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"...and-and I'm gonna put everything in tiles! And put them up on a big wall so it's easy to use. And you can change the colours and have pretty patterns in the background and stuff and move them around and I'm gonna make these things called live tiles - oh, they are really cool - they will, um, display data in real time so you can see what's up without opening your apps and I'm so excited, I can't wait for everyone to try it, I hope they like it..."

Aw, Metri. You were so eager to share your ideas.

Well, I like it. It's definitely pretty. :)

You really butchered the search feature though, just sayin'.

Say hello to "Aeris" and "Metri" - the two ponies representing Windows 7 and 8, respectively. Guess who is who ;)

They each adopt part of their OS logo's design parameters. In terms of logos, Windows 7 was quite colorful and flowing. Windows 8, meanwhile, was fairly monotone and quite boxy. It also made sense for Metri to be young, not unlike her OS :D

Why is the background grey when Windows 8 allows so many different colours? Mostly to make the characters pop. Also the other colour themes are all really rather vibrant which isn't really a good thing when you're trying to pop colourful characters in the foreground. Also my desktop is configured in this colour scheme because it's awesome (Since people will ask, no, my start screen doesn't look quite like this!).

I'm sort of wondering whether Aeris should have coloured wing-tips... hmm. Here's a version where she does: [link] what do you reckon? The problem for me is I was trying to keep red, green and blue separate as they don't sit too well together. Conversely, I do think coloured wing-tips make things more interesting. DISCUSS. :D

EDIT: Woa, this is a very polarising topic. Seems half of you like it one way, half the other. If you have reasons for why you reckon they should be coloured/not coloured, please elaborate :) maybe I should make a poll, haha.

Hmm. What if, they were "monotone" but a slightly lighter colour than the rest of her body? Like this: [link] ?
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so cute
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This is an elaboration about Windows 10, featuring Aeris and Metri. To the owner of this pic, please feel free to make a comic out of this elaboration.

Metri had always been interested in her own style when she was younger, but with the advent of the new version of Windows, she decided to take some cues from her elder, and incorporate them into her own design for what is now Windows 10. She even improved on her own designs in a way. Upon Windows 10's release, she invited Aeris over to have a look at the new system.

Metri: [thinking] Where could she be? She said she'd be here within the hour.
Aeris comes in through the front door. A sound, the Windows 10 notification bell, plays.
Aeris: Metri? Where are you?
Metri: Over here, Aeris. Wait till you see this.
Reluctantly, Aeris trots over to Metri's new desktop, now fully renovated after several years of development. She becomes skeptical.
Aeris: Is...that all...?
Metri: Not quite. [taps start button, new menu comes up] I've decided to change things up. I took your menu and my live tiles, and put them together. [makes gesture with hoof, menu goes fullscreen] Full screen is entirely optional, and so are the categories. And, I've done an overhaul of Metro apps in general. [taps tile for Metro app, window appears] They open in actual windows now. I've even moved my charms over to a simple menu in the title bar.
Aeris: Anything else?
Metri: I've had someone move in to help with the search feature. [calls out] Cortana, you can come out now!
Cortana appears before the two ponies, shakes Aeris' hoof.
Cortana: Metri's told me so much about you. I've been here since Windows 10's release. Quite a break from helping soldiers fight an alien armada, if you know what I mean. [laughs] Anyway, I'm here as a virtual assistant.
Aeris: What happened to your own little style that you done so well in Windows 8?
Metri: I settled down, Aeris. I took some of your designs, and re-worked them into my own. And, I've removed some of my own flaws. Now, it's ready. Everyone will love this. Aeris, I would like to welcome you to Windows 10.
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Being the gigantic Windows geek I am, this has become my desktop background. :)
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sooo wen are you gona make those tiles, and metri icon for Classic start menu ?

Metri Metri, make Metri =D
I wana click her =D
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wonder if there is a mlp version of mac no wait its already there i think…
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:D (Big Grin) omg so awesome!!! ^^
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mario8955 Artist
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How do I  install this theme?
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How did you change the background app box color?
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Any chance you'll do a "grown up" Metri, now that Windows 10 is announced? Ten is basically Win8 all grown up with most of the bugs worked out, from what I can tell.
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Thinking about it! It would be added to an extremely long list of other things I haven't managed to complete yet though, haha. I wish Bernard's Watch were real, and it was mine. Sigh.
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I had to look that one up. You Brits get the best shows. XD
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Nah, I like her better without wingtips.
Why? Because... it is more aesthetically pleasing to me?

But you know what, if the character is likeable (and she is), I'm gonna extend that impression to her appearance and probably overlook details like that.
Maybe the only reason I like here the way she is, well, is because she is familiar? :)

Also, I think the grey background here does make the characters here the center of attention, good work for that :)

How long did this image take, if you don't mind me asking?
(if you do feel free to ignore this bit)
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This one? I'm not sure, it's been a while haha. An afternoon or something, maybe? There isn't actually a whole ton of drawing in this, seeing as Microsoft Windows so kindly provided most of the background image :D it's also funny as plenty of people just want that background stuff gone so they can put it as a background on their start screens with their real icons in their place.
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I'm proud of this for an afternoon's work and I'm not even the one who did the work haha

HAHAH that would be a awesome :D.

If it weren't for enforceable exclusive property ownership system that Copyright seems to be,
I'd say you should offer that to the people who design the interface! (I'm assuming there are people whose jobs that is)

I'm sure it would be popular (and, in this hypothetical situation, profitable)! ;)
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This is perfect!
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Did you ever do a version of this without the tiles?  It'd be fun to use on my Surface, with the actual tiles. <_<
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Hey, Rhiss! Yeah I did actually, not sure how well it works but it was in the comments here... believe this was the one I linked:…
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It was a pain to make work, but that's entirely on Windows, not you.  I got it in the end, but Windows wants to collapse the tiles left and up, and won't allow empty groups to get blank space.  If it'd just let me put them where I want them... still, it's set now and it's adorable.  Thanks! :)
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