We Will Buy Back Unwanted Paralogos!

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(The Paralogos group- aka mewhaku)

If you have a Paralogos design you don't want, I (mewhaku) can offer any of the following in exchange for them:

- MYO slots (primarily!)
- Customs (also an option!)
- Art
- Money (depending on if the design was bought in the first place!)

Obviously we hope Paralogos will be enjoyed and traded amongst various users, but if you really don't use your character anymore-- we certainly would love to have a chance to rehome them!

Paralogos "bought back" through this method to mewhaku would be potentially redesigned, kept as personal characters / used as NPCs, or resold + rehomed. Please feel free to note either the Paralogos group (ParalogosDictionary) or mewhaku privately to discuss your options!

Remember, all words are unique for this species. So we want users to have as many options to enjoy their characters!

Note, by no means feel pressured to "use" a character of this species. This is merely an option for those looking to rehome their Paralogos in some way and would like a nearly 100% buying back option. mewhaku is only willing to pay what she can afford/is considered fair, however. So please be open to negotiation! If you don't come to an agreed price, no worries. This is just an option to consider! And again, sometimes we can't afford to buy characters back for their original price either. But we'll try! =)
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EXxiilED's avatar
Unfortunately I've fallen out of interest with the species and am looking to rehome Skellis.
#103 Skeleton by LogosLibrary
and his TH: toyhou.se/633148.skellis-paral…

I don't think I could reconnect sadly, so I'm looking for either art or a one-off custom (possibly money/points as well? I believe my SB on him was 300pts, and I've drawn him a bit!)
mewhaku's avatar
Hi there! Thanks for using the Buy Back program! :heart:

Yes definitely some lovely artwork you've added.
The original value of this kid was $2/200 points (according to the masterlist), but would consider that higher now for this purpose.
Probably closer to the $25~ range, if you think that's fair.

Now I can indeed offer you a one-off custom design if you'd be interested- (and do it to a level that's higher/more detailed than normal if needed).
or if you had something else in mind my Commissions journal would work well as examples with values.
I must admit, these next two months are busier for me though. So perhaps we could do a mix of something or other. 

What did you have in mind? =) 
EXxiilED's avatar
I think that price range is fair!

Admittedly, I'm okay with whatever works best for you though! 
mewhaku's avatar
Ok! Well, pick your poison in terms of what you'd like in terms of artwork is that sounds good. ^^ 
I can work on a custom design, or do a mix of artwork otherwise for the equivalent value.

I only mention I would be busy so that you know it may take slightly longer than usual for me to finish, but not too much longer. 
EXxiilED's avatar
Apologies for the wait, I've been thinking about what I would want!!

Does a couple of shaded fullbodies seem fair to you? 
mewhaku's avatar
I could do 2 or 3 depending on the complexity of characters considering what I charge normally, yeah. 
Who did you have in mind? :o 
EXxiilED's avatar
Apologies for the wait OTL
I can list three characters and see what you think, though! All of these characters can be drawn feral!

mewhaku's avatar
First of the 3:
1of3 by mewhaku
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mewhaku's avatar
Those three would be good to go for 3 shaded fullbodies if I can draw them as feral! Please do confirm with any personality notes as you please. =) 
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ChubbyCorgi's avatar
Psst I bought one some time ago, I been trying to rehome them since I didn't get that attached to them. ;o; Would you be able to take them in, since I wouldn't mind a myo level 3 - for them?
mewhaku's avatar
What Paralogos are you looking to trade in? Generally as long as it was a level 1-3, you can trade in for a level 1-3 range MYO. Otherwise in order to trade in for a Level 4-6 you'd need to trade in one of that level, of course. 
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
Paralogos Advent: Dec. 22 - Cinnamon (CLOSED) by mewhaku
It was this sweetie here, I wouldn't mind a level 3 for them if that's fine! ;o;
mewhaku's avatar
If you can send me any/all art files for 'em I can certainly do that trade, I just want to get Cinnamon's artwork together on my ToyHou.se for easy transfer to their new owner. =) (I might be able to dig up their flats, its just been a long time...)  
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
I don't think they even have any artwork with them, sadly! ;o;
And since I don't have a toyhouse you could just save the image and place them in there.
mewhaku's avatar
Well I meant did you save the files I sent you with the adoptable- aka the images without the background and the one that was flat color? 
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
mm I can't seem to track the file down on my computer, if I do, i'll let you know!
mewhaku's avatar
Ok, I found them on my harddrive (the images I mean)-- I'll get you that Level 3 MYO once you comment on the ownership log here showing that you gave this kiddo back to me in exchange for a Level 3 MYO slot. =)

#122 Cinnamon by LogosLibrary <-- link to masterlist
comments.deviantart.com/1/6533… <-- ownership log
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V0IDB0Y's avatar
Youre more than welcome to take and/or use Yuugen. I haven't been in a good mental state lately, and I haven't really been able to find a design for them that I connect with;; I believe their full reference is in my scraps!
mewhaku's avatar
You sure? I can certainly try and finish the design/etc as long as you're comfortable with that!

If so, could you please comment here?
V0IDB0Y's avatar
You're free to do whatever you like with them!
I'd like to be credited for their design if you wind up keeping it as-is, but that's my only stipulation ; v ;

I'm so happy to see how much the species has grown, and I hope it continues to do so. <3
mewhaku's avatar
Oh yes most definitely, I did the redesign but took some elements, so we are now credited as co-designers! ^^
thank you for the well wishes!
V0IDB0Y's avatar
their new design looks awesome * v * b

&& no problem! <3
mewhaku's avatar
DarlingJess is totally in love with them. You were so kind to gift them back to the group! ;_; 
V0IDB0Y's avatar
i'm so glad!
i hope they get lots of love from their new home! ; v ;
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