Annex 2: Magical Progression (How to Learn Magic)

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Intended Ability: 
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Looking for clarification on a previously approved magic tier -- would this paralogos be able to find both pecans/plants & recipes/uses with level 2? Or should I pick one?

Paralogos: #110 Pecan

Tier: 2

Intended Ability: Able to locate pecans and pecan plants. Also knows many uses and recipes for pecans. (Without wisdom, cannot distinguish between the two and may be locating for example the pecan pie in someone's home!)

Reworded: Able to find pecans, pecan plants, and uses for pecans.

(With higher wisdom, greater clarity of knowledge -- being able to tell if the pecans have been used in a pie, for example, as I wrote above. I also like to imagine, mostly for fun and not for any practical reason, that at a low level Kappa may find himself baking something with pecans but unsure what exactly he's making. And maybe at higher wisdom, doing the same, but with willful ignorance for fun. lol)

Alternatively, Kappa could just know uses for pecans from research, which would probably make more sense, and the magic would only help with actual pecans & pecan trees.

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Yes it has been sometime- for the reword I think you should do this: Able to easily find pecans and pecan plants.
The uses would be something gained over time from reading anyway. And Tier 2 is meant to be more about finding or location in general. Is that ok? 
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okay, sounds good to me! thanks!

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Paralogos: Plamienka (it's not official yet, but I have the word claimed) in which Plameň means flame
Tier: 1
Intended Ability: Flames trail the wingtips when in flight.
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Hi! Now that we've got your word sorted, we can reply to this now that we know what that means for Magic abilities.

So for winged Paralogos, they need their Tier 1 to be giving their wings flight. This is due to the fact that otherwise the weight/size comparison wouldn't work out. Usually wings are vestigal for Paralogos, more a 'reference' than a functional body part. 

You can see a number of winged Paralogos in LL for examples of this:
#246 Jersey Devil
#315 Oripopo
#240 Wyvern

We're going to try and make this a bit more obvious in the case that you missed this (as we are always adding to our tips/tricks and general rules of thumb for developing Magic ideas), but the flame idea would be fine- we suggest you add it to their illusionary change in Tier 6 though if you want flight as your ability in Tier 1. 

Alternatively, you can have the flame illusion on their wingtips now and give them flight abilities thanks to their Tier 6 illusion, a good example of this is with:
#222 Bumblebee Bat

Let us know if that makes sense. Thanks for commenting!
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Aaah, okay. I checked some other winged Logos before but didn't find any mention of flight so I assumed it was a given for winged paralogos. Thank you for clearing that up.
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Paralogos: #24 Reindeer
Tier: 1
Intended Ability: Winter coat: colors change from brown w/amber eyes in the spring/summer to light grey w/blue eyes in the winter, just like a reindeer~ (same design tho)
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Yes, that'd be fine!
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awesome, thank you!! ;w; <3
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Tier: 5

Intended Ability: Cobalt is a traveling "hero" so to speak. And Sapphire is almost as tough as diamonds. So I was thinking what if had the ability to pull weapons, IE Swords, shields, axes that have star sapphires as their primary item, the shield could be made of one for example. And hed be pulling them from himself, and since they are temporary, they would disappear after a few minutes or even seconds.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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Hm, while the word itself has nothing to do with weaponry... 
I think that at a high tier of wisdom the 'illusory gemstones' could be in other forms than the common rounds. But at like, Wisdom Level 1- you'd only be able to generate illusions of the little gems themselves.
(Although, that could help trick a thief.)
How does that sound?
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I was gonna get his wisdom higher before I started working on his magic, other than level two at least

and yeah I can see that

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Sounds good then! :heart:
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Paralogos: #344 Yuki-Onna
Tier: 2
Intended Ability: can locate snow, can tell when a snow storm is coming
Tier: 3
Intended Ability: "healing snow" can make the snow heal their friends around them
Tier: 4
Intended Ability: can manipulate and controle the snow and ice around them to make snow storms and blizzards
Tier: 5
Intended Ability: can make it snow and create long lasting ice 
Tier: 6
Intended Ability: their arms and hair turn into sharp strong ice almost like daggers 
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Hello! We'll need to alter some of these tiers slightly. Please feel free to discuss with us/ask us why as needed!

Tier: 2 Intended Ability: "Is sensitive to snow and coming snowstorms, is able to sense a future snowfall." (Essentially same, just slightly different phrasing)

Tier: 3 Intended Ability: This one is a bit off, since the 'healing' should relate to the word focus itself. Since Yuki-Onna do not exist, you can have some leeway- how about... "Is able to heal areas of frostbite." Since the spirit is said to be able to cause it in the first place (amongst stealing the lifeforce of humans!) Alternatively, you could also have the ability to "heal snow", as in, stop its melt (at first temporarily!)

Tier: 4 Intended Ability: Could work, but it wouldn't be as massive as you're hoping- more something of a 'personal storm' particularly at low wisdom levels. Alternatively, to play on the mythical being itself more, you could relate this Tier to manipulating those lost in snowstorms, since the spirit was said to do as much in myths. But this is an either situation more than you need to change it.

Tier: 5 Intended Ability: Tier 5 is an illusion- you could have them make illusions of spirits, other yuki-onna, or cause an illusory storm (larger than actual ice manipulation seen in Tier 4). It just wouldn't be real.

Tier: 6 Intended Ability: This Tier 6 ability should be fine, essentially a solidifying of the limbs- spooky! You can go in a few directions with this (for example, make them more ghostly), but this also works. 

Let us know what you think!
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thank you for the input! I wasn't sure on a few of these (especially the tier 3 one) but im glad some of them would work! question about the tier 3 one. if I went with the heals frostbite would it only be frostbite or could it also be used for healing hypothermia? 
thank you so much for clearing up my confusion! yall are awesome!
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You're welcome! You're totally fine- some words lend themselves to easier magic, some don't. 
As for your tier 3-
"Can heal injuries sustained via cold, is most skilled at frostbite wounds"
And then yes, as your wisdom gets larger you can use this skill for other cold-caused ailments. =) 
You're welcome! 
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Paralogos: #309 Vampire Bat
Tier: 1
Intended Ability: ability to fly at least short distances using their wings on their arms. 
Tier: 2
Intended Ability: use of echolocation 
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Hello! Thanks for commenting here before working on your Magic tiers!

Regarding Tier 1, we'd say something like: "Able to fly for short distances utilizing their wing-arms, but tires easily and can glide better." (so, you're good!)

For Tier 2, we'd want you to specify that they communicate with other bats- "Can speak to and understand communication of bats using echolocation." 

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ok, thank you!! 
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You're welcome! :heart:
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Hello! Would love a double-check on my kiddo Reese for the future...

Paralogos: #330 Riposte

Tier: 2
Intended Ability: Has an intuition about which moves an opponent will use next when fencing, strongest when a riposte is about to be performed. 

Tier: 3
Intended Ability: Can heal wounds created as a result of fencing, and is most adept at healing wounds caused after a riposte. Alternatively, but less preferred: can fix the flaws in an individual's fencing technique, and is most adept at fixing ripostes.

Tier: 4
Intended Ability: Can directly control another's fencing ability? Kind of like, being able to slightly "puppet" them around as they fence. Is this close enough to the word focus?

Tier: 5
Intended Ability: Can bestow fencing ability upon an individual, which will be most effective when performing a riposte.

Tier: 6
Intended Ability: Can turn into a floating sword? 

Thank you!
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These should all work- but I think you should go for the alternative idea on Tier 3, just as it is closer to the spirit of the Tier, if that works for you!
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