Chapter 1 - The Level System

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Paralogos, as creatures themselves, are the most complex form of life - on our world at least.
We -as simple human beings- do not know much about them. In fact, we know much less about them than they know about us!

The only thing we understand for certain is that individuals seem to "claim" exactly one term, which guides their development, both externally and internally.
These terms seem to be not limited to any one certain language.
There is reason to believe that before that point, these creatures can be called tabula rasa, blank slates.
This shall be our starting point from which we'll start to explore and understand the Paralogos in their entirety, if our work is done well.

Perhaps the best way to attempt this project is to attempt to categorize the many forms these creatures seem to display.  
As their most unique feature is their chosen word, we've decided to classify them through considering the respective "concreteness" of the term.
The highest levels of this system relate to what we would call "abstract" terms.
We've divided them into six groups, which we shall call "levels".

Level 1 - Non-Living
Every Paralogos who is associated with a non-living object such as Stones, Food, or just other items in general, is called a "Level 1 Paralogos".
Those are the most common words, and also the most common kind of Paralogos. They are also the most concrete words.
F.e.: Cupcake, Opal, Petroleum

Level 2 - Alive but without Intellect
This level encloses all kinds of plants or organisms who are neither considered objects nor animals.
Put another way- is that these words tend to be based on living things lacking a full form of sentience, the ability to feel, perceive, or experience.
F.e.: Ginkgo, Paprika, Yeast

Level 3 - Alive with Intellect
This level encloses every word that describes a living being which possesses a form of sentience. This includes both animals and humans.
There is no delineation between levels of sentience or sapience with this category. (Sapience relating more to a kind of wisdom, or ability to act.)
"Human" words can be sometimes considered "jobs", such as the word "thief".
F.e.: Reindeer, Pegasus, Vampire

Level 4 - Actions & States of Being
This level encloses words which describe how, when, or what to do or be - meaning all verbs and adjectives are part of this level.
Paralogos which center themselves around terms such as this may also find themselves drawn to the related action, skill or state.
F.e.: Hiking, Small, Happy

Level 5 - Experienceable but not Palpable
This level encloses terms describing impressions and events, as well as anything non-palpable which does not fit into any other level.
Palpability simply relates to the ability to "touch" something, or be able to grasp it. Effectively, anything abstract is not palpable.
F.e.: Thunderstorm, Silence, Halloween

Level 6 - Concept of Mind
This level encloses terms which are only the results of thought and/or only exist as a result of human creation, or imagination.
This includes feelings, morals, phobias and mental states as well as ways of thinking.
While these words tend to be common in daily speech-- these Paralogos are supposedly the hardest to take shape.
They may also seem to sometimes be in a state of flux, or change. This is the highest level of abstract concepts.
F.e.: Nytophilia, Justice, Happiness

(To find out the level of a word, feel free to reply to this comment.)

The Level System by SpeedyDVV

This is a more explanatory system than the generalized two categories of concrete and abstract terms.
You can think of the levels 3 and 4 being the middle point where words shift from concrete terms to more abstract ones.
Concrete Paralogos will indeed find themselves belonging to levels 1 to 3, while abstract Paralogos belong to level 4 to 6.

Moving forward in our discussions, this basic system of levels will aid us in future chapters of understanding these creatures.

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LogosLibrary's avatar
Please reply here for an admin to give you the level of any word!
We will make sure to reply as promptly as we can and are happy to discuss why a word is or isn’t a certain level.
Scarletwind-Shade's avatar
Hi, what lvl would Instinct be? I was hoping for lvl 6, since it's a product of the mind.
Also Infinity.
LogosLibrary's avatar
They would both be level 6!
However, "Infinity" would have to be a Wicked since the word is too powerful.
Scarletwind-Shade's avatar
Oh, I didn't consider that. Thanks for the lvls. Can I also quickly get the lvl of Camouflage and Defeat?
Would Entropy also have to be wicked? (sorry for so many words xD)
LogosLibrary's avatar
Entropy would indeed be wicked!
Defeat as a noun would be level 6, or as a verb level 4.
Camouflage on the other hand is a bit tricky because there are several different meanings - could you give us the specific definition you're thinking of?
Scarletwind-Shade's avatar
Alright thank you!
I meant natural camouflage: the unique natural coloring or form of an animal which enables it to blend into its surroundings
LogosLibrary's avatar
Okay, that would be level 5 then! We'd format it as: Camouflage (Natural)
Scarletwind-Shade's avatar
Thanks for you help :D
PhoenixFromTheFire's avatar
Out of curiosity, what level would the word tardigrade be?
LogosLibrary's avatar
that's be level 3!
Amanmir's avatar
Hi again! Was wondering, would dysphoria have to be wicked or can it be lvl 6? Or would this word not be allowed altogether?
LogosLibrary's avatar
This word wouldn't be allowed, sorry!
Amanmir's avatar
Alright thanks!
Amanmir's avatar
Hai! I was wondering about the word Black Hole? Since Star is lvl 1 - and Black Hole is just another state of the star - but things like Aurora Borealis or Blood Moon are lvl 5. Thanks!
LogosLibrary's avatar
Black Hole would be level 5.
However! This word is too powerful to be used for a regular Paralogos, meaning it'd result in a Wicked.
Amanmir's avatar
Alright thanks! (i wanted to make it a wicked anyway, just wanted to make sure what lvl it would be)
Scarletwind-Shade's avatar
What level would Vengeance or Revenge be?
LogosLibrary's avatar
If you're talking about them as nouns they'd both be level 5. 
However, "revenge" as a verb or "to take vengeance" would be level 4.
Amanmir's avatar
Hi! What level would Pride be? 
LogosLibrary's avatar
Pride would be level 6!
Amanmir's avatar
fffafnir's avatar
Under which level would "grawlix" fall?
LogosLibrary's avatar
That would be level 1!
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