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"Aight! You got me! I'm interested in Paralogos and I want my own!.. but.. how should I go and do this..?"

Is this you? Is this what you're thinking about? Well, buddy, pal, chum, friendo, allow us to give you a few headers to get ahead on this wonderful world of Lingua.

Let's start from the beginning. Library Records. You're gonna need one.

Bureaucratic nonsense? Well.. kinda? But it's to help us do a good job. It's where you keep track of the Paralogos you got, of the INK you'll undoubtedly earn.. We'll get back to you on that one. Regardless, it's important so that there's no doubt about what is rightfully yours. So get to copying this template here and follow the steps on this journal.

Just a headsup? If you got CORE and want to throw things around, that's totally fine and up to you. Some of our members already did their own thing. The matter of fact is that it should at least be identifiable enough and have all the information from the template.

Okay, so we got that empty record, you left a comment on the Library Records page linking to it and asking for a record number... I hope? If not, please do so and update your record soon as you got that number.. You'll probably be asked to also submit it to the Library Records gallery folder.. But yeah, after all that.. Now you're probably wondering where to GET a Paralogos.

Well, the easiest step is to just head on over to the Paralogos for Sale journal. There's plenty of 'em in there for fairly cheap and we do our best to keep it up to date.

Ah, but we're hearing ya- you can't afford one, right? No points left.. Or you simply don't have a PayPal account to pay with.. It happens. Fortunately, there are other ways to get your own Paralogos, even if it might be a bit more work.

We hold raffles every now and then where you can get a free Paralogos. It definitely requires a bit of luck, and it's not a guarantee. You could also check the Selling, Trading and Other Journals section in the gallery. There's people who might be willing to trade for or give away a Paralogos.

But.. your best bet to get your own Paralogos is probably making artwork or writing stories to gain you some INK. If you do any of the monthly prompts, it's even with a bonus on top. Ah yes, INK... We bet you're now even more curious, and you've likely seen the tiny Ink by LogosLibrary image in the sales list too. Those Paralogos are actually from the Paralogos Preserve, where we attempt to re-home Paralogos.. But, right, INK, let's get to it.

INK, or Ink by LogosLibrary, is the primary currency for the Paralogos Dictionary. Drawing or writing seems to be the best course of action for Earning Ink. With that INK, you can buy things over at the Ink Market. And guess what's an option there? MYO books. MYO stands for Make-Your-Own. Having a book means you can design your own Paralogos and keep it for yourself!

There's a process to it, though- We'd suggest you read up on the MYO Approval Process. Yep! It's more bureaucratic stuff, but it's all to keep things running properly. ^^;

Now then, assuming you followed the process, claimed a word and got the approval, it's time to get to designing. For that, we have a Species Sheet and Guide. There's even a tutorial on how to draw a Paralogos. You can always ask the help of an Official Artist for your custom Paralogos, but that is very likely to cost you.

Of course, you're always free to join our Discord server, if you want help or just got questions.. or want to hang out with the community!

So, that's that then. You got your Library record, your own Paralogos.. What next? Well, the events and prompts are always something to go with, but in the end, your Paralogos is your Paralogos. We can't really tell you what to do with a new character. It's up to you to define who they are, what they do.

If you want more to do, there's always teaching your paralogos magic or developing your paralogos's wisdom.. the aforementioned Monthly Prompts.. Or check if you've gotten any new achievements..? Or perhaps read up on the lore? If anything, you could easily check the Group Link Directory for anything relating to Paralogos.

We hope you have a great time. :)

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