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AT.- Ginkgo Doll (2/2) by Endriand
Ginkgo Paralogos Animation by @/endriand

The Paralogos group is partially an ARPG (Art Role-Playing Game)
and partially a species-based group (so you can enjoy adopts and share art of 'em!).

This means:
1. You can participate in the ARPG and get items, develop your Paralogos characters, etc, all through group activities and events.
2. If you own a Paralogos character, join up and just share art/writing of 'em when you like! And maybe see some from other owners.

But what you should do first if you want to participate here is make a Library Record.
This allows for the admins and mods to help you keep track of your group progress! Especially if you're participating in the ARPG aspect.

It is basically a log of how many Paralogos you own, 
how much of the group's currency (INK) that you've earned through creating anything Paralogos related... any items you have.
If you don't want to participate in the ARPG, don't worry about it, but know that you'll only earn INK and items when you have one made.

Library Records
Your group record! Please keep it updated.

The Paralogos Masterlist. Update ownership and browse Paralogos here.

[Paralogos] Species Sheet + Guide
The current visual species guide sheet!

The Level System
A guide for understanding Paralogos levels.

MYO Approval Process
How to get your Paralogos Make-Your-Own Slot approved and made official!

Word Claims
A list of currently claimed words that were not made into Paralogos yet.
You can also claim words for yourself here!

Paralogos for Sale
This details Paralogos up for sale currently.

If something new happens, you'll read about it here!

Paralogos Monthly Prompts
Changes once a month! Gives you a theme to draw or write for.

"How to Learn Magic!"
Lore, but also doubles as something you earn for your Paralogos!

Earning Ink
How the INK system works here in the group.

Ink Market
Here you can buy companion and MYO slots with your INK - or even more INK!!

Snapshot Shop
Like the Ink Market, but for redesigns! You can also go here to commission one of our Official Artists to redesign your Paralogos.

Trading Post
Gift INK and items to others here! Also finalize item/art/ink trades here.

Achievement System
Earn achievements to get rewarded with rare or even exclusive items!

Item Database
This is where you can find all of our existing items.

The Chapters - Major Lore Pieces

Chapter 1 - The Level System

Chapter 2 - The World

Chapter 3 - Magic

Chapter 4 - Wicked Paralogos

Chapter 5 - Paralogos Life Cycle

Chapter 6 - Wisdom

Chapter 7 - Bonds

Chapter 8 - Lights and Control

Annexes - Smaller Lore Additions

Annex 1 - Companions/Familiars

Annex 2 - Magical Progression - "How to Learn Magic!"

Annex 3 - Task Hub

Annex 4 - Recent Events

Annex 5 - Caretaker Status

Paralogos - Terms of Service
Make sure you read this!

Beginner Guide
A lighthearted guide that summarized everything one needs to know to start off in this group/species.

Paralogos Preserve
If you want to adopt a Paralogos with INK, here's where you should look!

Official You can Draw My Paralogos! List
Add yours here, or look for a Paralogos to draw from someone else!

Official and Guest Artists [Open Call for Guests]
We'll try to keep this updated as much as possible!

Official Artist Customs
If you're looking for a custom Paralogos, this is the place to go to!

Spotlight Feature
A monthly feature of an especially great member, Paralogos and member-submitted art!

Tutorial: How to draw a Paralogos
If you need a bit of help drawing word-dinos!

[Design Examples] Crests and Fins | Tails | Lights
If you need a bit of help coming up with Paralogos "traits" for your MYO!
Note: Paralogos don't have traits, these are merely examples.

Feedback / Suggestion Box
In case there's anything you want to tell us, anonymously or not!

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