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How to Remove dA Promos by parallellogic, literature

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<div class="join-modal"><div class="secure">Correlation between


look at who has faved a work

look at who watches the original artist

find proportion that don't watch artist but fav work

is this correlated with the number of users who watch an artist?

:plotting:lated with the numb:Dof deviatio:)that have been posted to a particular category?;P:-):) ;P:) ;P:)

**loyalty correlation


Analysis of comment structure - length, sentence length, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, words in dictionary

Analysis of Suggestions Forum:


suggestion URL

time suggestion is on Suggestions page

number of staff comments

number of suggestions per day

top commenters in suggestions forum

number of closed suggestions per day

top suggesters

most popular topics

most common words used

number of necro'd threads (3 months)

plot how long a thread will last based on time of day posted and day of week posted


Gallery revision mock up

Track new users to see percentage that go inactive

Things that are generally popular:

--large # of emotes

--things that glow

--things that move


--cute/chibi things


--things that are colorful

--tilt shift





--time-intensive works

--visually uncluttered

--things that look like dA (color scheme, apps)



dA seems to see what people ask for, then do something completely different to please them.

You know. I really do appreciate all the heartfelt kindness that I'm getting from this article. Trust the dA administration to mock the community when beneath all the bitching there are real problems that they refuse to admit to.

DeviantART Loves you!

add new features yes, disable the old choices - no

I love that you think you know what goes on :) I also love that you think that this has anything remotely to do with you lol -

I love how a non-staffer tells someone incorrect information on a journal that's trying to break down a lot of misinformation flying around ;P

I'm in love with .. well love :D

DeviantART is known for visual art, and including music would confuse people

So much for intuition when using the site.

Will I leave? Probably not. Will I rant and rave about it? Yes. Will DA fix anything I rant and rave about? No.

<i>History proves that despite not liking change, we learn to adapt and embrace it.</i>

More like resign to it.

By removing [the search bar], you emphasize the beautiful logo.

it sounds like dA's left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

[Hosting a chat session] for a community with all sorts of users around the globe, instead of doing it through a forum where time is not a factor, is amazingly poor planning

It makes me laugh that this site has gone through so many upgrades & "upgrades" that they still haven't worked out how to do it properly! Some of the reactions, if you're lucky enough to get them, have been along the lines of "put up with it or leave", or "we have been working so hard, how dare you say anything negative!"

there is a reason for every change i make, it's sometimes better to think about why i've done it rather than simply complaining about it

World-altering revolutions start with simply complaining.

A few extra clicks, a little extra digging, not that big a deal, right? ... We literally handle hundreds of reports a day, thousands a week, and that little extra time over and over again turns into a very big chunk of time

I have some great ideas.

Change for the sake of change is not a rule to live by.

why induce mass hysteria?

hope you guys live up to the hype you're creating.

for your own sake.

He equated it to DA turning in to Chuck E Cheese Pizza, with tokens for games

Desire for a Mature Content Filter that discriminates between Sexually Mature and Violence

Help Desk:

Report a problem with the text that appears by clicking on the SitBack widget - it is illegibly small because the widget is placed in the side bar of the Layout B in a group and the entire widget is scaled down in size -- Report is marked as invalid, claims the feature I have described is not a bug, states it is my fault for putting the widget in the side bar and insinuates I should know better, even though this is not a group I control.

<i>I have to ask myself, why bother going to the trouble of properly reporting a legitimate bug if it is going to be dismissed before a developer even sees it? Why should a user care more about a site than the administrators?</i>

If this sort of thing already happens, what is done about it? Nothing?

[dA Muro] will be the most epic abused thing ever in existence on DA, mark my words.

Unify the staff communications into something more useful than the lie that is the Zendesk.

I have a goal of bringing this successful marriage of Art & Work to as many of our artists as possible.

I am not going to criticize the Administration, but it's Ok at best.

Whats wrong with just enjoying the site like everyone else?

deviantART is a massive social network with visitor and page view totals that place it in the top 100 of all trafficked websites on the Internet.

Every time there's a criticism of this site, especially in news articles, I see admins responding to these concerns with condescension, anger, and dismissal

I'm past the no-return point concerning my feelings for dA. I no longer believe in change.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has

I question why it should be limited because some will abuse it, that to me is like saying, as a random example, everyone can't walk over a bridge because some will jump off it.

