Paralogos OFFICIAL 3rd Anniversary Raffle - CLOSED

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Surprisingly, we've never really celebrated our Anniversary of the group's opening before...

but this March 7th marks the official 3rd year of Paralogos activity.

Congrats all! We hope to have many more.

Look at that difference in art style! Wow! - mewhaku 

[Paralogos] - Ginkgo by mewhaku   [Paralogos] Mew by mewhaku

Anyway, we'd like to celebrate a little by having an official art raffle with prizes donated by three of the group's major artists

mewhaku - Species creator / designer. The one typing this out. Hi!
Ex of art / design:
[Paralogos + Commission] Peppery Seas by mewhaku#179 Conversation Hearts by LogosLibrary
Necromouser - Official species designer (and honestly Mouse has contributed so much... co-creator truly)
Ex of art / design:
[Trade] Snake Donut by Necromouser [Custom] Nessie Paralogos by Necromouser
tamingofthesandshrew - Singlehandedly I think she has designed most Paralogos in existence.
Ex of unshaded / shaded art / design:
[Paralogos] Rotkeltchen by tamingofthesandshrew [Paralogos] Willow by tamingofthesandshrew #169 Peas by LogosLibrary

Since it is in celebration of the species, art prizes will / can only be of Paralogos. Sorry! 
We do have something special for First Time Owners this time around too, not to worry.

The way this raffle works is that whoever is drawn first with the RNG gets to pick their artist out of the three above with highest priority. Second place winner has choice of the two remaining artists, and third place winner has the last artist by default. This is to account for difference in tastes and style. 

Each winner will gain one of the following prizes:

If you don't currently own a Paralogos, you'll gain a custom Paralogos design by the artist you choose. (Limited to words level 1-3.)
If you do currently own a Paralogos, you'll get a shaded fullbody of any Paralogos you'd like to have art of. 

The only rule to this raffle is that you must be a ParalogosDictionary member to enter!
The other thing to know is that this raffle will end on March 31st at 11:59:00 pm EST

You can gain more tickets by doing the following:

1. Making a Library Record and linking it to your ticket claim! (+1)
2. Share a memory of your time (in a comment) in the group or share a thought about this group that made/makes you happy or excited. =) (+1)
3. Share this raffle via journal/watch status/poll. Make sure to comment it on this journal. (+1)
4. Tag up to 3 friends (+1 for each friend tagged)
5. You can make gift art of someone's Paralogos to gain +3 tickets per gift entry. Please link them to your ticket claim comment! You can reply to your ticket total comment to earn more tickets after posting for the first time. 
- A note on gift art- you may draw as many as you like. Each finished gift art will earn you + 3 tickets. The image just needs to be colored. We have a suggested list from our members of Paras you're free to draw without asking first here: Official You can Draw My Paralogos! List


1. ENTRY 20 - 4sparkles !!!

CONGRATULATIONS! You will get your first choice of artist to design your first ever Paralogos for you! 

2. ENTRY 35 - ceadar !!

CONGRATS! Sit tight, you'll get your pick of an artist after 4sparkles to make some artwork of a Paralogos you own.

3. ENTRY 5 - Calliopius !
CONGRATULATIONS~ You'll get your artist chosen, similar to ceader's prize, after the others have picked theirs. Sit tight! Congrats!

And again, a major thank you to all our members- seriously, you guys keep this going. ;_; :hug:


And that's it, have fun guys! Thanks for making this group and species fun to participate and make content for. ;_; 
© 2018 - 2021 ParalogosDictionary
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I would like to enter please!
Library Record: Library Record -- Cedar
Happy Thing: I love how everyone I have interacted with has been so kind and friendly! I also enjoy being able to shove wings onto alot of my ideas!
Tagging: ceIine LilWolfyy sweet-choia 
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Hi there! I was selected as the first roll's pick, so you may select Necromouser or tamingofthesandshrew to draw one of your currently owned Paralogos. :D 
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I would love to get some art from Mouse! <3 
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Necromouser we have your art-giftee! :D
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CONGRATS! You have won second roll, meaning after @/4sparkles has chosen their artist, you may select an artist to draw you a piece of artwork for a currently existing Paralogos you own. 
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You've earned 6 entries to this raffle. Please feel free to reply here if you gain additional entries. 
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I would love to enter, please!
My library record: Paralogos Library Record: dessieh
And the ad here!
Thank you!! This group has been amazing since my first day here, with an amazing lore and even more amazing admins, I'm so glad to have decided to join!!
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You've earned 2 entries to this raffle. Please feel free to reply here if you gain additional entries. 
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You've earned 4 entries to this raffle. Please feel free to reply here if you gain additional entries. 
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New member!! These dinos are simply adorable (and captivating). I want to maximize my chances of getting a custom!! (+1) (basis)

