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[Paralogos + Whifflings] A Meeting

Thank you for visiting! This is a DeviantArt archive of the Art-Role Playing Game known as the World of Lingua! If you're curious about the species, or just love the concept- by all means, visit us at ! Otherwise, enjoy your time here browsing. =)

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A note: we have moved all group activities off site-
This group on DA certainly is still here to enjoy and share the art and efforts of the species, but we don't run day to day tasks on DeviantArt anymore!
If you need any help with our site, please contact us via our Discord for a more immediate response! You can also just note the group, or note me directly as well. 
I like and love all of your deviations and the paws of your dragons and creatures a lot! I simply like this section a lot! Is so lovely!
Why thank you! Paralogos are mainly based around dinosaurs though. =P But I must admit, perhaps my love for dragons shines through a bit in certain designs I've personally made haha. 
Ok, and i will respect LogosLibrary! I like a lot the Deviation of that account!
Yep! Many designs.
Small note to anyone viewing our front page- if something looks squished, zoom out a little! =D