Sadly, I don't expect any change, I've come to expect nothing less than closed minds when dealing with the beast that is the dA Admins (individually they're fine from what I know, but as a group...)

I can think of several artists who keep off-site profiles, and some display art not hosted on dA. I think artists should have a right to post a link to their own site since the entire purpose of dA is to provide greater exposure for artists. However, if even even a portion of an off-site page contains a mature section, dA will suspend the user for linking to it. I think there should be a section in the devInfo widget for artists to link to their own site, but only allow users to access that link if they have the mature filter enabled.

<i>Those people who got suspended for doing so deserve it.</i>

Chance favors the connected mind

It's a seeeecreeeeettttttt.

<a href="">Mandatory Optimism</a>

<i>Thanks for spending many nights running on nothing but coffee and presumably some sort of amphetamines [to work on dA Muro]</i>

No problem at all. Seeing the internet flooded with poorly drawn penises makes it all worth it. :-)

At time of writing, my name appears at the top of the Top Scores for both the <a href="">Get Puzzled</a> and the <a href="">Snowball Fight</a> lists: & . Yes, a program was used to accomplish those times, though I would like to point out that I wrote every line of code of the program myself, rather than using something off-the-shelf (so to speak) that others used (to slow the clock of their computer). My point in doing so, if there should be a point, is showing that dA has recognized a problem but failed to fix it, and even continues to build on the same flawed system. When the Puzzled Flash app first came out, people were exploiting it in very much the same manner as they do now. The response of the staff was to clear the High Scores a total of two times (within a few days of the launch of the app). With this most recent release of the Snow Flash app, no changes were made and the same problem still exists. I feel it should be very clear that either the scores should be regularly cleared (or by default only show the highest scores for the week/month or something like that so that faked scores are not a permanent blight on the site), or not have any Top Scores at all (or even better would be to compare your scores with your friends, limiting the exposure and removing the ability to cheat in a public manner). Anyone with access to the proper tools can fake scores in the app, and relying on no one to ever do so is ridiculous - the app therefore was not designed correctly for its intended purpose and should be fixed accordingly. But like so many other things, from forum posts being permanently lost after three days (the forums have not been searchable for the past two years) to News not being available for groups or after a certain point for personal accounts - if it wasn't fixed in the original design cycle, it's destined to remain broken for all users to contend with.

Suggestions Forum Revamp

Being a GM is a double-edged sword. The good outweighs the bad and I have more friends than detractors.

It's very saddening to see such an important, core feature of the site removed

I can't draw, so I compensate by proofreading

<spyed> I hate trolls.

#Auditorium Featured Chat 3/14/11

We always aim for these features to be great, but sometimes we miss the mark and have to revisit their implementation.

Why can't we simply up the number [of search results] and be done with it? IT'S HARD!

Reaching Mars is hard

Could and should we have pre-announced the change, explaining when it was coming and why it was needed? Yes, absolutely.

One of the main issues we're currently working on is the network architecture of how "official" deviantART information is distributed.

We will be releasing some public facing API's this year.

In v.8 you will have that possibility [to fav journals]

I am quite against FAVE TEH JOURNALS, because that would be another race of popularity

How can one moderator put [my work] up as a DD and another see it as explicit porn?

But, if we find a way to get around [comments made by a banned user being attributed to a new user with the same name], [reclaiming of banned accounts] could totally happen

:plotting: Ok, correct me if I'm missing the obvious, but what if comments made by a banned user were hidden, much like spam messages are now, so instead of "Hidden by Owner" or "Flagged as Spam", there's a new tag "User has been Banned" - there is no longer a record other than the fact a comment was made, and there's no longer a tie to the account that was banned. So once old comments are hidden, and the account name removed from the other users following the banned user, the banned account name could be treated as a fresh entity with no prior history. I figure this system wouldn't be too different from the current setup since banned accounts cannot respond to comments at present, the only major loss I foresee would be that comments made by banned users would not be able to be referenced anymore, but given that a banned user may have commented inappropriately elsewhere on the site and the comments have not been hidden, this may be a benefit to sanitizing the content displayed on dA once a user is banned. The new user could also face a small problem if the original account spammed a lot to the point they are on many users' block lists, meaning the new user would still be blocked by many users. I presume this setup would be desirable over removing the new account from all blocked lists on the off chance the new account is claimed by the same user who got their account banned in the first place. However, I'd envision a waiting period between when an account is banned and when it can be reclaimed to discourage the same user from picking up the account immediately after they're banned using proxies or some other technique to get around the current roadblocks that are in place to keep users from ban evading.

