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My Little VLC

By ParallaxMLP
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So I need a break from failing miserably at trying to produce nice animations (sorry watchers, I've got one coming soon, I promise!!)... and then I happen to notice a few MLP-themed application icons are beginning to float about the net... Firefox for example... and this rather amazing piece for Chrome:

...And now there's this! :squee: I give you my first attempt at an icon, for media player app VLC. Probably a little rough, but looks fine in use!

I'm planning to make others (I haven't seen any for web browsers Opera or Safari yet...) so if you have any app requests feel free to pitch them in the comments! :D

Windows icon here! Thanks to :iconcloneddragon: for the conversion! :)

Mac version here!

Still need to figure out wtf the deal is with icons on Linux distros, but chances are those of the penguin persuasion already know exactly what to do, haha.
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This reminds me of that character from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
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TriforceOfWillHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ha, this turned out great!
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NatiMLPHobbyist Digital Artist
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Dropbox link is down, cant download....
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Windows file not found.
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! :D (Big Grin) 
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fillybean12Hobbyist Interface Designer
the best ever
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YES!!!!!! i fk#%$&^*n love you! 
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LetsPlayTVGamesHobbyist Digital Artist
Ba da tsssssssssssss
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I'm callin' it: "VLC Media Pegasus". :D
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popthecorn12Hobbyist Artist
Heh, conehead.

And also, I'd kind of like to see one using Minecraft. You know, just like the grass block's pony counterpart or somethin'.
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was searching for this =D
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LoveTheDerpy33Student Digital Artist
ged demmet vlc
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natekiksaceHobbyist General Artist
VLC? You mean ilivid?
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hey-its-parappaHobbyist General Artist
It's called vlc media player
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Pinkster7Hobbyist General Artist
Yusss C:
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South-WilliamsStudent Digital Artist
I view VLC as a boy. Maybe somepony with a personality slightly similar to Vinyl Scratch. That being said, I'd say his name would be "Lan," in reference to "videoLAN" the organization that made VLC.

I'd think Lan would be at constant odds with Itune's avatar; her being the total perfectionist, and him being the lad back, carefree DJ that ALWAYS aggravates Itunes with how he operates his media files.XD
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PocketEclipseHobbyist Artist
Is it a boy or a girl?

The world may never know.
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:icongrifplz: PROTECT ME CONE!!!
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WhiteOwl7979Student Traditional Artist
What did you use to make it?
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Tiger610Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:33< it's not surprise to se him as family of derpy...
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I think he/she is Derpy's digital counterpart! :-)
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DeltashockOmnihornHobbyist General Artist
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swyrlHobbyist General Artist
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