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Whenever something new gets implemented in this group or we just want to tell everyone about something special, we will announce it here!

Greetings everyone!
We're here today with a big & important announcement:
Paralogos now has a companion website: !

Like several other Closed Species groups, we too have decided to move our ARPG functions over to a lorekeeper-based website.
Don't worry, this group will stay on deviantart!
We are just moving our ARPG functions (shops, trades, Ink rewards, prompts, etc) over to a place where we are in control of the formatting and coding of our pages.

What does this mean for you?

1) If you want to continue using any ARPG functions at all, you will have to make an account on our website and reply here to transfer your Ink, items and achievements to your website account.

2) The masterlist is currently in the process of being moved over to the website, so there might be delays in masterlist-related procedures.
- You are not required to have a website account to be able to own a Paralogos - the masterlist entries will link to the deviantart account of the character's owner until that owner makes an account.
- We'll put up a journal on LogosLibrary in the following days that allows you to transfer Paralogos ownership if you don't have a website account.

3) Pending comments/notes/etc will still be processed via the old systems. However, we ask you to use the new procedures from now on.
Features that are currently unavailable via the website (anything related to the masterlist, including new Caretaker submissions) will for now continue to be usable via the old systems - though we encourage you to wait until they become available.

4) Many functions (such as shops and ink/item transfers) will now be automated, meaning you will be able to enjoy them with little to no delay!

For a full list of all group function changes, please read this guide.

We know this is a lot to take in at once and we hope you understand that we couldn't announce this sooner since Eclipse put us all on such a tight schedule.
If you have any questions at all, please feel more than free to ask them here or on our discord server!

Thank you so much for your understanding!
-The Paralogos Admin Team

Greetings everyone!
Like many other groups on DeviantArt, the Paralogos group will be negatively impacted by the Eclipse "update" coming on May 20th.
Ever since the news dropped we've been diligently working on ensuring that our group will continue to function on the new dA.
There might be delays and unforeseeable issues following May 20th, so we'd like to ask for your patience and understanding in advance.
That being said, we 100% intend on keeping Paralogos on DeviantArt.

Since Eclipse will be removing Stash Writer, we ask every member who currently has their Library Record in stash to please remake it as a dA journal before the 20th!
You'll then have to comment on the Library Record journal with a link to both your old stash library record and your new dA journal library record.
An admin will then transfer your ink, items and achievements over to your new record.
NOTE: Please don't submit your stash library record directly to dA - doing that would delete all comments and therefore delete proof of all of your items, ink and achievements!

Additionally, we as the Paralogos admin team support the Sound of Silence movement.
Because of this, we are releasing all content that was scheduled for the 1st today and will delay everything else until the 4th of May.

Here's a quick rundown:
April Monthly Prompt: The current Prompt (Fool's Memes) will stay open as planned until tonight 11:59pm EST.
May Monthly Prompt: The upcoming Monthly Prompt can be viewed here. It will be properly uploaded to dA on the 4th.
This way you can already start working on your entries while not visiting dA itself, if you intend on joining the protest. We encourage for entries to be submitted on May 4th or after.

New Chapter: A new chapter (Chapter 8 - Lights and Control) has been released today! It can also be viewed as a google doc for the time being.
Group Functions: All on-site group functions have a high likelihood of experiencing delays until the 4th. We ask for your understanding.
Answering Questions: We admins will still be highly active on our discord server! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask your question there =)

Thank you so much for your understanding!
-The Paralogos Admin Team

Hi, it's us again!
Sorry for the influx in announcement these past few days - today's tweaks were meant to be announced alongside the MYO rule changes on 4/14.
It appears even we admins are a bit scattered with all the real life stuff happening - we apologize for that! Hopefully we can all return to normal soon-ish...

That being said: We want to make sure that Ink and Magic/Wisdom rewards feel equally fair for everyone, so we're adjusting/adding these two rules:
(1) The pixelart dimensions of "100x100 or less" now refer to the size of the drawn Paralogos in question, not the canvas size. (see Earning Ink)
(2) Magic and Wisdom entries won't be accepted if they fall into the in (1) defined "pixelart" category.

Again, thank you so much for your understanding.
And if there's any questions, please feel free to ask anytime!

Today is mewhaku's birthday! Woo!
To celebrate this, we're adding a fun new birthday feature to this group~

On the first day of each month, everyone whose birthday falls into that months gets one (1) simple loot bag as a birthday present and gets displayed on the front page!
To sign up for these free rewards, head over to the Spotlight Feature Journal.
If you were born in the months January through April you'll even retrospectively earn a loot bag for 2020!

We hope you enjoy this new feature! =)

We're back again a day later with two very quick rule adjustments!