Would this be a viable solution to the problem you pose?

3.) So... what's with the gender transformation of Caramel?

3a.) Different people working on different scenes, without telling each other about a random colour swap they did on a BG pony? ... But I prefer the Fanon.

I see people claim they are bored with deviantART, or that they don't like how things are here, so they sign up for other communities and networks

  1. 1,131,831 #teentitans July 2005

The most interesting? #teentitans receives 6,500 hits per day on average, and they're a club with a listed hierarchy in the most recent journal that appears to always be there.

:devMLP-FiM: 145K total pgvs, 4K pgvs/day

EqD 20Million Pageviews, 200K pgvs/day

:devMLP-FiM: 15K watchers

<a href="">/r/mylittlepony</a> 20K followers

Maybe one day [us regular users] will all be cool enough to get badges too.

Why can subscribed users not incorporate YouTube videos into Journals?

Because it was not coded in to the journal system when it was first developed.

dA may not be going down the toilet, but I really don't see it going up hill.

I'm not sure dA is the place for me anymore ... if you feel like keeping up with what I'm doing you can find me on Facebook and Google+

A lot of artists are not business people

Yes, you read that right I've decided to leave dA. I won't be reactivating my account, so you won't see me back here, ever. It's been a great 8+ years but I just don't think dA is the place for me anymore. My activity on the site has pretty much dropped to zero. This account will be closed on September 1st. If you feel like keeping up with what I'm doing you can find me on <a href="">Facebook</a> and <a href="">Google+</a>

So long and thanks for all the fish... Tue Aug 30, 2011, 6:34 PM

i am rarely using Deviantart nowadays and will stop using it from now on completely

so from now on i´ll post News and new Paintings on my Website only and will Link them on Facebook only

What irks me is the way this website is managed. For every thing that is being improved two are being terribly messed up.

I've decided to delete more of my works here in DA and only leave the most recognized ones ... I think it's time to move to different stage ... Hope you can follow me ... My work from now on will be posted on my blog and forum in Concept art and sometimes via Facebook

He's not shilling links to a website and none of the activity on the account warrants administrative action, bot or not

I find you one of more intellectual and understanding deviants

"Solutions are not the answer." - Richard Nixon

if we do not make changes then we are killed by change itself


= 0

I am indifferent, I am on the fence, I am the 50%

If you are not an artist, you are to play [a] role of encouragement

As servants to your creativity, we mean it when we say we love you. All we ask is that you give that love back to your fellow artists and strive to be true deviants.

We still need the best and brightest, but we need them to have somehow learned humility along the way.

Since no other outcome to this process seems possible, we demand that the [body in charge] immediately assign a [subordinate] to compose a tame and vapid response to this petition, and never attempt to take any meaningful action on this or any other issue. We would also like a cookie!/petition/we-demand-vapid-condescending-meaningless-politically-safe-response-petition/gCZfn86x

dA corporate circles the wagons, closing themselves off from criticism

you guys never get tired asking for more settings, then complain about UI looking like control panel of the nuclear power plant :)

Customer perception is everything, and the minute your company is perceived as not-giving-a-damn... that's it. Game over.

I want to leave DeviantArt, but I don't know where else to go

Instead they post about how we will all love it, with plenty of :<i></i>la: emotes

it's like they went into a classroom and picked the kids who kiss the teachers ass the most.

They don't notice the unhappy people around here at all. Look how many former former volunteers are saying things

It seems like every former volunteer I know is very VERY bitter about DA now

But why do you want to leave, Bill?

You cannot get more high profile than having your work featured as a DD. The amount of care put into the description should be equal to that level of prestige

People are frankly tired of just being told dA is fucking great and huge and massive and the best shit out there since Tommy Lee discovered cocaine enemas

Personally, I've lost all interest here on DA and I think it's time I leave for good


Then, I had it very bluntly pointed out to me that hot topics have a dollar value due to the exposure, and the importance of keeping them to a minimum so the dollar value could be increased so they could be sold to sponsors for stupid soda contests

"DeviantArt loves you" ... it feels like it's lip service.