1. Making… (+1)
2. Share At first I did not think i would be getting into this species. After all, they are dinos!! Sort of not in my comfort zone. However, the more I saw Calliopius -s Eye dino, I was ready to join. I was right at that stage where I needed a final little push. This raffle was that push, and even more so were the example customs, and now I need my own little pastel dino in the colors pink, yellow, and blue pansexual flag  (+1)
3. Share easiest extra ticket? Sign me up (+1)
4. Tag I will tag um Kuro-The-Art-Kitsune CrazyCat1231 WishfulDewdrop because I know you guys sort of? At least you three draw four-leggies, so I guess this isn;t too far off!!! (+3)
5. How many arts may be drawn? And are they all free to draw or like is there a list? I am very new, as of like fifteen minutes, so... pardon my ignorance

total: 7?
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Hello! You have won the first prize roll- meaning you get your pick out of all three artists for your custom! Please do let us know which artist you'd like to design (and what word) you'd like your Paralogos to be based on. Once you pick, I can let the other prize winners know who they can choose from. =) Congrats!
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Thank you so much!!! I think I will go with the “Pastel” idea we discussed below (like the drawing tool!) and I am choosing you as the designer!!!

Thanks again!!!
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Yay!! Happy to hear you enjoyed that idea- can you please note me with any more details you'd like for your future Paralogos? =) 
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You have currently earned 6 entries to this raffle! Please respond to this comment to claim more tickets, if you make gift art and stuff~
1 ticket for making your record, 1 for sharing a thought, 1 for sharing the raffle, and 3 currently for tagging. =)

I added it to the journal, but you may draw as many gifts as you'd like! I've linked our 'feel free to draw these Paras' list above, you may draw any there without asking first. You can draw headshots or full bodies, they just need to have color! Of course, you'll gain more INK (group currency) if you do full bodies... so even if you don't win a custom, you may earn enough INK to buy a Make Your Own slot!
Pastel sounds like a LOVELY Paralogos, the word (about the color) would be higher than level 3 (concept of color)  so currently that wouldn't be one you could win...
But the word pastel (like the drawing tool) would work, since that's an object its Level 1. You could have an adorable pastel colored pastel dino! :D I LOVE that idea!

I hope that makes sense, aha. The way levels work for words isn't rarity, but like, how abstract it is. Level 1 words are just objects after all. Does that make sense? 
Like, a level 1 Paralogos might be 'rock', whereas a level 6 is 'happiness'. 
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awesome, thank you so much!!!

I like that Pastel idea, it sounds adorable!! And I'll try to get in gifts as well, probably starting with headshots to start with learning the way to draw dinos New Dino 
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Sounds fun! We have a basic guide for drawing here- Tutorial: How to draw a paralogos
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(Combining these into the same reply)
You've earned a total of 12 entries to this raffle! How kind of you to make some gift art ;_; :hug: 
4sparkles's avatar…

Another one, haha

I probably will not go over three drawing entries


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You've earned a total of 15 entries to this raffle! Congrats! Feel free to make more art if you'd like, if you do, just respond here.
I am so happy to see you having fun in the group ;_; 
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GASPS this is a VERY EXCITING RAFFLE thank you all for putting this together! <3 I would love to enter~

Library Record: Library Record: Calliopius
Memory/Happy Thought: Eye love how much the people in this community apprecieyete and play along with my EYE PUNS!
MajikkanBeingsUnite (because I know you love groups with cool worldbuilding)
Iowasi (because DINOS)
jurassiq (ALSO because dinos)

I'm taggin y'all for the anniversary celebration of a super cute ARPG/closed species group I'm a part of (ParalogosDictionary). It has cute word-themed dinos (which I'm sure you've seen in my gallery) and some very creative world-building that I figure might appeal to you folks in particular. It's a fairly small, chill group -- always something going on, but it's pretty lowkey and allows you to participate as much or as little as you have time/energy/inspiration for. If it doesn't sound like your jam, no worries. But if you're interested in joining, now is a great time to do so since there's a raffle goin' on that you can win a custom Paralogos (word dino) from~
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