 50% / 30% / 20%)

Effort: The apparent effort placed into the piece, 
Creativity: The general 'creativity' of the piece,
Personal Score: An admin's personal opinion on the piece.

The final winner, winning by a total of 1 point (adding together from a 10 point scale) is indeed:


They have won ownership of:

Paralogos DTA: Paint by tamingofthesandshrew


Word: Paint 
Language: English 
Level: 4 (action) 
cover the surface of (something) with paint, as decoration or protection--
and/or depict (someone or something) or produce (a picture) with paint. 


And we would like to award Hallu-cinate as well for their effort put into the event.

You have gained an:

Untitled Book Level 1
(Aka, a Level 1 Paralogos MYO Slot!)

If you would like a higher level term, you can pay the difference from level 1 to the desired level in ink to upgrade the slot as well. 
The prices for MYO slots are here: Ink Market

Reminder: Level 1 words are non-living objects!
For more information read: Chapter 1 - The Level System

Thank you to both entrants for participating! We hope to have more participation in the future as well. 


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Oooh! Gratz epicfacepartier :D

Also, how long will I have before the MYO slot expires?
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Yep! As Mouse said, it won't expire. I hope you enjoy your prize!
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It won't expire :)
Hallu-cinate's avatar
Ok great! I'll have lots of time to come up with a good one then or if I decide to upgrade it :)
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Please do make a Library Record so that you can officially enjoy Paint! =) All active group members should have one. 
Library Records
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Congratulations to both hypno-twist and epicfacepartier !
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Here's my entry!
Paint - Paralogos DTA
I will probably do another one because painting is just not my style lmao.

Also - I am not able to submit this into the folder in the group. There is no option to "contribute to this folder."
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Been fixed, thank you! ^^
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