Some have asked why I'm leaving. When it boils down to it, I have lost trust and faith in deviantArt's staff. Behind that loss is a mountain of issues:

This year (2011), the company nearly doubled in size

I've never been able to get into DeviantArt, personally, but I do think Pixiv is pretty frickin’ awesome, and I think some of you will love it too

I really don't see the point of continuing with this website. I lost interest and it's becoming dull nowadays. I feel kinda left out so I decided it's time to pack and go.

art or not, they cannot deny that it IS a deviation.

Nice to see another dA dev who doesn't have a Bachelors in CS :P

Actually a lot of us, if not the majority, don't!

Google response to gmail outage

there is a dangerous crusade underway to deprive workers of rights, and this crusade masquerades as tort reform

I love to study the history of technology development. The common thread is that most people don't believe it til they see it. But the ones who reap great rewards are the ones who see what it can be before it's there.

[I wish we could see] comments based on deviations, page, or journals

[I wish we could] filter messages so anything from your friends gets put to the front

I'm a software engineer [on dA and] I might skim over critical journals and upset comments, but I'm not the one handling them or responsible for the matters at stake, so I don't engage

I have recently tried to be a lot more active on the site, to watch tons more people

I was a 22-year-old whippersnapper, and I remember firing off this e-mail that disagreed with the entire executive staff. I didn't get fired -- I got a pat on the back

Citing two longtime liberal champions of the First Amendment, Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, Mr. Dodd fumed, “No one can seriously believe Pat Leahy and John Conyers can be backing legislation to block free speech or break the Internet.”

The Iraq War—the issue that made Obama the nominee—has been ended on time and, vitally, with no troops left behind

Focus on the good and change the bad, that's all you can do.

What does the ISS smell like?

"It smells clean, like a tidy laboratory, with a hint of machine."

Engineers use the world's combined scientific and mathematical knowledge to tackle problems and offer the best solution

To date we have 1,751,058,461 Favourites ... What if all of you Watchers of mine got a notification when I +Favourited something?

Don't believe everything you read, always test stuff, <i>always</i>

We're one of the 100 most visited websites worldwide

Basically Republicans are being eaten alive by their own propaganda machine

Finally, it's just you and your sanity standing naked, trying to get up the last stretch of the mountains. With a sparkle in your eye and a maniacal laugh you throw your sanity into the fire.

May I inquire as to the whyness of that?

The world is a stage and the play is badly cast

He said it does not make sense to try and lower costs by canceling the programs that were specifically established to find ways to save money

it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity

Only an engineer can build a bridge that's just on the edge of falling down

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you options

The barrier of entry to pet ownership is often too low and allows people to recklessly purchase a pet without considering long-term costs.

Satellite Career Appeal: The technology is very sexy

Whenever I'm thinking about nothing at all I get a boner.

It's like natures screensaver.

You should be evaluating what I say based on the factual merit of the content, not on some quality of me as a person. That's true in every aspect of life.

Fair Exposure

Welcome to DeviantART, I love you

[Science is] self-correcting. Religion is not

I can update tumblr randomly all day, you know? DA not so easily...

<i>Many would rely on infrastructure that will be refactored (e.g., Message Center) or that is in the process of being refactored (e.g., Search). </i>

Or more simply: the message center will be re-coded in the foreseeable future (probably within the next year 2012-2013 or so), as will the site search

We discourage any kind of scripting, automation, or extension that performs dA actions outside of the dA interface.

As for username history, I dont believe we'd be making that API - this kind of history is semi-private and a reason for feature to exist

So I got both a DD and a Facebook feature for my LA piece yesterday, and it finally just hit me how amazing this place is. All the love and support I've gotten here is mind-boggling to me. I would even go as far as to say that it's made my career. This is where I found my "audience", my first industry connections, fellow artist friends etc.

Deviantart, you're F****NG AWESOME

A lot of people have also complained about how groups are not user-friendly. Trust us... we know

You're playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Suits, Season 2 Episode 9

There is also a Suggestions Forum where you can make a thread or post in an existing one with your ideas. This forum is useful not only for getting your suggestion seen by dA, but also for getting feedback on it from other members. They will often respond with their opinion and with possible disadvantages of your idea.

