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Greek: lógos:
a word, saying, speech, discourse, thought, proportion, ratio, reckoning, akin to légein to choose, gather, recount, tell over, speak

EDIT: Link to off-group (my personal) post on this so that people can comment:…

Now that the Species Reference Guide is completed, I think we now all have enough lore and general ideas of these mysterious creatures to begin to open up the realm of the paralogos. (Simplistic translation - "beside/side by side 'word'")

There are also five current examples of official designs in the Designs folder here in the group- along with some I'm personally working on to help give ideas on what various types of words may appear as-

There are no set rare traits or things like that for these creatures.
Merely there are but certain traits they all must have, as mentioned on the reference guide.


  • Once again, there can be only one design per specific word. The current listing is here.

  • The difference between abstract and concrete terms is explained in the reference guide. I will limit the number of approved abstract terms. Terms such as "art" or "love" most likely will not be approved. The broader the idea- the rarer it is, and the more unstable it is too. I'm reserving such terms for much later on.

  • On that note, you must have both your word approved before you start your design (post it on this journal! or if you're a non-member post it on my page's journal about this contest), and then the design must be approved by me before it is official. I'll be keeping track of who "owns" what word on the spreadsheet, so that there are no repeats.

  • Make-Your-Own Slots will be opened up until April 4th, 2015. No new words will be approved after that date. However, if you're taking longer to draw your design-- that's fine.

  • These slots cannot be sold or traded. If you no longer want a slot, just let me know. I'll delete that "owned" term from the list so that another may use it. Completed designs from this event cannot be sold (unless you bring up to me you're wanting to sell one!), but the designs can be traded to others/etc as long as you let me know too.

  • Words may be from any language! They must be only one word however.

If any other questions or concerns arise as this progresses, I'll add these notes to this journal. Otherwise enjoy! Run free! Submit your final designs to the 'events' folder here in the group!
I have no limit on how many designs may be approved at this point in time. =)

Once again, however, all words must be approved by me before you start work on the design however. When you submit a design for approval, I may ask you to tweak things if they seem out of line with the word/concept and/or the species look itself. I'm not a nitpicker though. Really!

I suggest highly the more specific you are, the more chance you'll have of being approved for a design.

Anywho, thanks for participating everyone! =D
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