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Here in the group, we do have artists on standby that may either create adopts from time, or be around to offer advice on design work.
Now artists may kindly offer to help from time to time for free, but this should never be expected! Always ask, never assume.
But generally people are very willing to help!

Official artists are able to create adopts at any point in time (with approval).
They may also make official work for the group, or participate in other group work.
You can generally consider them mods as well!

Creator of the Species

She has final approval over all designs.
She is available to advise on designs, and to also help sketch out any Paralogos.

Currently works full time, but responds quickly! 

Ex. of designs:
#1 Ginkgo
#190 Pyrite
#148 Conch
#123 Poinsettia
Co-Creator and Official Artist

They are mostly working on world building and organizing,
but sometimes creates Paralogos designs as well.

They're generally always ready to help with MYO designs or simply answer questions!

Ex. of designs:
#85 Phoenix
#189 Autumnal Equinox
#171 Anglerfish
#92 Temple Pit Viper

Official Artist

She has been working on official graphics for the group and has made a fair share of the official designs for many Paralogos!

She is available for design advice if you'd like any ideas, but is on/off DA at the moment.

Ex. of designs:
#184 Snapdragon
#109 Acorn
#78 Monarch Butterfly
#77 Patchwork
Official Artist

Known for her realism and striking style, she’s made a good amount of Paralogos designs.

She is currently not available for design consultation.

Ex. of designs:
#50 Labradorite
#73 Yozora
#134 Trench
#186 Peacock

Official Artist

She's one of our two new OAs, ready to design new Paralogos!

Ex. of designs:
#272 Whimsy
#239 Oni
#226 Lantana
#233 Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
Official Artist

He's one of our two new OAs, ready to design new Paralogos!

Ex. of designs:
#265 Necromancy
#275 Chimera Cat

- Guest Artists get to design and sell 1-4 Paralogos
- You can keep 100% of the profits
- You can choose your price(s) freely
- You will be allowed to use words of the levels 1-3 (from any language!)
- Guest Artists must abide by the Terms of Service and should keep adoptable sets up at least until all designs are sold.
If you are worried about these terms conflicting with your own personal artist terms of service, please note the group.

If you will be on hiatus, or otherwise can't handle the sale yourself-- please contact the group and let us know.
We'll be happy to handle the sale directly through the masterlist and/or the group and send you the full payment upon successful sale.

Paralogos designs by guest artists will only be registered to the official masterlist (LogosLibrary) upon finalized sale.

Interested in becoming a guest artist?
Fill out this google form!

We will allow guest artist applications to be sent in at any time, but there is no promise that unless a specific request has been sent out for guest artists, that your application will be approved or accepted.
If you sent in a GA app through the form previously and would like to change your answers, just send in a new app with the updated info!

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