<i>Feedback from members, not staff. Opinions and disadvantages can be counted upon, do not expect praise or positive reinforcement</i>

idea - take in image, make invisible watermark that says text (like who the original was given to)

[Our technology team] is very responsive [to the community] for things that they ask for 14:05

Idea: Where else you can find me widget: youtube, pinterest, reddit, etc

He did break down and tell his family. "I remember at the dinner table with great excitement explaining to my wife Susan and my daughter Bethany what it was we were doing," says Zare. And then he experienced something many parents can relate to when talking to their kids.

"Bethany looked at me and said, 'pass the ketchup.' So, not everybody was as excited as I was," he says.

Zare says in a way, scientists are like artists. Sharing what they do is a big part of why they get out of bed in the morning.

"How many composers would actually compose music if they were told no one else could listen to their compositions? How many painters would make a painting if they were told no one else could see them?" says Zare. It's the same for scientists. "The great joy of science is to be able to share it. And so you want to say, isn't this interesting? Isn't that cool?"

And NO, I don't accept points, just like my landlord, insurance companies and supermarkets don't accept points. Can't pay real life bills with those.

Cannot purchase your own work with an alternate account through premium content platform

Cannot cash out your own points through commissions with an alternate account

I still wish I could just upload them to DA hassle-free like how imgur works. I'm really, really not a fan of DA's interface, and the constant "Buy our premium service!" stickers are annoying. :devanobviousdecoy:

It's ironic that the very thing that shattered this image [of positivity] was the release of the film [BronyDoc].

No worries, I like how the deviantART team always asks about things before/after they do them. It makes the site that much more fun and interactive to be on

[University Professors] look upon their body as a form of transport for their heads. It's a way of getting their heads to meetings

I told my team earlier today, sometimes my role really effing sucks

Gentrification on the internet

So before you slam a developer and tell them they should be fired or that they have no idea how to make a game etc. Think about the impact that actually has on the person at the other end who invested years of their life into this game, not just 60 bucks.

I gave artists very simple instructions like, "This is awesome! I want one! Just make it Ninja-styled like my Avatar!!"

deviantART CEO, Angelo Sotira

The right way to structure any sort of representation of creative people is on a % basis. It is the only way to create alignment so that the interests of the creative and the interests of (in this case) a platform are the same.


Claim Kiriian button - button for users to press to verify through dA they caught it rather than replying on screen caps

I've added/removed the Commission widget. One editing my page, I see "Misc (12)" and 13 widgets listed

I would consider it a great thing except dA takes 20% of the commission money/points paid to the artist. Plus, I'm a jewelry artist and my prices vary, often exceeding the permitted price limit here on dA. Instead I now go outside the commission system you have set up. There's no way I'm allowing anyone to take 20% of what I earn for the work I do. Etsy charges only $0.20 per listing, regardless of it being a custom item, and paypal/credit/debit cards take only a 4% fee, sometimes less, when I get paid by the buyer. When dA becomes more reasonable about how much they take from us artists I may use the dA system in the future.

I know the rest of users around dA have no fault if I block someone, but I think I also have the right to not promote some person I don't want to... at least in my own account.

dA has historically had an interestingly shallow interest in third party development

It's just aggravating to pay so much for memberships and not have all someone needs in order to fully enjoy DA

Yes dA has its faults. Yes I'd love to change things about it. Yes I'm actively working to make those things better and make the changes we ALL want and the site NEEDS. But despite its failings and because of its successes I am what I am.

thank you for being one of the people that keeps this amazing site wronging

dA's [...] desire to remain autonomous and isolated is really... REALLY... one of my favorite things about this site at a business level.

highly-developed data mining/exploratory data analysis skills, as well as knowledge of experimental best practices

"More Like This" ... changes everything

As someone who has helped create the oAuth API at dA when I worked here, I know that adding new API's are taking very seriously and heavily scrutinized because once they add an API call it's hard to get rid of it (They want to keep it simple and not have different versions of the API). Everyone also has to realize that dT can't make any decisions when it comes to adding features to dA that includes the API's. When a API suggestion is brought to their attention they pass it to people who can make those decisions which include but is not limited to Randomduck, Mccann, Spyed, and Pachunka. With that said, I'm not going to defend the issues with helpdesk and the developers email issues but at the same time I know behind the scenes they do read them.

