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So…. Apathia! Here she is. Sleeping. Which, I assume, is something she's rather good at. :D

"It might look uncomfortable, but the inside of the orb is completely silent and provides a sensation of soft support and greatly reduced body weight, making it a great place to curl up after a busy day of doing nothing whatsoever."

Apathia has yet to make an appearance in My Little Websurfers, but she will!

I really like how this came out. Makes me want a forcefield orb thing. Apathia's character lacks any sort of vibrancy in colour, grey was a little boring to work with so I opted for a muted green which complements the other two backgrounds nicely:

As before, available in 2880x1800 and 2560x2048 (dropbox links).
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! ^^
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natekiksaceHobbyist General Artist
This was you this Christmas
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed, the colours complement each other nicely :).
If anything I would only suggest the colours for Karma being a little more orange.
That's just my personal preference.
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
I want one of those rejuvenation orbs.OwO Bet its the softest, nicest, most comfortable bed on the internet.^^
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DarkusRellingHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gawd, all three of these remind me of Mass Effect 3! XD
We've got the Control ending, the Synthesis ending, and the Destroy ending! XD
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Hah!!! Yeah good point! I did love Mass Effect (although those endings... sigh...)
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Personally I think this could have looked quite nice in grayscale.
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KrazzulimaiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Is Apathia reddit-only, or is she a generic apathetic pony?
PaxLator's avatar
Judging by her snoo-antenna horn and her cutie mark, I'd say reddit-specific.
Krazzulimaii's avatar
KrazzulimaiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Good eye there, thanks
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PencilPoniesHobbyist General Artist
A pony based on apathy? LOVE IT xD
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appelez-moiHobbyist General Artist
i hope you dont mind if i use this as my desktop, this pic is awesome X3
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DZ-AladanHobbyist Digital Artist
You should make a tutorial for stuff like this (especially light and shadow effects): it's too much AWESOME.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Thanks for the feedback! :) I'd be a bit crap at teaching, though! :D
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DZ-AladanHobbyist Digital Artist
You welcome. XP
Hmm... yah. Can be also annoying to write lessons.
But... there's still a thing I'd like to know: did you use a texture to make... ehh... that... "quadrant effect" you used for the barrier? Or did you draw every single notch by yourself?
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Definitely not every individual notch! That would be a nightmare to draw manually (and get it precise, anyway) :D

The orb itself comprises about 18 individual layers. As for the quadrant effect, that was made by combining several different circular vector paths with stroke effects to "split them up" and some filters run on top, like radial zoom blur, to draw them out into nice elongated lines :D using a low quality blur setting also lends a nice, grainy aesthetic to the orb when viewed up close.
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Please take my picture My Little App Store!!!
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This is Now my desktop Background
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It is mine as well :D thanks for looking.
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I want to kiss you just for you making this but I won't because that's really really creepy :paranoid:
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Haha! Thanks. It's kind of hard to do that over the Internet anyway. I suppose you could awkwardly make out with your monitor or something? :rofl:
laggingpie's avatar
Is there an Internet jail, Because I'm pretty sure I just molested my computer.
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...but who is she? '^^ sorry I have no knowledge of Reddit whatsoever...
ParallaxMLP's avatar
She is one of Reddit's content arbiters. Or she would be if she ever did a damned thing. :D
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