1) From now on, only the MYO owner is allowed upload the myo submission.
If another user has designed a MYO for you you'll either have to upload their artwork to your account (with permission) or create your own artwork of the design for the MYO submission.
This situation has previous caused confusion since we didn't have a clear ruling for it. With this new rule we're hoping to improve clarity.

2) You can only earn the tier 1 magic bonus ink if you've created the submitted artwork.
The situation where a MYO design that has been designed and drawn by another user was used to earn tier 1 magic is a rather new one and therefore we hadn't noticed that people were mistakenly earning bonus ink.
The bonus ink was always meant to only be earnable for those who worked for their magic progression. This rule change is mainly a rectified implementation.

That's all for this update! Thank you for understanding =)

Hey everyone!
First of all, a big thank you to everyone who sent in a GA application in our recent GA opening!
We were blown away by how many of you were interested and choosing just three artists was really difficult - there were so many great ideas!

In the end we settled on these three:
Auriole, stareorini and RainEterni
You can look forward to seeing their adopts in the following weeks to months!

As for those who haven't been picked:
We see you! If you've given us the option to reach out to you later down the line, there's a good chance we might just do that!
We also intend on keeping the google form open - it can now be found on our Official and Guest Artists journal.

As mentioned in the past update, today is the launch day of our balance update!
We are happy to announce that we changed exactly what was planned to be changed, but also went ahead and did some small quality of life adjustments while we were on it~

1) Level System - We did some clarification tweaks to the phrasing and examples on the journal. Additionally, we added a comment where you can reply to find out the level of any word! We hope this helps anyone who might be unsure about a level but would like to avoid having to dm an admin or note the group.

2) Word Claims - We decided to streamline the expiration process by rounding up all expiration dates to the first day of the following month (f.e. a claim made on April 20th will now expire on August 1st). This will give you more time for your claims and we admins will only have to make at most one expiration comment per month. Win-Win!

3) Alternate Universe Art - AU art now only goes into one main gallery folder (instead of one out of three) & will give you ink rewards no matter the setting! Drawn Paralogos give regular rewards and rewards for Paralogos drawn as humanoids get calculated via the new Caretaker ink bonus numbers.

Apart from the balance updates and QoL improvements above, we also have new info on Bonds (Chapter 7: Bonds) for you.
Alongside that, we implemented a system to register Caretakers (Annex 5: Caretaker Status).
We also revealed the designs and winners of the Page Panic event:
[Reveal] Page Panic - Revealed Raffle Designs by Necromouser

As for the investigative efforts re: the book thievery, unfortunately none of you have guessed what happened.
Therefore, the next part of the storyline can be found on the new monthly prompt - I wonder what will happen next!

We know this is a lot to take in, so please know that none of these updates require your attention and you can check them out whenever you feel like it! =)
In fact, most of these changes are passive and/or automatically applied!

Hello everyone !
We're back with a new announcement to bring you the news of our upcoming big balance update!
Back when we first designed several of our features we were working with close to no activity so we gave them unreasonably big rewards to increase incentives.
Now that there's quite a few of you who are gaining these big bonuses (which is awesome to see!!) we're noticing they're sadly throwing off our ink economy significantly.
That's why we're going to turn them down a bit on December 1st - together with several other smaller tweaks to the balance.
We're giving you this big of a heads-up so you have time to follow through with your imminent plans - we don't want to cause a panic after all!

Here's a general list of what we intend to tweak (this is potentially subject to change):
- Magic & Wisdom rewards will be set to the same flat bonus of 10 INK
(lower for magic, higher for wisdom)

- Monthly Prompt: rewards & bonuses will be set to 5 INK each
- we are increasing/adding rewards for literature, companions and caretakers
( ! )

- we are decreasing rewards for small pixelart  
(100x100 and smaller)

- we will slightly raise the prices for level 2-4 myo books to even differences  
(1, 5 & 6 will stay the same!)

- OA customs/redesigns/snapshots will get a slightly higher, more fair price
(prices will increase by around $5)

We promise the changes are not going to be too extreme - just tweaks to make sure all features of the group continue to be fun and engaging! = )
And as always: If there are any questions, feel free to ask us wherever & whenever!

Greetings everyone!
We're unbelievably happy to see you all enjoy our group/species, create more and more Paralogos and actively use our fun features!!
With all this activity though it's getting progressively more difficult for our very hardworking Library Assistants to be able to recognize every Paralogos to find out their owners.
(which is necessary to give accurate amounts of ink)

Therefore we'd like to ask you all to clearly state in ALL future submissions (in the description):
1) which Paralogos (and companions) are featured in your art or writing
2) who those Paralogos (and companions) in your art or writing belong to
3) the reason for drawing/writing about them (personal art/trade/gift)
You can easily combine 1) and 2) by linking the featured Paralogos' masterlist entries!

