[Event] Silly Pranks VS Spooky Pranks [CLOSED]

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The Results are In!

Silly Vs Spooky Results by LogosLibrary
Despite an equal amount of members joining the two sides, Team Silly takes the win with more submissions and more ink gained!

Therefore, our Silly Paralogos will be raffled off!
#334 Silly by LogosLibrary
As stated, each submission is a raffle entry, so here are the entries!
Silly Vs Spooky Tickets by LogosLibrary

And let's immediately get to it! The result is...
Silly Vs Spooky RNG by LogosLibrary
#3! So absiste takes the win! Congratulations!

Our Spooky Paralogos friend will be auctioned off in a bit, and let us not forget the ink bonuses!
Everyone on Team Silly takes home a lovely bonus of 15 ,
and of course everyone who submitted 3 or more submissions gets a nice bonus of 10 as well.

Thank you all for participating!

Silly VS Spooky Splashart by LogosLibrary
OH SNAP! THEY ARE READY TO FIGHT!?.. mewhaku and Necromouser sure made it look that way..

Either Paprika and JB or Necro and Curse will hand out this time around...

Ah, it is this time of the year... The time for Paprika to prank everyone to oblivion! Let us begin with a classic..
A bucket of water above the door! Everyone falls for that one!

And there he is, our lovely victim for the evening! Hee hee, he's opening the door.. Ha haa! GOT HIM, LOO..
Wait.. what?! That's not funny at all?! Why are there spiders in the bucket?! That's horrifying! Who would do such a thing?!

What is going on?!

Paprika and JB seem to be having a similar issue. They love this month! The best time to prank everyone, after all..
So why are there spooky, scary pranks occurring? That's not their style. Someone is messing up all their silly pranks.. Wait...

In the distance, it seems like Necro is working on a prank.. and.. Curse is helping him? That's a rare occurrence..
Ah! That's not a fun prank?! That's scary! And.. wait, wasn't that one of JB's pranks?! Are they the ones messing with their silly pranks?!


Silly Pranks VS Spooky Pranks

..Whoa whoa whoa, hang on. This needs to be clear. This isn't gonna be your average little monthly prompt. No, this is an ADVANCED monthly prompt. An EVENTFUL monthly prompt!
Or, y'know, a monthly prompt disguised as an actual event.. Or.. an event disguised as a monthly prompt..? Now there's a prank!
For the sake of achievements, this will count as both a monthly prompt AND an event!

You can only submit pranks for EITHER the Silly pranks side or the Spooky pranks side. Your first submission decides which side you're on.
Choose your side wisely.

Draw or write about your Paralogos performing their own prank! Or perhaps they're helping Paprika and JB set up theirs.. Or they could be helping Necro and Curse with theirs.
Pranking other Paralogos or caretakers is THE thing to do during this month, after all.. Best they just be silly and fun, right?.. Or, you could make spooky, scary pranks..
Of course, your Paralogos could just be considering pranking, or being afraid they're going to be pranked, or... Ah, well. Like always: It is up to you!

It doesn't happen often, but it seems Ginkgo is unavailable for this prompt. Instead, you can include Paprika or Jellybean...
Unless you prefer spooky pranks. Then it is better to draw Necromancer or Curse if you'd like/don't own a Paralogos.

You can also ask a user if you can draw their Paras, but they must be stopping by your own library, not theirs.
You also need the other user's permission first- unless they've posted their Paralogos on this list.

This event / prompt has multiple requirements:
• You will need a Library Record to participate!
• Your deviations MUST include [Silly] or [Spooky] in the deviation title.
• You are not allowed to make prompt submissions for the other side.
• You are allowed to collaborate, but note the following:
○ You can only collaborate with members on your side.
○ A collaboration will count as one (1) submission for your respective side.

You can submit up to 5 deviations to the Prompt folder this prompt.
In addition to any normal Ink gains, you will also receive +5 extra per deviation submitted.
Note that the amount of submissions and extra ink gained is altered this prompt. You can have more submissions, but for less ink.

There will be a winning side and a losing side.

The winner will be decided based on three factors:
► Amount of users contributing to one side.
► Amount of submissions made to one side.
► Amount of ink gained on one side. (Not counting bonus ink.)
Simply put, the side which has the highest count on most of these factors wins.

Everyone on the winning side will receive an additional +15 .
Those who have submitted 3 or more submissions will receive another +10 , even on the losing side.
These rewards will be given out at the conclusion of the event.

Considering the scope of this monthly prompt, please note that rewards may take more time than usual.
It is highly likely that final bonuses will be slightly delayed as a result as well..

But wait! That's not all!

We're also releasing two level 4 Paralogos, namely Silly and Spooky!
#334 Silly by LogosLibrary#333 Spooky by LogosLibrary

The winning side will get their side-specific Paralogos raffled off- each submission is a raffle entry!
The losing side's Paralogos will be auctioned off after the event has ended.

When you're ready, please submit to the Prompts Folder- no, the Event Folder!
Be sure to add links to the Logoslibrary entries of the Paralogos involved.

Have fun!
This runs until the end of October 31st (11:59pm EST).

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Congratulations absiste!

You have won the raffle, Silly goes home with you!
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I've allowed the spirit of chaos into my house

Then again given some of my cats I already have

Thank you!!