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This is an inside look at how groups function, mostly to answer questions by users who don't know what features will be included or how they will function.

-.- There are probably some pretty gruesome typos in here, I haven't proof-read this just yet, please feel free to point out any you see.

I implore you to ask questions, the more you ask, the more detailed and the more useful I can make this :)

>> The number of users who can participate in a group (submit art, blogs, favs, etc) is unlimited, even for unsubscribed groups. You do not have to join the group (become a groupie) in order to participate. There is currently a limit of 100 groupies for any unsubscribed group.
>> Correspondence Items, when closed, are removed from the group message center. The system tries to reduce clutter, thus the messages can be seen in the group log if needed for reference purposes
>> Only 2 groups appear in the collections drop down at this time
>> Tips and tricks for changing the search results while searching for artwork to submit to a group can be found here: [link] , "gallery:username" for normal stuff and "gallery:username/*" for everything including scraps =Pyritie
>> There is nowhere where you can currently get a group during this alpha testing phase, you have to be hand chosen by an admin to receive one

Questions and Comments greatly encouraged :)
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this is helpful cuz I just recently join DeviantArt and have NO IDEA wtf most of the setting and thing on here r so I was like "what is approval stage????" So thx very much for letting me know
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I share a group with somebody. But the group notifications build up.
If I delete the notifications, will that prevent the other moderators from seeing them?
I really want to make my notification enter say zero.
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How, as a group moderator, would you ask someone permission to include a certain artwork? Or does that happen automatically. I am very confused here
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I'm not sure if this has been asked before: I submitted a join request, and would now like to withdraw that request. However, I've accidentally clicked the grey "X" (not the red one above withdraw), the one that gets rid of the message. Is there another way to actually withdraw a request?
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The message is removed from your message center but still exists.  The only way I'm aware of to view a request after deletion requires you to know the full URL of the request, which I presume you do not.

I would recommend that if you are accepted by the group to simply leave the group shortly thereafter (or send a note to the group mods to decline your request).  Joining a group can take up to a month to be approved (after that the join request is automatically closed).
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Do you have a walkthrough that shows how you can change the contributer, founder, etcs' name? Like you have groupies and such.
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I do not, sorry.  Changing admin names requires super group status.
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Ah, ok. Thanks for the answer!
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thank you~ Fox emoji - whoops this clears up a lot Yay 
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when i submit an artwork, i receive a notification telling me the submission is pending. if i delete the notification by clicking the x, not clicking the withdraw button, will the piece be automatically withdrawn anyway?
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Are you submitting artwork using this page?…
Or are you doing something with the Commission Widget?  I am confused what page you are on.  Can you provide a screen shot of what you are referring to?
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Hello, I get correspondence requests quite frequently, but when I hit the yes button nothing happens.  Is there a way to just automatically say yes?  Or, if I get rid of them are they still added to that person's gallery? 
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When you hit "yes" the points are deducted from the commissioner and the transaction s added to your queue…
in two weeks the funds are released

There is no way to automatically accept commissions.  If you having many users pay for the same content, use the "Premium Content" section of the "Submit" artwork page.
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Oh I didn't know commissions were the same as correspondence?
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Commission requests, both incoming and outgoing, appear in your Correspondence area, yes.
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Someone just asked me for permission to submit my poem to a group gallery? I have no idea what this means, or if to say yes or no. 
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If you say "yes" our work will be submitted to the group so the group's watchers see it.  The group's avatar will also appear in the "Submitted to these groups" section on your deviation.  Saying "no" means that doesn't happen.
TheTinyBabies44's avatar
Thanks for explaining ^.^
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I accidentally deletes an invitation from a group but I can't remeber what group are... How would retrieve the message or see which group notified me? Thanks! 
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Once a message is deleted it cannot be recovered.
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Hello, I was searching around DA on what in the world these correspondences I kept receiving -in one given hour- were really for but I read through the the walk-through you added here and the comments and I kind of understand it. Yet for me to truly understand, if the same group sends 10 requests at one time (each on a different artwork of mine  but are in the same genre) it wouldn't be necessary for me to accept them right? As it may be just a bot sending those requests? I just don't want my artwork added into a group gallery if that's the case...
Sorry just wanted to be sure and have a little clarification! >.< I'm not too sure whether to accept these requests I received or not. 10 requests seems a little overboard.. xD
parallellogic's avatar
I suspect if multiple artworks are being requested, it's likely an overenthusiastic user, not a bot.  Bots typically only request one artwork so they can advertise to as many users as possible.
Sinnabelle's avatar
I see. c: Thank you for the help~ ^^
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