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My Little Websurfers - Human

By ParallaxMLP
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What if the websurfers became human? Something like this, I assume :D a spectrum of emotions ranging from curiosity, to bored indifference, to borderline mental breakdown. In other words, handling it very badly.

Just a little experiment. Sat on this one for ages but wasn't really happy with how it was going. After a bit of redrawing I think I can let it go, so here it is! Sorry it's not more elaborate or well thought out/designed; kind of want to keep up momentum on other stuff at the moment.

Version without text here:…

Let's pretend their clothes are more based on their awful dress sense than any failing on my part, mkay? :D Where clothes are concerned, my typical morning checklist before leaving the house is "am I wearing some?", so you can imagine the challenge for me here. :D

Anyway I'm done, back to comics and icons and things. Next Websurfers comic is in inking stage, hurrah, etc!
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CocoaTheOmegaHobbyist Artist
PFFTTTT explorer!
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...guess I'm dressing like you!
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Hay, Ivy never saw tits before (despite having a rack of her own) let's cut the Mare some slack; Saffire sure as hell won't in a few seconds...
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The-Realm-EternalHobbyist General Artist
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natekiksaceHobbyist General Artist
Well ivy is obviously on cyber weed
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DanteKFreemanStudent General Artist
How is it possible that she surfs the web and yet Ivy isn't sure what those "circular domes" on Saffire's chest are?
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Haha! :D Well, this image is based on the assumption they don't know what humans are.
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JacobellingerHobbyist Writer
lol immanent boob groping
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pepsi really doesn't like spiders does she? :( feels! haha :)
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No she does not... can't imagine the trauma she's experiencing above in this image, haha.
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hopefully her friends will help her out, even if they don't quite work together in the way the Twilight and friends do just yet! :)
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Haven't seen this particular angle before, I like! Pepsi's spider observation is especially fresh.
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Imagine the terror you would feel, haha. Thanks for looking!
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Not gonna lie, spiders be fuckin CREEPY!
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twink200Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Who's the orange and blue one?
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Kindle/Firefox :)
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twink200Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool :)
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RedtaileddolphinHobbyist Writer
lol  This is great.
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LOL. Oh Ivy. Will you EVER STOP being LOVABLE. Hopefully NOT. ^_~

Also, I can TOTALLY RELATE to Pepsi's fear of SPIDERS!

Their CREEPY little DEVILS! (shivers)
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Welp. One less websurfer soon. Ivy is *so* my favorite character. She so silly.
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JoviSSJ3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please, I hope you continue with My Little websurfers soon! <3 (sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish)
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