While stating these details will be optional, not stating them will result in our Library Assistants assuming against your benefit in the case of uncertainty.
So if you want to get the most out of your art, please make sure to write clear descriptions! Thank you = )

On another note, we decided to officialize a rule we've been irregular with:
All companions need a separate image for the masterlist.
Currently there are a good chunk of Paralogos who only have their companion in their masterlist image, but don't have a separate companion entry in their description.
We want this to stop happening so that in case that Paralogos gets a new image (snapshot/redesign) the owner isn't forced to also get a new companion image.

If you currently own a Paralogos who doesn't have their companion in their masterlist entry description, feel free to note the group with a separate image of that companion and we'll add it for free!
It doesn't matter whether this image is from the original paralogos image or a newly made one - any flat-colored image of the companion with a transparent background will do!

Furthermore, we will continue to allow Paralogos to have companions in their masterlist image - though it's the responsibility of the owner to update this image in case the companion gets a redesign.
When you redesign a companion who's on the Paralogos' masterlist image, you will have 2 options:
1) If you have a version of the current artwork without the companion, you can send that in with the companion redesign & we'll update it for free.
2) If you don't have that, you will have to also buy a snapshot for the Paralogos and provide a new image of the Paralogos (either with or without the companion).


That's all for today!
Again, thank you all so much for enjoying our dino nerds = )
And if there's any kind of questions, feel free to ask here in the comments, on the public discord or via group notes!

Hello all! We had a lovely response to our Staff Call journal we put up awhile ago, and we are happy to say we filled our need for 2 additional Library Assistants and 2 additional Official Artists.
We are so thankful for all of the applications, and if you didn't make it in this time- don't fret, as we will open the call again when need permits.
Now, we would like to welcome aboard:

Library Assistants
Shrike (Arquerite) & Deyan (Calliopius)

Official Artists
Prompto (PromptoBeans) & Sophia (Shadonut)

As we get them settled into helping out, give them a hello if you see them around responding to comments / Library Records and posting up art!
We will also be having two Guest Artists post up sets coming from part of the application process- we hope you will enjoy their work as well. =)

It is also at this time that we would like to mention our older round of staff as well, now that we've clarified roles.

President (Group Owner) - mewhaku
Vice-President (Co-Owner) - Necromouser
Directors (Leaders of the Library Assistants and Official Artists respectively) - SpeedyDVV and tamingofthesandshrew
Official Artist - EmeraldandBronze

At this time, aquilala has been busy offline with life commitments, and is no longer in the Official Artist role.
However, she may set up more Paralogos guest adopt sets in the future as time allows, and we look forward to that! So keep an eye out! ^_^

Thank you all for the outpouring of support for the group and the species-
I (Mew) would like to say personally that I am so happy people are having a lovely time here. I hope we can continue to make this a fun place!

We're here with another clarification update since we noticed two (2) inconsistencies in our definitions/descriptions that we decided to fix.

1) Our Level System didn't consider words that describe states of being (f.e. small, loud, happy, etc - adjectives essentially).
So we decided to add those to our current Level 4, which is now called "Actions and States of Being".
Previously we added Paralogos with words that fall into this category to level 5, but we found this to be inaccurate.
The owners of affected Paralogos were contacted and given the choice to either grandfather their Paralogos in and keep them at level 5 or to have us correct their level to level 4.

2) We found our available information regarding different ways to gain Tier 1 Magic to be lacking.
Therefore we added specific info on how to gain Tier 1 Magic through MYO submissions as well as how the double ink bonus works depending on the option you choose.
You can read these clarifications on the Magical Progression Annex!

We hope these updates make things clearer!
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to note the group, ping us on our discord or use our Feedback Box if you'd like to stay anonymous.

Hello all!
In reference to our recent Guest Artist call… we have confirmed our new Guest Artists!
Shadonut, fanface, and EDIT 2/26: fffafnir

Please keep an eye out for some new Paralogos adopts from them! And keep an eye out for further guest artist openings. We also will keep note of prior applications for these too, but re-applications with current artwork are always helpful. Thank you all for the interest! =D
EDIT: 2/23:
Guest Set 1 [Closed] by Shadonut
We are happy to announce the first adopt set from Shadonut !

This is a small update to mention we clarified the definition of a headshot/bust vs. a fullbody drawing. You can see the clarification at the Earning Ink journal.
Fullbodies are art depicting 50% or more of a character, while headshots/busts depict less than 50%.

We're here with the last few things to roll out for the Group Redefinition!
Firstly, we will be reviving this journal for major news-related group announcements.
Secondly, admin SpeedyDVV wrote up a great and lighthearted Beginner Guide that summarized everything one needs to know to start off in this group/species.
Whether you’ve been a member for a short time, or long time, check it if you have any quick questions or need a refresher!

For now, that closes out our updates for October— but trust us, there's a bunch more coming in the future.
Until then, enjoy the new content! Thanks again!

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