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January 10, 2010
With an overwhelming number of suggestions I just had to feature Groups Introduction by =parallellogic. This tutorial is expertly laid out and full of all the info you could ever need on Groups.. and then some.

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Groups Introduction

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What is this?
This is a walk through of the new groups system. This covers the core features behind groups and how to use them.

Relevant Links
Groups Directory (+Groups)
#OfficialGroups (the official groups chat channel)
Help & FAQ (The portion of the site's FAQ concerning groups)
Group Q&A with Development Staff (A series of questions that have been asked of site staff concerning groups)… to submit art or favs to a group)

Edits to be made
:bulletblue: Define Hidden, Locked & Sticky… (there's a bug with the hidden feature, I'll add this to the walk through when that is resolved)
:bulletblue: Hide comments/spam
:bulletblue: Right side of comments is only visible to admins in Correspondence Items
:bulletblue: Conversion of notes to forum-like posts
:bulletblue: Delete artwork from gallery
:bulletblue: Edit group description and tag line
:bulletblue: How to Delete a Group:…
:bulletblue: Affiliates
:bulletblue: Swapping founders…
:bulletblue: The founder of the group can create a chatroom with the same name as the group
:bulletblue: Group folders have a limit of 5,000 submissions - Super groups have this same limit, although they can create sub-folders
:bulletblue: Groups may have at most 200 folders
:bulletblue: Super Group features - polls, blog CSS

Quick Reference
Text Link:
<a href="">A Complete Introduction to Groupsa>

:thumb149821456: Group Tutorials stamp by dazza1008

With an overwhelming number of suggestions
Thank you everyone! :D

Don't think this is complete? Please feel free to ask questions below!

:) Questions and Comments Encouraged (please report any typos ^^;)
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zahlenfreak's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial. It really helped. :)
Mizuki-Cho's avatar
I cannot edit journal/blog entries in the group, even though I am marked as having full control. I am a contributor in said group. 
Is there a reason for this or a way to fix it?

Thank you for your time and help!
potatingpotato's avatar
How do you add folders to the group gallery? Do you need to have permission to do that?
da-Korn's avatar
THANK YOU SO MUuUuuUuUUuCH!!!!!!!!!11
VIRALHALO's avatar
Can i change the tagline/description of the group?

My species was orignally a closed one but now it will be an open and evolving one so i need to change the description of the group since it says they are closed…

^ the description when you look for the group
jpfojas's avatar
How can i make a folder a submittable Folder? i mean, i make folders but it does not have that submit button on the right corner 
Amarantheans's avatar
You have to go into individual permissions and open it for submissions under manage members section
MilaLove06's avatar
But how do you change the name of folders
parallellogic's avatar
When you open one of the group folders, there should be an "Edit Folder" button at the top right.  If you click that, then "Show folder options..." you should be able to rename the folder in the pop up.
xXCJTheDJXx's avatar
So i went through this and the one part that im having problems with is members joining my group.
I've aloud them yet they still can't any idea why?
parallellogic's avatar
Users are allowed to join all three of your groups.
xXCJTheDJXx's avatar
BGai's avatar
This looks very useful however I notice it was originally submitted in 2010. Has it has a recent update?
parallellogic's avatar
Not much has changed in a half decade.  I would recommend reading through the comments where I try to answer any questions not covered in the original deviation.
BGai's avatar
OK Thank you.
KYRUOLIO's avatar
this hasn't been asked as far as i know,
i need to make a group and i'm afraid that if i name it something that i can't change the name?
So my question is that can you change a groups name after you make it?
parallellogic's avatar
No, group names cannot be changed.
KYRUOLIO's avatar
damn ;-; alrighty
emethone's avatar
I have a question that's plagued me for the past day, and you are very helpful in terms of groups, so here it goes:  I was recently named a Contributor for a group and upon submitting a deviation, it went directly to the "Featured" folder.  (From the submit art tab under my profile I clicked the group's name along with my gallery.)  I feel really bad because their featured folder leads people to the rules, which is helpful, but now mine is in the front.  Is there any way to move the deviation to another location in the group without re-uploading?  Thanks in advance.
parallellogic's avatar
When you go to the group's gallery and roll your mouse over your upload, do you see a pencil icon appear at the top right of the image?  That should enable you to move the deviation around if you have the proper permissions.  However, iirc, only founder and co-founder have that ability by default.  It may be better just to ask one of the higher-level mods to move your work to another folder.
emethone's avatar
Thank you!  I'll be sure to try it :)
GreysonFurrington's avatar
I didn't read all of this I admit. The bottom line is if anyone starts a group expecting it to become popular overnight they're delusional. The best groups happen because the leadership leads by example. They bust their chops to make things happen, interact with the members, shake things up many many times, set manageable rules and enforces them ruthlessly and doesn't demand respect but earns it by listening and being proactive.

Anyone can start a group but only the exceptional happen with grounded common sense, the ability to make good choices and a willingness to work hard at it especially since no one here (on the civilian side) get paid a dime for their time.
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