API Suggestion Section is a great idea, but I do think dA does need a more extensive API (I believe that it will come with time). I know that there are issues that needs to be resolved first ... Such as the message center revamp, Their not going to create an API for the current message center just to release a new API in the future. I can say that they do plan to add new API calls as they develop new features and redo older ones, but in my opinion they have bigger things to worry about and work on then the API (Which I can't elaborate on cause of NDA).

good bye


They're engineers, they damn well better be one dimensional because when your ass is strapped to a rocket the size of a small building you want the most obtuse, OCD motherfucker combing over whether or not Bob in the cubicle over designed that one o-ring to spec

Regarding asking "nicely", how much sugar are we supposed to coat things in? Most people I talk to state that they seldom get responses to any questions. If they do read it, that's cool. However, the lack of any describable response results in developers feeling incredibly marginalised. More than they apparently are. It's frustrating when you're essentially met with a brick wall.

Plato (Republic, Book VI) argues that democracy is inferior to various forms of monarchy, aristocracy and even oligarchy on the grounds that democracy tends to undermine the expertise necessary to properly govern societies. In a democracy, he argues, those who are experts at winning elections, and nothing else, will eventually dominate democratic politics. Democracy tends to emphasize this expertise at the expense of the expertise that is necessary to properly govern societies. The reason for this is that most people do not have the kinds of talents that enable them to think well about the difficult issues that politics involves. But in order to win office or get a piece of legislation passed, politicians must appeal to these people's sense of what is right or not right. Hence, the state will be guided by very poorly worked out ideas that experts in manipulation and mass appeal use to help themselves win office.

Then there is the question of whether there is a shortage of engineers in the United States. Salaries are the best indicator of shortages. In most engineering professions, salaries have not increased more than inflation over the past two decades.

deviantART also lacks good mobile support

They know when you are sleeping. They know when you're awake. They know if you've been bad or good... so encrypt for goodness sake.

It's going on a year now that we're back on track, and you guys are about to get a load of changes to reflect that. All summer, all winter. Changes, improvements, and more changes.

If you receive a 500 error it is reasonable for your client to retry that request for a maximum of three retires. We allow for a certain amount of failure within our cluster so retrying is expected.

very interesting feedback. Going to highlight this one.

Are unbiased poll results better?

Welcome to deviantART, I love you

deviantART [wants] to avoid site-wide implementation of credit card protocols and their proprietary API’s which can cause systems failure when implemented

Anyone trying for a piece of that pie [facebook and twitter] finds themselves licking crumbs off the plate.

they don't read anything we say

:devspyed: sent the same comment to at least 20% of all users on dA in 2003

There is no question that DeviantArt is green.

regardless, the community will come to accept it, good or bad.

look at how DDS change popularity over time:

I'll be posting on a tablet app going forward since it's easier to use than DA

the best way to avoid failure is to fail constantly

Simplifying the site by simplifying the jargon. This idea is double plus good

I don't use [DeviantArt] much

"i am anxious to see how it will be handled"

"It probably won't be handled, at best I might get an email or skype message from someone, but I'm not holding my breath."

Former staff commenting on non-responsive administration within DeviantArt

I hang out on Reddit [...] feeling of a significant increase in engagement between the admins and the community, and that's down to the fact that AMAs and announcements get posted, and are open for comments from all members.


Woah, what a concept

it often feels staff [don't] reply [to comments]

[Alpha testing] was mostly replaced by A/B testing and tracking how user sets interacted with the changes. The issue was that power users don't always use features in the same way as the masses.

I hardly do anything for the community anymore because I wonder what is the point?

Goes to show getting the best program or the most powerful computer, doesn't mean much. You have to focus on your art abilities, not the program, for its just another tool. Like a pencil.

Are *contests* prohibited by DeviantArt?

