Para-Palooza MYO Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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Winner announcement!

First of all, thank you all so much for entering this MYO contest! Every single entry was really nice and unique and made it hard to decide on a winner.
That's why we decided to pick not only one but two winners:
Arquerite's Porcelain Paralogos - Porcelain by Arquerite and EmeraldandBronze's Trench Trench by EmeraldandBronze
We love the amount of detail and creative thought that went into these two designs and are very happy to announce them both as the winners of this contest.
Congratulations on winning the official status of your Paralogos plus a free library upgrade!

But wait, there's more!
We admins were very torn between the winners and thus decided to also reward two honorable mentions to match our 2 ultimate winners:
the-electric-soldier with Dandelion Paralion by the-electric-soldier and DeviouslyDoomed with Caiman Paralogos MYO Contest - Caiman by DeviouslyDoomed
Congratulations to you two on winning 20 Ink by SpeedyDVV each!

Lastly, everyone who did not win is able to buy the official status for their design for the discounted prices:
- Level 1 MYO: 40  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 200 :points:
- Level 2 MYO: 50  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 250 :points:
- Level 3 MYO: 60  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 300 :points:

There is no time limit currently for this offer--
designs in the MYO Contest folder we used for this will be kept there with mention of that price until made official.

Again, thank you all for participating! We hope you enjoyed this contest as much as we did and are looking forward to future events :)

[Paralogos] Species Sheet + Guide by mewhaku

With the updating of our Species Sheet, as shown above, we wanted to welcome new Para-owners into the group!
The sheet above has some quick do's and don'ts, but you should click on it to be brought to a fuller description.

You will have the chance to create (and then win) your own Paralogos design with this event!
You need to be a member of the group to participate. =) 

Aka, the rules are as follows:

1. Pick a Level 1-3 word to work with. The level descriptions are here: Chapter 1 - The Level System 
- It cannot be a word already used-- check LogosLibrary or this list to make sure your choice hasn't already been made!
Please ask us about the banned word list if you're worried about a word being approved. Just note the group.

2. Design your Paralogos, keeping it away from the Don'ts on the species sheet! 
- Our lovely admin Necromouser has created "example" traits sheets for you all to draw inspiration from:
[Trait Collection] Lights[Trait Collection] Crests and Fins[Trait Collection] Tails... 
But you don't have to remain strictly to what's on the sheets. They're just for ideas!

3.  Submit it to the "Para-Palooza MYO Contest" folder in the group. 
- As long as your Paralogos doesn't have any design issues or concerns, it will be accepted into the folder. 
- Tips for MYOs are here: MYO Approval Process
Any entries not submitted to the folder by the due date will not be considered for judging.
- You may submit up to 3 Paralogos designs! Only 1 would be eligible for "winning" though per user.
- You may still purchase the "losing" designs after the event is over. We just want to make it fair!

4. The due date is April 24th. After that date, entries will be closed, and the admins will judge which designs should be made official.
The more entries we have, the more winners there will be! Ex. max 5 entries, 1 winner, 10 entries, 2 winners, etc.

Now, for those who lose, and their designs aren't made official for free- you have some options.

- You'll be allowed to make them official for discounted price of either Points or Ink. 
- Points will be saved towards the group upgrading to a Super Group. Ink must be earned by drawing images of already existing Paralogos.
Now, you also have the option to share/advertise this event before it closes...
if you share this event before it closes, you'll get an even larger discount on your Paralogos should the design lose. 
- You should comment on this journal with a link to a poll/journal/etc, on how you shared the event!

The "losing design" prices are as follows:

Level 1 MYO: 40 Ink by SpeedyDVV / 200 :points: (Sharing Discount: 30 Ink by SpeedyDVV / 150 :points:)
Level 2 MYO: 50 Ink by SpeedyDVV / 250 :points: (Sharing Discount: 40  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 200 :points:)
Level 3 MYO: 60  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 300 :points: (Sharing Discount: 50  Ink by SpeedyDVV / 250 :points:)

If you win your design-- in order to be awarded the design officially, 
you must make a Library Record to officially participate in the group with said design.

EDIT: If you win your design you will also recieve a free library upgrade for your new Paralogos.

Happy Creating Paralogos Library Owners!


