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The Rogues Have Been Convinced!

All three Rogues have been convinced to change their ways. Great work everybody!
They are very grateful for everyone's interest and insights and therefore decided to hand valuable symbolic gifts to those who helped them:
Rogue Memento by LogosLibrary
This memento serves as an identifier for Paralogos who are welcome in their secret rogue town.
If you show this to one of their scouts, you will be lead to their town - no questions asked.

Therefore they ask you to hold onto it with your life.
Who knows what would happen if one of these were to fall into the enemy's hands?
If you are ready for this responsibility and honor, reply here to claim your memento!

Functionally this just means that we advice against trading the memento away, for reasons.
This item has purely lore-related functionality and might become relevant in future events.
For now, owning this memento allows you to have Paralogos of yours live in the rogue town that was discovered/described via this event.

Note: To claim a memento, you need to have had at least one (1) interaction with any rogue!

RP Paprika by LogosLibrary

Paprika is curious as to what everyone thinks! What did your Paralogos discover about the rogues?
Or maybe your Paralogos want to know what happened on Paprika's journey?
Paprika also definitely expected he'd maybe need to step in and be the link between everyone and the rogues, but it seemed completely unnecessary, so by all means tell us what's what!..
You did convince them to stop stealing books, right?

Since the rogues were convinced before the event ended, Paprika stepped up to hold conversations with those who are still in a talking mood.
While Paprika doesn't have to be convinced, conversation with him can still count for the monthly prompt bonus.

[reply here to interact]

RP splashart by LogosLibrary

News about Paprika's return, and the group of Paralogos he had returned with, had spread around fairly quickly. Paprika himself was found retelling his grand adventure..

"It had been weeks since I had ventured into the wilds, I had gone through almost all my rations, I held the few bell peppers I had left close to myself..
I searched through dense foliage and surprisingly wild nature, until I suddenly stumbled upon a clearing. A small river was nearby, so I decided to clean myself up a bit, until I heard a noise.."

He paused for emphasis, looking around at the faces of everyone..

"And there I was, surrounded by- Oh, hey there. I was just telling everyone here about my adventures from when I was trailing the Paralogos who were behind the burglary..
You're looking for them? They're over there.. Honestly, I don't know if they intend on staying much longer.. or if they'll even change their ways..
I managed to get them a bit curious and convinced them to come with me, but it wasn't easy.. Maybe you can do something to help?"

As it turns out, Paprika was gone all this time to investigate a trail of clues left behind by the book thieves.
And he was successful in finding the culprits!
He discovered a a small town exclusively populated by Rogue Paralogos who had started to steal books from near human cities to build their own library.

Now, no matter how much sympathy or understanding one might have for their situation, their actions are still causing permanent damage and panic in our city and have to be stopped.
Therefore, Paprika found out their three most influential members and convinced them to listen to what other Paralogos have to say to them.

This is where you come in!
Please help Paprika and talk some sense into them - in whatever way you see fit.

Welcome to our first ever RP (roleplaying) event!
You will be able to interact with any of the three Rogues as one of your own Paralogos to try and persuade them to stop stealing books.

How does this work?

Once every two days, you can post one (1) reply to any of the three Rogues to interact with them.

Both you and the Rogue will gain (or rarely lose) Persuasion Points (PP), based on how convincing and/or enjoyable that interaction was for that Rogue.
Your goal is to collectively get each Rogue to 60 PP.
(meaning that each Rogue has a single Persuasion Status that every event participant contributes to via interactions - you'll have to work together!)

The Rogue's Persuasion Status and all participants PP balances can be seen on this spreadsheet.

Each Rogue has their own personality, background, goals, hopes and fears.
Talk to them and ask them questions to figure out who they are and what they want to successfully persuade them!

Event Rewards

When a Rogue gets to 60 PP they are convinced and listen to what they've been recommended.
Functionally this means that everyone who earned PP for this Rogue will be entered into a raffle to gain their ownership.
Their owner can then decide the Rogue's next steps.

Furthermore, if all three Rogues get to 60 PP there will be a bonus reward for every participant!

Requirements to Join the Event

1) You will need to be a member of the group and have a Library Record.
2) You will have to own at least one (1) Paralogos to roleplay as.

This event runs until the end of February 29th (11:59pm EST).

The Three Rogues

#374 Cyanide by LogosLibrary


[reply here to interact]

(This Rogue has been convinced!)

#375 Sagax by LogosLibrary


[reply here to interact]

(This Rogue has been convinced!)

#376 Guerrilla Warfare by LogosLibrary

Guerrilla (Warfare)

[reply here to interact]

(This Rogue has been convinced!)

Bonus Information / Answered Questions

There are four (4) different ways an interaction can go:
[+3 PP] Great! The Rogue enjoyed your company and/or found your insight helpful.
[+1 PP] Good. The Rogue appreciates your efforts.
[+0 PP] Inconsequential. The Rogue does not feel like they gained or lost anything from this interaction.
[-2 PP] Bad idea. The Rogue feels offended or not taken serious.
Note: Every member can only get a maximum of one [-2 PP] in the course of the event!

Can we continue conversations/interactions with Rogues after getting a reply or do we have to start a new interaction every time?
When a Rogue has replied to you, you can totally reply to them to continue the interaction on the next day!
Feel free to make one long interaction thread if you'd like!
However, please note that every reply will count as your one (1) interaction, no matter whether it starts a new interaction or continues an existing one.

Do we have to choose one (1) Paralogos to RP with the entire event or can we use multiple?
You can use multiple!
Just note that you only have one (1) interaction every two day - meaning that you could use Paralogos A on day 1 and Paralogos B on day 3, but not both Paralogos A and B on day 1.

(NEW) When will I get a reply? / Do I have to wait for a reply even if the 48h are over?
We admins do our best to reply in the course of 48h, but since we're only human we can't and won't promise that.
Therefore, if you don't have a reply after 48h we encourage you to start a new thread or continue one with a reply.
You don't have to wait for a reply to be allowed to write your next interaction/reply.

Do we have to draw dialog headshots like the ones the Rogues have?
No! While we encourage it, it is absolutely 100% optional.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of words for the interactions?
There is no minimum word count - if you'd like to just smile at a Rogue, you can do that.
As for maximum: We'd appreciate it if you could try to stay below 200 words per comment to not overwhelm the Rogues
(read: the admin)

I have a question that wasn't answered here!
In that case, feel free to leave a question here or ask us on our public discord server!

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Rogue Memento by LogosLibrary
Reply here to claim your Rogue Memento!
Please make sure to link to your Library Record. Only members who interacted with any rogue at least once (1) can claim this item!
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Library Record: Kinbrmon
Had a blast! I look forward to the next one! ^^
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Library record: bio-zuzu
thank you so much! the event was so much fun!
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Library Record #49
I'm happy to see the lovely rogues find some good homes 
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Library Record: hannahbonn
Thank you, I really enjoyed this event! <33
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Library Record: Calliopius

Thank you so much for hosting this absolutely delightful event, I had a lot of fun!!
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Paralogos Library Record: dessieh

This event was lost of fun! Thank you for your hard work <33
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Thank you for this event, I had so much fun! <:
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Thank you so much for this event, I had an absolute Blast!!!!
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Thank you for a wonderful event!!
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