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The group will hereby begin hosting monthly events! Everyone who enters will be awarded +2 ink for their entry while one random participant will be the winner of their very own month-themed paralogos! We hope this will encourage those in the group to actively participate, as well as give those without paras a chance to win their very own (or gain extra ink to be closer to a MYO purchase!)



The libraries have begun decorating for Halloween! There are pumpkins on every shelf, spiders and bats hanging from the ceiling, and spooky branches and cobwebs around every doorway - but something looks.. off. The paralogos of the library decide to take it upon themselves to redecorate! Some decide to take a carver to the pumpkins and create scary jack-o-lanterns. The others decide to go with the less destructive and less messy task of re-arranging the decor. Draw/Write about your paralogos (or a friend's!) fixing the Halloween decorations in one of two ways.

The winner has been drawn-- and the #1 has come up! This means-

You have won:

Congratulations, and Happy Halloween!


Jack-O-Lantern Team: Draw/Write about the paralogos carving the pumpkins in the library.
Decoration Team: Draw/Write about the paralogos moving the cobwebs, branches, bats, spiders, and other silly halloween decorations!
Contest will last from October 3 - October 30th and the raffle prize winner will be announced October 31st.

Every entry will gain +2 ink as an event bonus! (For those who choose to submit multiple entries, each different entry will gain the event bonus!)
One lucky winner will win the October Prize below plus a free library upgrade for their new Paralogos!

-Entries must follow the ParalogosDictionary group rules.
-Entries must be submitted before Midnight EST on October 30th to count for the event bonus and raffle entry.
-At a minimum, a drawn entry must include at least one coloured fullbody with a simple background (not required to have much detail, flat colours are okay for backgrounds!)
-At a minimum, a written entry must be composed of 700 words.
-You are allowed to draw as many Paralogos in one picture or include as many in one story as you would like. You are allowed to submit multiple entries (and get the +2 ink bonus per submission) HOWEVER each person gets only ONE raffle ticket. Drawing multiple paralogos in an entry, or submitting more than one entry will gain you more ink but everyone who enters will have the same chance to win the Event Paralogos. (Including admins, since it is awarded based on a Random Number Generator)
-You may draw your own paras, a friend's, or any other members' with permission. If you don't have your own paralogos yet, this is a great opportunity to win one for free, or earn ink through gift art in order to purchase your own!
-Entries should be submitted to the "Current Events" Folder. 

Post your entry and submit a link to this journal!! If your entry is not linked in the comments here, IT WILL NOT COUNT. When you comment with your entry, you'll be assigned a number that will correspond with the RNG rolls for the raffle prize! Good luck to everyone!

© 2016 - 2021 ParalogosDictionary
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Congratulations 102vvv, and thank you EmeraldandBronze and Lulu597 for entering! Remember, when calculating your earned ink for these images, you add +2 to the total!

(Thank you also Mousefighteru for entering, and a pat on the back to my own entry too. =p)
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aaa what good news, the para family is growing<3 thank you:hug:
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You're welcome! You also got a free Library Upgrade from this, so make sure to update your total library slot count. 
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done and done<3
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EmeraldandBronze you wanted your Halloween image entry entered for this right? I wasn't sure!
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I didn't know the event was going on but sure! i'll put the link and all that stuff so i'm officially entered
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Sounds good! Well hey, even better =D
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yup, thanks for letting me know. :)
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Ahh that's so good! Thank you for entering! =D
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102vvv's avatar…

its not letting me submit to current events folder
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Terribly sorry, we've been having some issues with our folder management. ;_; Fixed!
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no worries<3
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