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Mystic Market

A stall at the Christmas market in Geneva December 2005
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Canon PowerShot Pro1
Shutter Speed
1/50 second
Focal Length
23 mm
Date Taken
Dec 23, 2005, 3:27:25 PM
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Traumfaengerin-Wish's avatar
love the colours...
I want one of that lamps!!!!
Great photo!
bybunny's avatar
Featured [link]
Happy Monday :peace:
Seraphania's avatar
Thank you so much for taking this photo. I'm writing a novel with a market just like this, and it's inspired me so much. Truly, thank you. It's a gorgeous photo.
MyLaundryStinks's avatar
!!! That's flippin awesome!

I love the lighting and the colors. It's so perfect, it's scary.

Waaaay to go!
parallel-pam's avatar
thanks..I was very struck by this image when I saw it in Montreaux :-)
ilatan's avatar
those colours and shapes.. mekes a warm feeling... and also like the viewer entered a cave of a magician or something like that :D
parallel-pam's avatar
..nice interpretation :bow:..:-) thanks for the comment
laurelx's avatar
aaah i love it !!! it looks like a meticulously composed photo. beautiful colors, so harmonious and peaceful. your gallery is amazing
parallel-pam's avatar
thanks so much for your kind comments. Spent ages getting this composition right annoying all those shoppers wanting to get to the front to buy something :D
laurelx's avatar
yes, the composition makes it look like as if the picture is framed by the elements in the photo itself. quite lovely
moonlitdreamer-stock's avatar
do you mind if i feature this in my journal?
parallel-pam's avatar
not at all , please go ahead and do so--:-)
moonlitdreamer-stock's avatar
i have another question about the powershot 1 while i have to in my inbox ;p

i read a lot of places it's hard to attach extra lenses to, is that true? :(
parallel-pam's avatar
the lens is interchangeable lenses are not possible. You can add an adapter onto the macro to increase the power though :-) The lens is a 28-200 wide angle zoom which just about covers most shots you would ever want to take..
moonlitdreamer-stock's avatar
awwww...i wanted to get a starburst, polarized and uv lense though, so it wouldn't be easy to keep switching if it gets stuck on the adapter
parallel-pam's avatar
well.. then you need to go for a digital slr with interchangeable lenses I would say- (a lot more money though :-(..)
karenart's avatar
This is great! i love it ,
parallel-pam's avatar
right up your street ? :D
karenart's avatar
Yes definatly :-)
Asura-Valkyrie's avatar
Wow! What stunning colors and decorations! Nice capture! :-)
Asura-Valkyrie's avatar
You are very welcome. :-)
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