© 2017 - 2021 ParalogosDictionary
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dessieh's avatar
Hello! I finally got enough ink! Can I buy my Level 1 MYO design with ink, please? It's her:  [Paralogos] Estrella - MYO Event by dessieh
mewhaku's avatar
Ah I'm hype to see this one made real~
Necromouser's avatar
Sure, if you could just comment on the Ink Market with the filled out form! c:
dessieh's avatar
I'm dumb, I thought that since it was with the discount it should be here, sorry! Going to post in the right place, thank you!
dessieh's avatar
Congrats to the winners!!! Such gorgeous designs!! Shrike's design sure was my favorite, I'm glad it won <33
Now to get a bit more of ink to make my design official!
mewhaku's avatar
Thank you so much for participating as well! It was rough judging. ;_; And again, this discounted price does not have a time limit. =D
Arquerite's avatar
Aaaaa thank you so much!!! I'm on mobile and will write up something more complete later, but but I'd like to put it out there that anyone who would like to purchase an MYO slot but doesn't have the funds LET ME KNOW! I will spot you!
mewhaku's avatar
You are the biggest angel ;_; You're welcome! :hug: Congrats again! 
Necromouser's avatar
Congratulations Arquerite and EmeraldandBronze for winning the contest as well as the-electric-soldier and DeviouslyDoomed for winning 20  Ink by SpeedyDVV each!
Necromouser's avatar
The prizes have been distributed! :)
cutevulpix56's avatar
Pff I still wasn't able to get it finished by the due date despite the extension X'D

Would it be alright to just buy an MYO slot in that case? X"D
mewhaku's avatar
Yes, please go to the Ink Market for that unless you're looking to discuss a points/money purchase!
cutevulpix56's avatar
Alrighty! Is either way in particular a bit cheaper? Just cause I got babs to spend money on and I'm running out faster than I realized X'D
mewhaku's avatar
Well, you'd need to earn ink in order to go that route with the Ink Market. We don't normally offer points/cash purchase of myo slots, but since we had to estimate for this contest we can give a price in those other currencies. What method would you prefer? Currently the exchange rate I use for points/funds is $1.00-100 points, although I know the rate isn't exactly that on DA itself.
cutevulpix56's avatar
It'd be points for me ^^ I'll have to check out how to earn ink again, it's been a while since I went to look X'D It's drawing the babs of mine pretty much yeah?
mewhaku's avatar
Ok, what was the level of word you wanted a MYO of? That will determine the price. If you're unsure, just tell me the word and I'll tell you the level.
And yes, any art done (of your owned Paralogos) or any art you create (of any Paralogos) earns you ink in the group! =)
cutevulpix56's avatar
Alrighty ^^ 

The word I'd like would be Lotus if it still isn't taken - I think that's a level 2 if I remember right?

Awesome ^^ I've been meaning to draw my babies properly for quite some time now :P
mewhaku's avatar
Yes! That would be correct. The price would be 300 Points for a level 2 slot currently. I'd ask you send the funds to LogosLibrary since we are hoping to save for a super group. =) Would that be ok with you? Please confirm before sending points!
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If I would be using Chickadee - Which I think is allowed as it would be a level 3 word..
Would I be able to give them wings? I was looking in the folders and found one that was named after 'dragon' - whom had wings.

Also , as for traits are they all allowed?
Necromouser's avatar
Yea, you can totally use Chickadee as a level 3 word and you can indeed give them wings (as the word is directly associated with wings)!
Though they wouldn't be functional wings but rather only decorative (just like the wings of the dragon Paralogos) 

Paralogos do not have a trait system so yes, all "traits" are allowed as long as they don't completely contradict the symbolism/meaning of the word. 
It just has to make sense in some way is all =)
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
Oh that's great!
I noticed in another journal you'll be expanding the due date for this, for how long mind me asking?
mewhaku's avatar
Head up! Contest ends tomorrow! Just commenting since you expressed interest in participating~
ChubbyCorgi's avatar
I'll need to see if I can finish it, my mood is driving me in the dumps right now and i'm having trouble doing anything. ;m; <3 Lets hope I can doodle them!
mewhaku's avatar
No pressure! If it gets done, it gets done =) 
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