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My Little Websurfers - Part 1

By ParallaxMLP
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You know that stage where you just don't care any more? Totally brushing that stage as I submit this now. Took WAY too long to finish due to my epic procrastination skills. It's probably rammed with errors like most of my stuff as well, so have fun with that!

This is my first foray into this new series. Where exactly are they? Why does the place it look the way it does? How are they even there in the first place? These and a whole swathe of other important questions remain unanswered right now.

I know, it's a slow start, but hopefully the characters, their relationships, and the fanon describing this bizarre Internet world will become apparent over time. (If you can't cope without knowing more right now, send me a note with any questions and I'll give you some in-depth explanation…)

I think these guys have a lot of potential and could get up to some very interesting shenanigans. The upcoming comics are planned out and the artwork underway… looking forward to drawing some of those, heheh.

As before, big thanks to :iconnoreasontohope:, :iconhe4rtofcourage:, and :iconmcsadat: for their designs of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer respectively!

Visitors can check them out by clicking the thumbnails below:



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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw! :3 This so awesome! :D
DRJR6PN's avatar
Nice comic :) 
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
Oh my Gosh, INSTANT WATCH! This comic is AWESOME! MAKE MORE!
ParallaxMLP's avatar
I will!! I am!! I'm just doing so many other things (and I'm really slow anyway) that it's taking literally years :D
ForestStarStudios's avatar
ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
Oh :3 I can wait X3
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
i think i get it. is it something like "if internet stuff would be ponies" or something? i mean, i know that kindle is a reference to the fire-whatever (forgot the name, but i know what it is), the pony with the four coloured wings is google crome and the one that doesnt get the meme is internet explorer.
but who is the one on the left in the last panel?
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Nice! Like it - and I 'll see how many Parts of it goes... but - have i right Noticed? The Firefox-Pony name's Kindle? I'm a little bit confused, while i think by the name "kindle" on an E-Book...

Let me guess (to sort the Name's right to the Ponys, how we can see here in part 1):

Firefox: Kindle
Opera: Pepsi
Internet Explorer: Ivy
Chrome: Chromia (looked logical, i think)

Am i Right with my thinking about the Name's ?
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Hi! Yep you are correct! :D thanks for reading!
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hilarious :).

I'm not familiar with anything other than Kindle here, but you've given them genuinely interesting personalities :D
Good work.

I do wonder if there are male web browsers out there though...
I guess it you want the Mane 5 makes sense to have mares though.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
Yeah it made sense for the Mane 5, but yeah, there are definitely others out there... :D
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AChickenCupcakeHobbyist Digital Artist
I like this. Please make more.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
There will be more :) working on the 6th at the moment!
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jeremeymcdudeHobbyist General Artist
woah ivy settle down before i end up losing connection because you decide to go down in the middle of my DA streaming.
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darknessthehedgehog3Hobbyist Photographer
a wild virus pony appears
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TehHazyHobbyist General Artist
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zZHydroPhoenixZHobbyist General Artist
Missing Maxthon 3 :/
ParallaxMLP's avatar
I like Maxthon, but it's browser share is tiny in comparison! I can barely keep up with drawing the "mane 5" here :D

Not ruling anything out, though. Haven't settled on a design for Maxthon yet; at the moment there are only sketches.
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Jesper6Hobbyist Writer
The dialogue confuses me. Is the beginning purely speculative? The whole comic seems very surreal.
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EvilzoroarkStudent Writer
IE actually knows about memes, but that doesn't mean she likes them.
ChemistryIsMagic's avatar
I find your lack of AOL disturbing...
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MolecularKogwheelHobbyist Digital Artist
Internet rule 37: There are no females on the internet.
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OliviaDoesPoniesHobbyist Traditional Artist
We need a plz of Ivy's face in the fourth panel from the bottom, naow.
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Static-Dr0pStudent Digital Artist
:iconkitty-kaye: Internet explorer pony... I CAME!!! :iconmolestiaplz:
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Ocean23Student Writer
I loved it...

But it was a little hard to ofllow whow as saying what. could you add like a pointer to the speech bubbles for the next one?
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