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Distressed Libra by LogosLibrary

Oh dear friend, it is so good to see you on this awful morning!
I went to open my bookshop as usual, just to find my storefront in a state of dismay: broken windows, books scattered across the ground and- Oh, woe is me!
I'm certain the perpetrator stole at least some of my books, seeing how there were loose pages spotted a block down east.

Could you please be so kind and help me collect them while I do my best to assess the state of my inventory?
I'll make sure to inform you when I have more intel!

Update! : I finally finished tracking my entire inventory and assessing the damage!
We now know with absolute certainty that the perpetrator stole these three books:

The Three Stolen Books by LogosLibrary
If these - and all my precious lost pages - are returned to me I promise you, I will hand these books to whoever helped me!
Please- I just want normalcy and routine to return to my life... and for those pesky blanks to stop circling my vulnerable shop...

A break-in at Libra's library?! Books stolen and damaged?! This is awful! Unfortunately, it seems the perpetrators have already managed to get away.. Poor Libra..

But.. there might be a way to help! Some of the damaged books seem to simply have pages torn out. By the look of how the pages were torn, it seems there was an intention to keep them as intact as possible... We have also received reports of paper flying in the wind, and if those papers are in fact the missing pages, they could've ended up anywhere.. Which is where you come in. Please, help us find these pages!

Welcome one and all to the Paralogos Dictionary's first ever scavenger hunt!

As always, you need to be a member of the group to participate.
If you are not already a member, please join the group and make a Library Record to be able to officially participate.

Then, the first step! Find the pages..
They're hidden throughout the group (ParalogosDictionary) and the masterlist (LogosLibrary)!
You can ignore our newly added LogosAssistant, as well as the personal accounts of our staff members- no pages have found their way there.
Non-NPC masterlist entries as well as the stash item database are exempt too.
Plus, no page has made it's way off of DeviantArt either, so no need to scour our Discord server or search on other websites for Paralogos..

The pages are only hidden on official content - so not on personal art - and not on adopts either.
The hiding spots were picked in a way that the visibility of the pages will not change in the duration of the event.

You can find a total of 15 pages - 5 in green, 5 in red and 5 in yellow.
Para Page Collection by LogosLibrary

I've found one!.. What now?
Simply click on the page you found and comment on its stash with a link to your Library Record!
At the end of the event an admin will go over the comments and log your found pages for you.

Note: Please don't share the locations or any clues with other members as to not ruin the fun for anyone!

What are these pages good for, actually??
Why, you'd be providing a service to Libra, of course.
And as a thank you of sorts, Libra decided to give back to whoever helps her out:

Everyone who manages to find at least 3 of the 5 missing pages of one color will be entered in a raffle for the related book!
Since there's already blank slates close to the shop she is positive that finding a suitable Paralogos to go with it will not take long.
Functionally this means that there are already three (3) Paralogos designs that fit to the books - they will be revealed after the winners have been drawn.

You'll get one ticket for finding 3 pages, two tickets for finding 4 pages and three tickets for finding all 5 pages.
There will be a raffle for each of the three books/colors (green/red/yellow) and you can theoretically join all three!

This event runs until the end of November 30th (11:59pm EST).

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