Any system of awarding which involves a random factor to determine the outcome would be considered a game of chance.

predict adcast change

I just wanted to come back and thank you a ton for this. You introduced me to writing scripts and my online experience in the last 15 months has been VASTLY improved by it. :heart:

Usually anything art that I follow is either on pinterest or tumblr

<i>why you would use this [DeviantArt] less which lets you put high res files of your work over social media accounts.</i>

Social media reaches a lot of people, but more importantly is easier to maintain. Sadly I don't have any time for personal art as I once did and I feel deviantart should be more focused on that, as opposed to client work.

I've abandoned this page in favor of few other sites. Over the years DA has become not the best place not only to promote art but to search art too.

My excuse to [stay on DeviantArt] was because I moderated a group I felt was important for the community to keep up, but that group is now dead.

It's dead because there aren't enough of competent people who could help run it. Everyone sensible leaves. It's a sensible thing to do for a sensible person.

Maybe I should finally leave too.

To all the staff members that were unceremoniously laid off...

This happened last time I made a purchase with the [Commission] widget. One reason I always be certain to ask before I use [it]. [...] was told transactions could take two weeks to clear

was told transactions could take two weeks to clear

pending payment in the earnings section.?

I'll go ahead and send them again to the donation pool

blasted widget has put me in a annoying-paperwork-jargon slump [...] bad mood

Unless you're going to be transferring money to paypal, or doing ALOT of business it seems best to use the donation [widget]

Yeah, I should probably switch to using the Donate Pool

[@spyed] just laid off another 20 or so staff members with less than a days notice, now the DA staff count is down to around 40.

DeviantArt: //it's on fire//

Spyed: "This is fine." //sips coffee//

In April 2015 there were around 100 staff, 25 people lost their jobs at the end of April 2015 due to financial concerns, in July 2015 another roughly 25 people lost their jobs and this week a further 10 or so people lost their jobs. There are now only 42 people working for DeviantArt.

That is not a sign of a company that is thriving, it's a sign of mismanagement and poor decision making.

[spyed might say] stick with DA and we can get through it together. [...] he said that a year ago

they hiked the price [or a core membership] too high, too fast, which after 13 years of a single price model was a shock to the system and had the opposite effect

mass lay offs of low level staff but not change in upper management

Considering moving away from DA. ... since DA has a pretty bad reputation

Idea: Map out the help desk system to figure out which steps are needed to file each kind of ticket

Tumblr is more customizable and professional than DA

Art apps vs art websites


Wix paid $36 million in cash for DeviantArt. While Wix plans to spend more to update both the desktop and mobile apps, the company is still expecting an increase in revenue. All DeviantArt staff will remain and Sotira will join the Wix management team

DeviantArt’s own growth as a business has come largely from word of mouth, with almost no investment made in marketing or advertising.

DeviantArt put in a bid to administer the .art [top level domain]. UK Creative Ideas Ltd eventually won the private auction

[The acquisition of DeviantArt by Wix] will include the addition of headcount in R&D and sales and marketing throughout the year.

DevaintArt announcement of Wix buy out

Wix investor announcement

Moved to Twitter/Instagram

reminder that you are missing out if you do not follow me on tumblr

If you interested look through my Patreon.

If you are not interested, please, just ignore it

Explanation of commission widget

ads for Patreon

I decided to follow my portfolio on, so I'm going to abandon [my profile on DeviantArt]

Patreon honestly failed to become my main source of income as I was hoping it would be

I have a bit of a bitter sweet experiense with mlp now. [...] I found it very boring to watch after season 2 ha ha! I still kept drawing mlp drawings since I was good at it and it was easy to do.

Trump declared this week that while he aspires to corruptly interfere with law enforcement, he just can't pull it off. It is as vivid a portrait as I have ever seen of the American government structurally limiting the impulse to tyranny.

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Hello, I'd like to ask you a suggestion. Can you find/create the code with search by colors?

Hey bud!

I see you have been here since thy year I was given birth si? XD ^^

Might not want to advertise that, the minimum age on DA is 13...

Oh wow, I've been here 13 years, dang, I didn't realize it had been that long. Welcome to DA Ahoy revamp

I am almost 4 anyways, woowee!!

I been here for 3 quarters of a year already, thank you anyways!!

Your profile is a work of art in itself.

:confused If that's sarcasm, it doesn't convey well via text. I've never updated my page since Eclipse launched.

No sarcasm. It's beautiful.

It would look even better in raw HTML, but this is the best we get right now. I love plaintext and hyperlinks.