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My Little Websurfers - Part 5

By ParallaxMLP
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My Little Websurfers - Part 4 by ParallaxMLP

My Little Websurfers - Part 6 by ParallaxMLP


Sorry about that. I've been really rubbish at finishing this one in a timely fashion. I'd like to say it's time consuming (which it is) but most of the delay was psychological. While I'm super interested in this comic, I'm interested in the stuff that's *going* to happen a lot more than the build up to those parts, so this really hasn't been all that rewarding to work on. That makes it hard to concentrate (really, REALLY hard). Sorry for the billions of errors that must be in this as well, at some point I have to just stop agonising over it and POST. Whew.

The good news is I'm accelerating the story! Yes, this is good news, not bad news, because although it cuts a few comics out, the stuff in between was boring even me, and you don't want to be waiting forever just to get another comic of lead-up to future events. I've covered enough stuff up to MLW5 that I think we can crack on with the story without people being all "wat" about it, so MLW6/7 will kick it off and we'll go from there! :D

I'm also going to make the comics smaller where possible. Smaller doesn't mean I'm dropping stuff I planned to do before, just dividing it up more. Smaller means release times not measured in years! Hurrah. I realise this will make it more split up and not so much of a nice, long read, but let's be honest, it's better than having nothing to post for freaking ages. Something is better than nothing!

This also marks the first point in time I really nailed down almost all the story and am happy with how it's gonna go. The scripts for the next several comics are written, for the rest I'm still figuring out how I want to write it in, but yeah, cool beans and all that.

Anyone wondering what a rejuvenation orb is can look here:

Neutral Ground by ParallaxMLP

 (TL;DR: you sleep in it)

As always, big thanks to :iconnoreasontohope:, :iconhe4rtofcourage:, and :iconmcsadat: for their designs of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively!

Visitors can check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:

My Little Browser: Firefox by NoReasonToHope

Chrome-poni by he4rtofcourage

ie just don't know what went wrong by McSadat

Also :iconmonkeyjay: for Discentia and Karma
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"I'll kill you! I'll kill you to death"

-superboy prime. 
kyvannshrike's avatar
I guess you don't need parity bits when you're literally assaulting her face with very few breaks :P Can't really make mistakes there, right?
winvistauser001's avatar
Ivy said 8N1 when trying to think up a serial link with Apathia. 8N1 is data, parity, stop bits, in that order. 8 data bits, No parity bits, and 1 measly stop bit.
bobshmit13's avatar
Sooo Discentia is a downvote, and Karma is an upvote, so Apathia is what? The internet rage on Reddit?
mfkdso's avatar
So... I converted what Ivy said (booped?). Well done Parallax. For anyone else who wants to try it, 01010100 01010111 01000001 01010100
ForestStarStudios's avatar
"I'll kill her to death!"? OMG YOU'RE KILLING ME XD
ParallaxMLP's avatar death? :D HAHAHA... sorry
fotland42's avatar
Hey! Ivy's not two nibbles short of a byte!

She's clearly got one bit. Maybe even two. And that'll get her a cheap cup of coffee! With the minor downside of turning her into a brainless vegetable as she gives up her last bit.
Elcoron's avatar
8 data bits, parity: none, 1 stop bit, I assume?
ParallaxMLP's avatar
You assume correctly! :D Thanks for reading!
WindLane's avatar
I was so happy to see you saying you're still continuing this. Just adding in my little "go team!" to cheer you on for the next one. You've created some really fun stuff here.

Though I do have a morbid curiosity about how Ivy will take it when she finds out that Microsoft is discontinuing IE.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Thanks! Yeah I wonder how Ivy would react to that... For the sake of the story though, what takes place in it would've all happened years ago (an unfortunate side effect of how long it takes me to finish these, haha). :D
inflationdoom's avatar
i can boop to "walk over " boop boop boopboop boop boop boop
LOL! Ivy can use noseboob-morsing for communication?! I should get an IE-copy soon...
Steelie97's avatar
if you continue this, I will love you forever
ParallaxMLP's avatar
I AM continuing it, very definitely, seriously, it just takes forever this one, and I've like two dozen other projects on the go.

The next comic is well underway, it's just not ready yet. The script for the next several comics fairly nailed down, though I do like to change things at the last minute, haha. Maybe I should say last MONTH, you know, considering the timescales, heh.
GuardianEZ's avatar
Dem Boops, also ITS BEEN A YEAR (or something)
ParallaxMLP's avatar
It has... sorry about that, haha. I AM working on the next one, just takes forever, too much other stuff going on at all times!!! It used to be a lot easier to find the time! :D
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i love your comics Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy 
JNinelives's avatar
Ivy is SOO sweet when she's learning memes and social interaction! :D
"Is this like a hoofshake?"
"What if I do it gently? -Boop-Boop-Boop--! -Boop-Boop-BoopBoopBoop!

Reminds me of me back... like..
actually not that long ago (goes and hides under a carboard box).
gamerdude8134's avatar
ParallaxMLP's avatar
One of these years I'll finish part 6!!! :D
Vailaa's avatar
Really loving this series so far, it's looking really great! :D
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