[CLOSED] MYO Contest Paralogos + Friends

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Rot - Event Manager by LogosLibrary
"Hey there, great timing!!
We just finished our preparations for a new and improved Make Your Own event.
And by the looks of it, it might be just the right event for you!
Come on in, I'll run over the details for you~"

This time we'll be focusing on Paralogos with Companions, meaning you get to design a Paralogos plus a fitting companion.
So we will be judging both the creativity of the Paralogos design as well as how well the companion fits to this Paralogos.

0) You need to be a member of the group to participate.

And if you win your design-- in order to be awarded the design officially,
you must make a Library Record to officially participate in the group with said design.

1) Pick a Level 1-3 word to work with.

The level descriptions are here.
It cannot be a word already used-- check LogosLibrary and the Word Claims to make sure your choice hasn't already been made/claimed!
Please ask us about the banned word list if you're worried about a word being approved. Just note the group.

If you want to make sure your word doesn't get claimed for the duration of this contest, reply here.

2) Design the Paralogos and Companion.

Paralogos Dos and Don'ts can be found here and notes on companions here.
You are allowed to use any companion rarity as long as it makes sense for the word!

Note: You may only submit 1 Paralogos + Companion design, so make it count!

3) Submit it to the Current Event - Paralogos and Friends folder in the group.

As long as your Paralogos doesn't have any design issues or concerns, it will be accepted into the folder.

Any entries not submitted to the folder by the due date will not be considered for judging.
Please be able to provide a transparent fullbody of both the Paralogos and the companion for masterlist purposes after the contest is over.

4) The due date is April 19th. - 11:59pm EST.

After that date, entries will be closed, and the admins will judge which designs should be made official.
The more entries we have, the more winners there will be!
There'll be one winner for every 5 entries, meaning: 5 entries = 1 winner || 10 entries = 2 winners || etc.


The winner(s) will have their Paralogos plus companion made official for free!

There are also art prizes to be won:

1st Place:
1 shaded fullbody from tamingofthesandshrew
1 shaded fullbody from mewhaku

2nd Place:
[not unlocked yet!]

3rd Place:
[not unlocked yet!]


Other Participants

If your design didn't win, you can make it official for a discounted price!

Level 1: 40 Ink by LogosLibrary / 200 :points:
Level 2: 50 Ink by LogosLibrary / 250 :points:
Level 3: 60 Ink by LogosLibrary / 300 :points:

The companion will be made official for free when the Paralogos is made official.

Happy Creating, Paralogos Library Owners!

© 2019 - 2021 ParalogosDictionary
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Closed for Judging! We'll get the results sorted soon~
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If you want to make sure your word doesn't get claimed for the duration of this contest, reply to this comment with the following form filled out:

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Word: Fishbowl
Level: 1
Language: English
Meaning: a round glass bowl intended for keeping pet fish in.

thank you! Also, if I decide to change I want to change my word later, is that allowed?
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Confirmed! Good luck c:

And yes! You can comment here again & mention you'd like to change your word claim. 
Or you can just go with a different word without changing your claim. Though then you'd of course have to make sure the word is fine to use!
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Word: Valravn
Level: 3
Language: Danish
Meaning: "In Danish folklore, a valravn (Danish "raven of the slain") is a supernatural raven. The ravens appear in traditional Danish folksongs, where they are described as originating from ravens who eat the bodies of the dead on the battlefield ... and, alternately, as half-wolf and half-raven creatures."
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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Word: Ratel
Level: 3
Language: Afrikaans
Meaning: "a badger-like mammal with a white or gray back and black underparts, native to Africa and Asia"
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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Word: African wild dog
Level: 3
Language: English
Meaning: "a powerful canid (Lycaon pictus) that has a mottled coat of black, white, and reddish yellow, lives and hunts in packs, and was formerly common in sub-Saharan Africa but is now restricted to small populations in southern and eastern Africa"
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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Word: Blacksmith
Level: 3
Language: English
Meaning: "A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths produce objects such as gates, grilles, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils and weapons."
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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Word: Oni
Level: 3
Language: Japanese
Meaning: "Oni ( 鬼 ) are a kind of yōkai, supernatural demon, devils, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red or blue-colored (green-colored), wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron clubs." 
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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Word: Sargassum muticum
Level: 2
Language: New Latin
Meaning: A large, fast-growing brown alga, also known as Japanese Wireweed or simply Sargassum. Its small, round floats allow pieces that break off from the main body to survive and disperse, sometimes forming massive floating seaweed rafts in the open ocean that are home to many types of fish and marine invertebrates. It's native to Japan, but is now a widespread invasive species.
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Confirmed! Good luck c:
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