First Event: Gift Art! (With Prize!) (CLOSED)

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Ok! So to spur some group activity-

The first "event" of sorts that ParalogosDictionary will be hosting is "gift art"!

As in, you'll be using the masterlist found here to draw someone else's Paralogos, either with yours or just own their own, to give someone a nice surprise. (All the links to the Paralogos designs are linked on there, or you can just check the group's gallery.)

Why would you do this perhaps? I'll be randomly selecting (using a RNG) from all the people participating one person who will receive their own gift art from me of their Paralogos! (Probably in some type of cute situation.) Or, if someone would rather, a custom Paralogos from me. Up to you!
EDIT: Current non-owner members will most certainly be able to get a custom if they win, and I will throw in an image prize if you are a non-owner as it stands. =)

Really, any sort of art counts, as long as you submit it to the "Events" folder for the time being.

Otherwise I don't have any rules, EDIT2: Ok! So, we only have one entry currently. That makes this not too much of a contest huh?

The single entry of course will get a prize, but I would like to invite at least one other person to enter and also get art from me as a gift. =P We'll extend this till Sep. 12th if that works. If somehow I get more than one more entry, we'll sort that out then.

Feel free to ask any questions! I may or may not also try to do some "gift art" myself for a design I like, considering there are a good amount of MYOs on that list. You are welcome to draw one of my two, but I honestly would love to see other members drawing each other's Paralogos more! =D

EDIT/UPDATE: Ok, so do let me know if you are thinking of entering or not entering-- I need information! =P
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Hey, I give you kudos for entering man, you will get some gift art from me! =P 
please forgive if it takes some time due to grad school stuff
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GRAD SCHOOL!! *shakes fist*
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except instead of giving you like a maybe and it's coming soon

IT'S HERE: Tulip - ParalogosDictionary Gift Art Event
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Thank you for your entry~ =3
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I might just draw everyone something cause I wanna draw something different for once.
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Ok! Up to you moon~ Just let me know if time limit impacts you! 
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Sorry I would have been working on the art but sadly you know hoe life as been. =w=;;
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It is ok! No worries really~ 
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