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Excuses for drawing Coulson in Capt's uniform .-.
Also I loved what they did with him in the avengers. I just couldn't get enough of him trying to interact with Capt.
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XD Well I guess someone had to LOL
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I wouldn't be surprised if that was canon...
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the little " *pew pew* " killed me...
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I'm laughing so hard is actually hurts XD I'm so glad I watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
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I feel like this actually happened. *u*
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My family had to come in and make sure I was okay

this is hilarious :)
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Natasha face. priceless
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Coulson the Fanboy was the best part about that movie. :XD:
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that's all I can say

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omg creepy Coulson is soooo funny
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Wow. There are fan boys and then there is Coulson. XD Great job.
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It's too easy to make fun of poor Son of Coul <3 D'aww. No wonder he gets so much loving by the fangirl, he's just a fangirl like us.
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Coulson: :iconloldieplz: I was inside you r suit 

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That comment! Thanks you just made my day xD
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Natasha's face. NATASHA'S. FACE.


Black Widow: WTF am I looking at?!

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Black Widow's face...
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LOOOL this is actually perfection *pewpew*
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