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My Little Websurfers - Part 4

By ParallaxMLP
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My Little Websurfers - Part 3 by ParallaxMLP

My Little Websurfers - Part 5 by ParallaxMLP

Oh lawd, here we go! A million critical Redditors commenting in 3...2...1...

I MISSPELLED DISCENTIA NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo will repair it tonight. Repaired, hopefully. Assuming I understand DA's new uploading/editing thingies...

Did this take forever to finish, or what?

Gotta call it 'finished' at some point. This comic suffered SO. MUCH. PROCRASTINATING. You know, in the form of 'life'. Pesky life. :|

As per usual, I've attempted to rid this of bugs and probably failed. Bah.

Some things to keep in mind:

- If you don't know what Reddit is (where have you been?), the next few comics may be a little confusing.

- If you do know what Reddit is, you'll probably want to argue about everything you see in these comics. We are quite opinionated, us Redditors... I hope not to wind you up too much though :D

- There are precious few reference materials for Karma and Discentia. Most show Karma having bright red hair... I've made it more orangey, to match the 'upvote' she represents.

- I have no idea who designed Karma and Descentia originally... hope s/he won't mind their appearance in My Little Websurfers! It was :iconmonkeyjay:!! Thanks to those who filled me in :D I can't thumbnail them here but the originals can be found here.

As always, big thanks to :iconnoreasontohope:, :iconhe4rtofcourage:, and :iconmcsadat: for their designs of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively!

Visitors can check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:

My Little Browser: Firefox by NoReasonToHope

Chrome-poni by he4rtofcourage

ie just don't know what went wrong by McSadat
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"I... smell... meeeemes..." AHAHAHAHA!!! XD
Also "-I don't want to be meat -Shh, Ivy, she has a giant hammer." dialogue literally made my day! :D (Big Grin) 

Btw, why did you show us your private parts in the beginning, Discentia?) =P (Razz) 
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There goes my post...
PerryPickny's avatar
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I like Discentia. XD
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
anyone else read the "explain yourself" part in a Ghost Rider-like voice? just thought it fits :)
blackmorn's avatar
So how do you plan to handle the "other Browsers" Kindle Edge different ponies related to the current browsers or so they get superforms :P
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'Shh she has a giant hammer' SEEMS LEGIT
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Heard of it... been there once (I think).
I'm still liking your comic though :).

The characters are relatable and funny, and the art is good!

Man, panel 8 where the hammer first turns up; I'm like WOAH O.o
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Dat hammer. :D

Thanks for the feedback (you're leaving lots of great comments I see, I appreciate it!).

Oh, and avoid Reddit. It's a complete time vampire!
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You're very welcome, your work is fun to read :D.

Haha I will stick to DA for now then!
If I continue to explore I think Tumblr is probably next ;)
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Yeees.... let the haze of uncertainty flow through you.....
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oh hey your updating the comic, i didn't notice that a few months ago =D yay more for me to read

Also that is a sick hammer
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Descentia: I...Smell....meeeeeme...>:[

XD I LOVE your depiction of Descentia's personality.^^ Her utter LOATHING of reposts and memes is hilarious.^^
ParallaxMLP's avatar
She should know better, really... not everyone can be on Reddit all the time, some posts get missed! I very much doubt she cares though, spending so much time seeing reposts :D
South-Williams's avatar
She must get pretty jealous of users like us who can drop in and out of the internet at will.^^; Ah, the life of a computer conscript can be taxing at times.XD Or whatever your character are.^^;
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you should do a wallpaper of discentia and her hammer smaching old post that would be a cool wallpaper
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Haha i thought the pony first there was the recycling bin but okay xD
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What program is Saffire?
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Sorry for being an internet idiot, but I never went on Reddit, except only for the "Twitch plays pokemon" reddit. You don't have to, but if you could, could someone explain what is special about it? I know it's like a superhub for forums, but that's about it.
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I've never been there either but from what I gather "it's like a mainstream version of 4chan"  <-- words of a friend of mine
KingArthur5's avatar
I have never been to 4chan, so I have more experience with reddit than 4chan... thanks though!
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