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Where have I been??? Millionth apology for having nothing to share. Well, I have plenty to share, but like... not exactly what most people Watched for. Don't wanna spam people with irrelevant pics.

But I have to upload something, it's been forever! 

This is a scratchy sketch of Titch, chilling out (click the link if you care for reading a story). She's laying on a tablet/terminal touch interface. Maybe she likes the warmth. Like a cat or something. I had planned to do this in colour and illuminate the tablet's screen so it would make things a little more obvious but, time is so limited! :D

So it's unfinished I guess, scribbled on a Surface Pro in PS. Oh well, back to other things!! EVENTUALLY more comics will appear... eventually... :D
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It's fun to see a sketch! Nice work with an unusual pose.
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Man she is so cute 
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oh HEY PARLLAX! this is nice1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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irrelivant pics is better then nothing parallax
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A good sketch is better than no sketch, and THIS IS AMAZING! :D

Welcome back Parallax, hope you've been well :3