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I like to think she's just unconscious. Maybe she'll take the hint when she wakes up. :D

Not gonna lie, people... I reeeally want to call her "Plusenta". :typerhappy: anyway, new OC to go with the rest!

OK, this was just to vent a little frustration. Just a quick one! God damnit, YouTube is screwed up these days. You know I wouldn't even mind so much (don't really post many videos or comments) except for the friggin' dialogue box that pops up asking me whether this time I maybe wanna sign in with my real name instead of my alias account.


WHERE is the checkbox saying "Never ask me this question again, die dialogue box, die, I hate you."?

I actually rather like Google+ ON ITS OWN but this integration has been very badly handled... and really would want to minimise use of my real name online anyway. You know, as common sense dictates?!!
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you should re-make the comic, or make a sequel, now that your [userstyle
..My Little YouTube.. ] no longer work, its like Plusenta menaged to kick Buffy out of youtube to become youveruler or something...

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They did something yet AGAIN. What is wrong with Google?
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Yeah... YouTube became WAY more complicated and excessive with all this stupid stuff...
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oh my god this is so accurate it's killing me
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I just found this pic again... Well... I don't think she's buried DEEP ENOUGH... *grabs a shovel*
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Shovel? fuck that, you can borrow my excavator.
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Thanks. While I work here - can you also bring some Cola? One gets thursty after doing some work, after all. =)
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+ for removing Youtube +, its only has been making a problem minus google plus related tings
yea, i figured i should do poetry wit all those maths sings
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can someone please do this for real? seriously, G+ sucks.
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You know, I was told a great story about google plus once. It was a looooong long long time ago, my ancestors have reached the point in technology where they could colonize the asteroids in the Y'dio system, isn't that cool? people living in space! this was to deal with over population, but we did not have the technology to leave the star system yet.  Then aliens came, they called them selves the holy google plus empire, they said that we are to join them or die. At first we tried to resist them, but we had no military, and the closest this we had to military forces was pirate ships who tried to protect us, then google plus started glassing our planet Eayn, which is the moon that orbits Chu'ot. For 14 years what was left of us hid in the asteroids,  and tried to survive by killing scouting parties that found us before we can be reported.  Anyone who failed to kill them before they can report them, a large fleet would come and tell them to surrender or die, when ever we refused that asteroid would be destroyed by plasma torpedoes. But in order for our species  to survive we had to surrender, and we excepted google plus accounts. True story.
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Still hate the "merger", or whatever it should be called.
Still love this comic.
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Hey, great comic! And by the way, can I get more subscribers on my Youtube Channel? Ninja Gaming 101?
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I used to hate google+, but then I hated bob more.
Also, google+ is simply too cute to be hated ;_; dammit buffy!
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... wow ... that was... TOTALLY OUT OF MY MIND! i dont understand it -_-
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How did she die? 
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Killed to almost death
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What's that suppose to mean: I'm guessing a virus.
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It's supposed to be an oxymoron, you can't be alive if you are "killed"
like... "Man killed to death" <--he just died by dying?
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BUT, surely there MUST be some sort of reason! I mean you don't just die! In which case, if they aren't organic creatures than that would be the answer!
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Critical existence failure?

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Just Got Own!! Wink/Razz 
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wow this is how i thought youtube will be like to google irl :iconhahaplz:
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