Make-Your-Own Event #2 - Dead Languages

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NOTE: Word submission closed!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a word, can't wait to see the finished designs!

Greek: lógos:
a word, saying, speech, discourse, thought, proportion, ratio, reckoning, akin to légein to choose, gather, recount, tell over, speak

Salve, omnis! SpeedyDVV here, writing up a nice little MYO event for mewhaku's group :iconparalogosdictionary:. Thing is, she was busy with school and life and I was like 'hey, what if I write up a MYO event for you' kinda jokingly. What I didn't expect is her going 'sure!'. So I began brainstorming. And I quickly came to the conclusion..

What else would linguistic dinosaurs love more than languages that can no longer change? So my thoughts immediately went LATIN MYO.. but in the course of weeks, my mind has slowly gone from 'LATIN YESS' to 'why not all dead languages'?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second round of Make-Your-Own Paralogos, in which today, we focus on.. DEAD LANGUAGES.

Before I began explaining, here's a quick nod towards the ol' Species Reference Guide... You'd do well to focus on it, plenty of variations you can go for but that guide has all the notes you need.

The Designs folder has grown greatly.. not that surprising since I'm that crazy guy with the most Paralogos, heh..

Anyway, let's get to the important part.


  • Rule one is as always: one design per specific word. The current listing is on the spreadsheet located here.

  • The reference guide has a clear view on the difference between abstract and concrete terms. Mew's limiting the number of approved abstract terms. Even for dead languages, terms such as "art" or "love" most likely will not be approved. The broader the idea- the rarer it is, and the more unstable it is too. Mewhaku seems to have plans for those, so they're simply no go.

  • Remember, we need to approve your word before you start designing. And THEN the design must be approved before it becomes official. Mew's keeping track of the owned words on the spreadsheet. TO enter a word, post it on this journal. For NON-MEMBERS: Please submit your word on the journal behind this link.

  • The MYO slots will be opened until like January 31st, 2016. FEBUARY 7th 2016! No new words will be approved after that date. However, this is just word suggestion, designs can take longer.. just not too long. ;)

  • As should be obvious, these event slots cannot be sold or traded.. if you don't want it anymore, just drop a message. The owned term'll be deleted so someone else can eventually snag it. Also, completed designs from this event cannot be sold, without at least discussing it with mewhaku, but the designs can be traded to others- just let us know so that Mew can change the owner in the spreadsheet.

  • Words may be from any DEAD language! They must be only one word however. And since we're dealing with dead languages, there's a tiny difference in rules: you have to find proof the word is legit. I mean, if it's Latin, that's like a 5 sec google job, so I'm not too worried about those- should be fairly easy for you to link to an interglot page.. but if you're a history buff and decide to look into dead US languages like Tillamook or Karankawa.. or worse, languages from outside of english speaking countries, like.. I'unno, A-Pucikwar or Livonian.. yeah, you're gonna need to show us some evidence the word is an actual word. Heck, I needed wikipedia to know these existed.

Anyway, just like Mew, if there's any other questions or if concerns arise while this event is on-going, this journal will be updated.. Otherwise, have fun! Enjoy! Please don't realize I essentially gave you history homework! Submit your final designs to the 'events' folder here in the group!

There should currently be no limit on how many designs may be approved at this point in time. =)

To repeat, though, all words must be approved before you start work on the design. And when you submit a design for approval, it's still probable you'll be asked to tweak things if they seem out of line with the word/concept and/or the species look itself. Mew won't nitpick though, so don't worry.

Try to be specific and find good proof for the language- the more specific and the more convincing your proof, the more chance you'll have of being approved for a design.

I hope we'll get a good participation crowd this time! ;)
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